Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband by Interaxion @LeWeb | UX-UI-Wearable-Tech for Enhanced Human |

Already introduced at TEDx Talks in Sept2011, Ariel Garten, the CEO of Interaxion, exposed its vision at LeWeb conference in Paris this morning. After eMotiv EPOC and Neurosky MindPlay, Muse is another device to see your brain in action, see how it performs and improve it over time.

Ariel Garten also announced the realease of the API - SDK and invites the Developper Community to use it to create inovative experiences like games, appliances operating process and much more.

Muse project has been actually raising crowdfunds for a month through IndieGogo (4 days left, $232K already raised for a goal of $150K)