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Scooped by Dimitris Agorastos!

A non hysterical view of ‘cheerleader hysteria’

A non hysterical view of ‘cheerleader hysteria’ | Psychology and Brain News |

I’ve written an article for the Discover Magazine blog The Crux about mass hysteria and conversion disorder in light of the not-very-good-coverage given to the issue after a group of cheerleaders with unexplained neurological symptoms made the headlines.

Colleen Fitzgerald's curator insight, January 10, 2014 9:30 PM

This is a cool story. It really simplifies the difference between what people think is going on (a neurological disorders) and what is actually going on (a psychological issue).  Conversion disorder really seems like a mystery even in our advanced time. It's really confusing because Conversion Disorder seems to have a lot of similarities with mass hysteria. It really seems unexplainable. Check this out!

Scooped by Dimitris Agorastos!

Mass hysteria rare, but usually seen in girls

Mass hysteria rare, but usually seen in girls | Psychology and Brain News |
Government doctors find no physical cause after an extensive study. Experts believe that these first "index" cases often are people who have symptoms caused by a physical illness, but subsequent cases are subconscious mimicry.
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