Sneak preview at the NSS review from the HEA Surveys for Enhancement Conference 2014 | Quality assurance of eLearning |

Surveys for Enhancement Conference 2014


This year’s hot topic was the review of the 10-year old NSS (National Student Survey) by Professor Janet Beer‘s opening keynote as current chair of the steering group for the National Student Survey (HEPISG).

From Professor Beer, we learnt the current state of the NSS review: the NSS is staying with some rewording and modifications (it has been 10 years since the NSS started!), and the consideration of including questions on student engagement and academic experience. The 3 purposes of NSS remain valid (Quality Enhancement, Quality Assurance and public information). As Professor Beer observed, there was ‘limited appetite for change and support for retaining most questions’; the timeline of changes is as follows:

Autumn 2014 – cognitive testing of new NSS surveySpring 2015 – piloting new NSS survey2017: first new NSS survey