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16 ultra-creative CVs / interactive résumés that catch the eye

16 ultra-creative CVs / interactive résumés that catch the eye | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

Pretty much everybody has created a CV / résumé at some stage in their life. As with most forms of content I think the key is to establish a tone of voice, and try to stand out from the surrounding noise.

I always used to put ‘vinyl junkie’ in the ‘interests’ section on my CV, which always worked a treat in interviews regardless of the role. People would ask me about my passion for music. I’d return the serve by asking the interviewer the same thing. These things can help to break any ice, and I think you should habitually ask plenty of questions in interviews, for all sorts of reasons.

Nowadays there are more opportunities than ever to attract the right kind of attention, and creative professionals in particular can go the extra mile to make an impression. I thought I’d collect a bunch of examples, which may inspire you to do something different...

Jeff Domansky's insight:

Fresh resume ideas.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, November 3, 2013 10:44 AM

Fresh resume ideas worth exploring.

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3 Easy Tools for Building a Professional Website | 10,000 Words

3 Easy Tools for Building a Professional Website | 10,000 Words | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |
These days, finding freelance (or even full-time) work without an established and thoughtful web presence is next to impossible. It’s important to have an online presence that’s “Google-ready,” with a smart-looking website that shows off your professional work in a formal yet stylish setting, to lure publications into your professional brand and show them your best work.

But it’s hard to quickly put together a professional portfolio website with a dearth of disposable skills and time, and not many freelancers have the extra budget to hire a web designer.Thankfully, there are some fast, simple and stunning portfolio-building websites that will not only put your work online but also do it with the right amount of flair. Here are three standouts, with their ease and good looks, that can give you a great portfolio website without breaking the bank....
Via Andy Bull
Jeff Domansky's insight:

Pressfolios, Wix and Carbonmade are easy-to-use, free or inexpensive portfolio tools for a wide range of uses.

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Mother Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts

Mother Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

You don't have the luxury of ignoring climate change. Just because Congress — and global climate summits — can't seem to prepare for climate change, doesn't mean the private sector can get away with the same. Mother Nature doesn't do bailouts. The danger signs are clear.


Yet for years, climate change has been off limits for federal policymakers, who have been rendered nearly catatonic over the unproven idea that dealing with climate change or any environmental problem would be too costly for a delicate economy. On the contrary, tackling climate change is an investment that pays off economically as well as socially.


A report from Deutsche Bank showed in 2010 that a portfolio with an overweight to climate solutions would have outperformed a benchmark portfolio over the previous 5 years, indicating that climate as an investment was "not merely an investment sector that may hold future promise; it is a sector that has already delivered and is continuing to deliver."


Moreover, not fixing the problem is quite likely to cost considerably more than addressing it. Particularly now, while there is still time for us to avert even greater damage. Companies that emit a lot of greenhouse gases should know that at some point the burgeoning impacts of climate change will prompt government to act, either at the federal or state level, or both.


This leaves business leaders with two options: wait for whatever the government does and react, or pro-actively plan for a carbon-constrained future....

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