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Storytelling can be an effective tool to engage donors or empower volunteers,but finding the right way to collect and capture stories can be a challenge. In the short video,“Methods for Collecting and Using your Nonprofit’s Stories,” Zan McColloch-Lussier from Mixtape Communications,offers some simple, practical tips to help non-profit communicators collect and share stories.

 I couldn't have said it better. Go watch this 4:45 min. video with quick tips for how to set up a story collection process within your organization. Doing so is what I call "sustainable storytelling" because you are embedding story collection and sharing within the daily work practices of your organization.

 Creating processes and systems like those shared in this video creates ongoing success with business and nonprofit storytelling. Otherwise, all that money you spent on a biz story workshop or new cool video becomes a mere one-off event -- like vaporware.

 I hope you get good ideas for your work/organization from watching this!

Via Karen Dietz