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Psychology of Consumer Behaviour
Why, oh why do we buy?
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Find the Best Checkout Line

Find the Best Checkout Line | Psychology of Consumer Behaviour |
Retailers Try to Speed Up; What Works, What Adds to Shopper Aggravation...

-half of U.S. consumers say they will shop online this holiday season,

-some stores are copying Apple by using hand-held devices to ring up purchases anywhere in the store.

- some add has added mobile checkout and self-checkout lanes.

-Disney store employees entertain customers with Disney trivia

- some use linebusters when there are more than 3 in line- items are scanned before they reach cashier

-a wait of +10 could lead to abandonment


"Any delay in the multiple-line system will stop the line completely, while a delay in a single line might just delay one shopper. Although the single-line method may be faster, Mr. Hammack says customers generally prefer to "jockey for position" in separate lines."

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Articles | What Makes Them Click

Articles | What Makes Them Click | Psychology of Consumer Behaviour |

Links to great articles  that help you understand humans


100 Things You Should Know About People
#1 — You Have “Inattention Blindness”
#2 — You READ FASTER With a Longer Line Length But PREFER Shorter
#3 — You Can Only Remember 3 to 4 Things At a Time (The Magic Number 3 or 4)
#4 – You Imagine Things From Above And Tilted (The “Canonical Perspective”)
#5 – You Make Most of Your Decisions Unconsciously
#6 – You Reconstruct Your Memories"

Via Howard Rheingold
Dennis T OConnor's comment, December 5, 2011 2:28 PM
Thanks Howard! This is a great list of fascinating articles. I bookmarked them on Diigo and will feed them out via

Thanks for helping me think! ~ Dennis
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Facebook's Secret to High Emotional Engagement? Faces [STUDY]

Facebook's Secret to High Emotional Engagement? Faces [STUDY] | Psychology of Consumer Behaviour |
A study shows that Facebook scores high on emotional engagement and the author of the study, a neuroscientist, says it's because of faces.
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