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~ Posted by Georgia Grimond, December 4th 2012 At the polls in November, voters in America’s presidential election had a choice of two (serious) candidates. In our last Big Question, our panel had a choice of 43.


'We asked six writers to choose the best American president of all, and four went for the men from Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The other two wanted to chisel out portraits of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Bill Clinton.


..............So what does it take to be remembered? Lincoln and FDR were decisive in war and, with the New Deal and the end of slavery, pioneering in peace. Many readers nominated Ronald Reagan, singled out as "a true leader" who "changed the world we live in”. But there is more to it than stamping your authority. The two George Bushes collected only a handful of votes between them.'