Microsoft's Secret Social Weapon: Why Yammer Will Replace Traditional Extranets | Public Relations & Social Media Insight |

Batman has a utility belt: a set of useful gadgets he can rely on during his never-ending fight against crime....

Yammer is a lot like Batman’s utility belt.

In the same way that the utility belt offers a solution for every scenario Batman might encounter in the fight against crime, Yammer offers — either out of the box or through an add-on app — a solution for most every social business use case. Newsfeed? Check. Document collaboration and conversation? Check. Integration with external applications? Check. Mobile apps for all leading platforms? Check. Badging? Check (try the Badgeville app). Et cetera, et cetera.

Every once in a while both Batman and Yammer run into scenarios that aren’t so common. Sometimes (and more often than you might think) Batman might need to fight a shark. And sometimes Yammer makes a lot of sense as a way to engage external users — in a fashion that goes well beyond the traditional “extranet” scenario...,