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Curated by Beth Kanter


There are a lot of tools that can help you create an infographic, but if you want to work for your nonprofit you need some design skills.    But a good infographic is not just about being a pretty picture, it requires research and making sure that it is conveying the right message.   Designing infographics is a hybrid design skill - falling somewhere inbetween print, web, and data visualization skills.


This post summarizes the design process:


1. Define concept and goals

2. Use reliable resources

3. Data should have a flow or tell a story


The article is written for designers so the 4th principle is get client feedback.   For nonprofits, it  means getting some feedback from people who are your intended audience - almost like beta testing a web site.


Has your nonprofit hired a designer to create an infographic or create a DYI version?   What are your tips and best practices.

Via Lauren Moss, Beth Kanter