Abbott Threatened Me Too | | Psycholitics & Psychonomics |
When Lindsay Foyle once disagreed with Tony Abbott over abortion, he almost got his face rearranged, but for the intervention of Greg Sheridan.


'After work one evening in the late 1970s I went for a quick drink with a few colleagues. We all worked on The Bulletin and went into the pub next door known to all the regulars as the Scunge.


The interlopers were soon identified as radicals involved in student politics at the University of Sydney. We were about to chip our colleague about bringing contacts into such a low-class establishment when he brought them over and introduced them to us.


It did not end well


The largest of the lot was a person named Tony Abbott. He decided the quickest way to settle our differences was to take me downstairs and demonstrate how I was wrong by punching my head in. This was not the way I wanted the evening to go. Yes, we could have gone downstairs. Yes, he probably could have punched my head in — provided I did not faint of fright first — and yes, the evening’s discussion would have been brought to an end.....'