E3 2012: A Closer Look at Wii Fit U's "Fit Meter" | UX-UI-Wearable-Tech for Enhanced Human | Scoop.it

Unveiled during the E3 Nintendo Press Conference and on the Booth, the FitMeter embeds an accelerometer, an altimeter and an atmospheric pressure sensor, what is a breakthrough within the actual QS devices market. 

I am impatient to test this Nintendo device and the related UX as it brighlty predicts the type of workhouts done and offers a accurate calculation of the effort.


"Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have combined to move over 43 million copies over the past four years, many of them purchased right alongside the Wii itself by converts stepping into system ownership just so they can drop some pounds. If Nintendo can make that happen again, the Wii U could get a huge holiday season and New Year's resolution boost thanks to Wii Fit U and its new Fit Meter." (IGN)