Q2 2013 Brazil Retail Report
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Q2 2013 Brazil Retail Report
The Brazilian Retail Report examines the long-term potential of the local consumer market, but flags short-term concerns about the impact on Brazil’s economic outlook of persistently high indebtedness and rising labour market uncertainty.
The report examines how best to maximize returns in the Brazilian retail market while minimizing investment risk, and also explores the impact of the euro zone sovereign debt crisis and declining Chinese import demand on the Brazilian consumer and on the ability of producers and exporters to realize returns in the short term.
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Table Of Contents
BMI Industry View
Industry Forecast
Macroeconomic Forecasts
Economic Analysis
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Latin American Risk/Reward Ratings
Brazil Risk/Reward Ratings
Limits To Potential Returns
Risks To Realization Of Returns
Market Overview
Current Trends
Key Players
Regional Overview
Latin American Regional Overview
Latin America Retail Trends
Mass Grocery Retail
SWOT Analysis
Industry News And Developments
Passenger Cars
Company News
Consumer Electronics
Industry Developments
Mobile Communications
Demographic Forecast
Demographic Outlook
List Of Tables
Table: Retail Sales Indicators, 2010-2017
Table: Brazil - Economic Activity
Table: Latin America Retail Risk/Reward Ratings
Table: Regional Retail Sales, 2010-2017 (US$bn)
Table: % of Regional Retail Sales, 2010-2017
Table: Latin American Food Consumption, 2010-2017 (US$bn)
Table: Mass Grocery Retail Sales By Format - Historical Data & Forecasts, 2012-2017
Table: Sales Breakdown By Retail Format Type (%)
Table: Structure Of Mass Grocery Retail Market By Estimated Number of Outlets, 2004-2011
Table: Average Annual Sales Value By Format - 2011
Table: Brazil Autos Sales By Segment - Historical Data And Forecasts, 2010-2017
Table: Passenger Car Sales By Brand
Table: Consumer Electronics
Table: PC/AV Sales, 2010-2017
Table: Mobile Communications, 2010-2017
Table: Brazil's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000)
Table: Brazil's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020
Table: Brazil's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020
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