MediaPost Publications Multi-Taskers and Cross-Screen Engagement - Computer is sage Mobile is Lover 03/26/2013 | Psychology of Consumer Behaviour |
Multi-Taskers and Cross-Screen Engagement - 03/26/2013


1. Four pathways of multi-screening behavior exist, with distinct motivations behind each:

Content Grazing (68%: separate multi-tasking or ‘distraction behavior’)Investigative Spider-Webbing (57%: simultaneous, information- & discovery-driven)Social Spider-Webbing (39%: simultaneous, connection and sharing)Quantum (46%: sequential, intent-based)

2. Consumers relate to each device in unique ways. Carl Jung’s archetypes can help marketers adjust messaging to meet the consumer’s mindset:

The television is ‘The Everyman’The computer is ‘The Sage’The mobile is ‘The Lover’

The new Cross-Screen Engagement study introduces:

‘The Jester’ as the gaming consoleThe e-reader as ‘The Dreamer’The tablet as ‘The Explorer’."