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Scooped by luiy!

BigML is Machine Learning for everyone | #predictive #modeling

BigML is Machine Learning for everyone | #predictive #modeling | Public Datasets - Open Data - |
BigML's goal is to create a machine learning service extremely easy to use and seamless to integrate.
luiy's insight:

Putting the power of Machine Learning in your hands.


Our goal is to make machine learning simple and beautiful.

Our service can take the complexities out of creating a high-availability, low-latency Machine Learning system created especially for your data. You will not only gain valuable insights from your data, you will most likely enjoy it.


From the developer, to the researcher, to the multinational corporation, BigML has something that can uncover the hidden predictive power of your data.


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Rescooped by luiy from Homo Agilis (Collective Intelligence, Agility and Sustainability : The Future is already here)!

Quantified Self Ideology: #Personal Data becomes #BigData | #sensors #predictive

A key contemporary trend emerging in big data science is the quantified self: individuals engaged in the deliberate self-tracking of any kind of biological, ...

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