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... In the past year, we've sensed that we're close to a tipping point, where the use of social networking in all aspects of business is quickly moving from novelty to mainstream. In fact, we think business professionals of the future must have a social networking skillset to succeed. One recent study shows this momentum towards social business. In a joint MIT/Deloitte study of global managers, 52 percent of global managers thought that social business is important to their organizations today. These same managers viewed the importance of social business as growing: 86 percent stated that social business would be important in their organizations three years from now.

Despite managers recognizing the importance of social business, few organizations are prepared to make the most of social software. According to the 2012 IBM Technology Trends report, only 1 in 10 organizations have the skills they need to benefit from advanced technology such as social software. Additionally, nearly half of the educators and students surveyed in IBM's survey indicated major gaps in their institutions' ability to meet IT skill ne youeds in the social area....
Via Martin (Marty) Smith