How Celebrities Make Money From Social When They're Not Paid to Tweet | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

Stars like Kim Kardashian are still routinely paid five figures for a single tweet promoting a product, but how else can they carve out a profit from millions of social-media followers?

Luigi Picarazzi is president of Digital Media Management, a 25-person shop in Los Angeles that's dedicated to helping stars answer that question. The company focuses on securing deals with brands to do content integrations on celebrity websites, deals such as Mattel getting a writeup in Felicity Huffman's; Vidal Sassoon represented in a Vanessa Hudgens Tumblr post with a #selfie photo of her curls; and Kate Walsh giving tips on running a small business in a post sponsored by financial planning service Learnvest .)

The company also works with an ad-tech vendor called that can show a full-page ad to users upon entering or exiting a site, or from links posted to social-media accounts. ( shares ad revenue with its celebrity and publisher clients; its CEO Alan Chan says that some clients are making as much as $20,000 a month.)...