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10 Most Essential Sites For Cool Men's Products

10 Most Essential Sites For Cool Men's Products | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

If there is one thing that is true when it comes to finding cool products for men, it's that unless you are an extremely decisive person, sometimes these unique style and tech products are hard to find.

With this in mind, we decided to highlight the most essential websites to follow for insights on cool products and gear. These are websites that we check almost everyday and we wanted to share them with you as well. We didn't rank them in any order. We recommend bookmarking all of them and make sure to follow them on social media....

Jeff Domansky's insight:

Ecommerce innovators. Sorry gals.

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What’s Black & White & Striped All Over… And May Ruin Your Business?

What’s Black & White & Striped All Over… And May Ruin Your Business? | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

Every time Google opens the gate and releases another update animal, it wreaks ranking havoc.

...But recently it seems that the modifications are coming too fast, too often, and that many of them also benefit Google’s bottom line. Is that a coincidence or a shrewd business move? For the answer, perhaps we should look to the latest addition to the Google zoo – the Google Zebra algorithm update. “Zebra,” as it’s come to be known, is an update that takes aim at online merchants. The striped brute has yet to be officially released, but savvy e-commerce sites are already making moves to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve....

Jeff Domansky's insight:

Another dayday, another Google algorithm shift. This one could be a challenge for e-commerce business.

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Blogging Death Knells Are Premature & Passe

Blogging Death Knells Are Premature & Passe | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |
This sort of “blogging is dead, especially for business” thinking as shared in Beyond Blogging: 13 Content Marketing Opportunities for Ecommerce by Linda Bustos drives me nuts: Remember when business...

Via Deanna Dahlsad
Deanna Dahlsad's comment, July 12, 2013 1:31 PM
Thanks for sharing :)
Gracie Passette's curator insight, July 12, 2013 5:08 PM

Blogs are not dead, despite what you've heard. And this is great news for those working in the adult industry who are blocked from using Facebook and other giant sites. Click the links in the article for detailed info.


MartinSocially's curator insight, July 29, 2013 1:05 PM

The concept of individuals creating their own content will endure, platforms may come and go but the essence of origianal content is fundamental to the future of the internet and society as a whole.

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MediaPost Publications Consumers Disenchanted With M-Commerce 02/28/2014

MediaPost Publications Consumers Disenchanted With M-Commerce 02/28/2014 | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

As far as consumers are concerned, multichannel shopping is old news. And many find mobile screens too small -- and retailers’ m-commerce sites too clunky. They prefer to navigate e-commerce on their own rather than put up with less-than-ideal offerings from their favorite stores, according to a new survey from PwC U.S. Retail & Consumer practice.

The report, based on responses from 15,000 online shoppers around the world, concludes that retailers need to move beyond omnichannel thinking to meet consumers’ broadening expectations. And it notes that while shoppers are increasingly open to m-commerce, they’re also disenchanted. Some 37% of shoppers in the U.S. say security fears prevent them from shopping by phone, 33% say their screens are too small, and 32% say they don’t own smartphones. Many retailers would be better served by ditching m-commerce platforms, the report says, and focusing on what people do want....

Jeff Domansky's insight:

Secret to brand success? "Consumers appreciate a good old-fashioned brand story that is compelling, with 79% of US respondents saying they shop at retail brands they trust and that provide a distinctive experience."

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How to Build an Online Retailer to $1M in 18 Months ("EZ-Guide")

How to Build an Online Retailer to $1M in 18 Months ("EZ-Guide") | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

I recently read Justin Winter’s post over on Clarity about how he grew Diamond Candles to one million dollars in one year. Impressive, to say the least.

I immediately thought of my own experience in online retail. It took my company about eighteen months to cross the one million dollar revenue threshold — slightly longer than it took Justin, but not half bad as we did it holding no inventory, employing very little capital up front (about five hundred dollars).

My retailer was, and we sold home design items (cribs, bedding, furniture, lighting), all drop-shipped from more than two hundred manufacturer-vendors. I sold the business in December of 2011....

Jeff Domansky's insight:

Great online business strategies and lessons from Drew Sanocki. Ever dreamed building an online business? Learn how he did it in 18 months.

malek's curator insight, October 22, 2013 10:42 AM

a great catch by the PR coach.

You'll make yourself a favor if you carefully checked how the creators stumpled upon their niche. How they used content marketing in the flywheel of growth.

ERSAOnline's curator insight, October 23, 2013 1:01 AM

So many gems of information in here especially if you're an entrepreneur or start-up.

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Sell and Share Your Downloadable Creations with Quixly

Sell and Share Your Downloadable Creations with Quixly | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |
We've previously covered Gumroad and FetchApp, two neat solutions that allow you to sell your digital audio, video, photos, art and writing from your own site...


That’s why we’re checking out Quixly. It’s a great way to sell your digital downloadables in large volumes and allows for easy management of your files and orders. Plus, you can choose to pay as you go for the bandwidth and storage space you use or host your files yourself and manage them through using Quixly. Is this the app that’ll help make you rich beyond your wildest dreams (or at least sell a few copies of your best photos)? Let’s find out!

Quixly is a robust digital delivery app aimed at power users who want full control over their digital files and sales. Integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout, it offers you storage space and infrastructure to sell and even securely share your files along with recognized payment gateways that both you and your customers can trust. It’s easy to plug into your existing websites and is suitable for individuals and teams....


[Quixley is a promising app for managing and selling your digital creations including audio, video, photos, art and writing from your own website. ~ Jeff]

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