How to Evaluate Learning: Kirkpatrick Model for the 21st Century—A Revision | Social Learning Blog | Quality assurance of eLearning |

Even though many Learning and Development organizations find it a challenge to prove training’s effect beyond how learners react to the training and whether they have learned the training content, senior management and business stakeholders are more and more interested in metrics that show the bottom line.




James and Wendy [Kilpatrick] say the “true,” or “complete,” Kirkpatrick model is really both a planning and evaluation tool. They distinguish between the development of the plan to build, deliver, and evaluate training programs from the actual collection of data for the “chain of evidence.”


What they have done is to present the model upside-down during the planning stage of the training program, starting with the desired Level 4 results. After the program is executed, and evaluation data is collected from each level, the levels are followed in sequential order starting with Level 1.