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I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. DeGaulle
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Words Excusing Exclusion. Professor Michael Clyne

Michael Clyne is Professorial Fellow in the School of Languages at the University of Melbourne and Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Monash University. His main fields of research and publication are bilingualism/language contact, sociolinguistics, inter-cultural communication and second lan- guage acquisition. Among his books are Australia’s Language Potential (UNSW Press, 2005), Dynam- ics of Language Contact (CUP, 2003), The German Language in a Changing Europe (CUP, 1995), and Inter-cultural Communication at Work (CUP, 1994).


'The ‘war against terror’ with its ill-defined enemy has unleashed a new kind of exclusionary discourse which allows people to imagine an enemy among the unknown and strange. This paper focuses on the discourse on asylum seekers employed by Australian politicians from main parties and sections of the media.'

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Scooped by Janet Devlin!

A Book Every Progressive Should Read: Language Intelligence

A Book Every Progressive Should Read: Language Intelligence | Psycholitics & Psychonomics |

'..........if Language Intelligence explains why progressives lose, it also tells us why conservatives are doing so well.

The practice of rhetoric is simple, but not easy. This is only a partial recipe, but here are the main ingredients:


Use short words;


Repeat, repeat, repeat – “if you don’t repeat, you can’t compete;”


Use key figures of speech, especially metaphors.


Republicans have mastered these, and have been using them for years.'


'A big part of the reason progressives fail is that they lack language intelligence. Yes the media, is owned by plutocrats. Yes, the money machine owns politics. All the more reason to learn how to communicate. To go around the middle men (and yes, most are men) who censure the news and construct a powerful message that appeals directly to the people. A message capable of blasting through the corridors of power, smashing down the walls of the wealthy, and penetrating into the homes and hallways of everyday people.'

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