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Rescooped by Jeff Domansky from Just Story It Biz Storytelling!

How alternative storytelling can help impact project evaluation

How alternative storytelling can help impact project evaluation | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |
Using digital technology to tell stories can help charities with impact assessment, says Kieron Kirkland...


Using stories to evaluate results? Quantitatively??!! You bet!!

Here is a fabulous article after my quantitative heart.


The author Kieron Kirkland talks about how the organization, Nominet Trust, worked with the org story company Cognitive Edge to capture stories and then have the story authors rank what their stories are about on a scale.


Once the story was captured, there were several types of scales the storytellers ranked their stories on -- generating big data!


See -- storytelling and evaluation can be done effectively if constructed properly.


This article goes hand-in-hand with newer qualitative evaluation processes for arts-based techniques (like storytelling) talked about in one of my favorite books, Method Meets Art; Arts-Based Research Practice by Patricia Leavy (2009).


If you struggle to connect stories about your projects to quantifiable results, then run to read this article. 


Having helped organizations articulate measures so they can see progress, the first critical area to tackle are which measures are going to be used that are the most meaningful, given the project's objectives. 


This article will give you several ideas for how to get started.




This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

[A must-read for storytellers who need an ROI ~ Jeff]

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Rescooped by Jeff Domansky from Just Story It Biz Storytelling!

The Power of Story -- short video

Stories are powerful. We put together this little demonstration to inspire our people make more emotional connections.


I love his short video about why stories work so well to make information meaningful and memorable!


I share it with you today for 2 reasons:

It looks like it would be a very simple video technique you could use for sharing your own business stories. If you need to demonstrate the power of storytelling in your work, share this video!


Hope this video gets your week off to a roaring start.

Via Karen Dietz
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