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Released: The #OpenData Era in #Health and Social Care

Released: The #OpenData Era in #Health and Social Care | Public Datasets - Open Data - |

Download the Full Report NHS England and The GovLab at New York University have jointly created a blueprint – The Open Data Era in Health and Social Care – to accelerate the use of open data in healthcare settings.

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luiy's insight:

The Value of Open Data: The blueprint suggests a framework to review the potential for open data in:


• Holding healthcare organizations and providers accountable for treatment outcomes.

• Enabling patients to make informed choices from among the healthcare options available to them.

• Improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of delivering healthcare.

• Improving treatment outcomes.

• Educating patients and their families and make healthcare institutions more responsive.

• Fueling new healthcare companies and innovation.


Need for Evidence: For all the recognition of open data’s potential, there is an urgent need for more research and actionable evidence to help guide investments and priorities. This blueprint represents a framework for a conversation on how NHS England can develop an evidence-based program to guide the investments and further research into the benefits of open data.

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7 ways #BigData could revolutionize life | #health #hadoop #algorithms

7 ways #BigData could revolutionize life | #health #hadoop #algorithms | Public Datasets - Open Data - |
7 ways Big Data could revolutionize life by 2020 #infographic | See more about big data.

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Help your doctor; #share your data I #bigdata #health

How do we do we fix our broken healthcare system? Susan Desmond-Hellmann sees a future in which consumers drive treatments and innovation, starting by sharin...
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Quantified Self Ideology: #Personal Data becomes #BigData | #sensors #predictive

A key contemporary trend emerging in big data science is the quantified self: individuals engaged in the deliberate self-tracking of any kind of biological, ...

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A Glimpse into the #Data -Centered Future | #health #DataAwareness

A Glimpse into the #Data -Centered Future |  #health #DataAwareness | Public Datasets - Open Data - |

A short video that shows the possibilities of a truly connected world, where sophisticated, predictive analytics will harness the power of data to drive revolutionary new services.

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