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Tibet’s elected leader, Dr Lobsang Sangay, is currently touring Australia but he won’t meet government officials.


'On Saturday the prime minister-elect of one of the world’s newest and most promising democracies touched down in Melbourne for a week-long Australian visit. He’s being met by hundreds of compatriots and received enthusiastically by journalists, scholars, parliamentarians and the public at large.

Perversely, he will not get to meet 'the Australian] Prime Minster, Foreign Minister or government officials, at least not in any formal capacity. Canberra refuses to recognise his administration or build relationships with its elected officers.


.............. Tibetans are often unable to speak of their grievances without grave risk, let alone vote to throw out a government that has failed them ever since it invaded their country over half a century ago.


The contrast between Tibetan democracy-in-exile and China’s refusal to grant the barest of democratic rights inside Tibet represents two very different long-term futures for [Australia's] biggest trading partner.'