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Robin Good: QuicklyChat is a new real-time collaboration downloadable software for PCs and Macs (Linux coming) which allows you to easily video chat with your teammates.


Key characterizing trait for Quicklychat is its ability to auto-signal to your contacts whether you are effectively busy or not (depending on what you are actually doing on your computer - this is configurable) and to connect to any of your contacts in one-second time.


From the official site: "The biggest difference between QuicklyChat and conventional video communication is that QuicklyChat auto-answers incoming calls when the recipient is available.


Incoming connections are displayed in an unobtrusive notification window, so you can keep working if you're in the middle of an important thought, without having to think about how to respond to an incoming call."


Free to use.


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[QuicklyChat has the potential to be a valuable communications tool if you have the self-discipline not to answer every call or be available 24 x 7 LOL -- JD]

Via Robin Good