Coalition under fire for Sri Lanka asylum seeker plan - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | Psycholitics & Psychonomics |
The Government and refugee advocates have lashed out at the Opposition's plan to deport all Sri Lankan asylum seekers, saying it breaches human rights.


She said what???????


'Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop says many Sri Lankan asylum seekers are economic migrants, not refugees, and the civil war in the country is over.


..................Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says Australia has a duty to consider asylum claims under the United Nations Refugee Convention.


"Now what I think you hear is the sound of goalposts moving," he said.


"They're becoming more shrill and more ridiculous.


"This is an extraordinary call from the Opposition and what they're effectively doing here is calling for us to remove ourselves from the Refugee Convention.


Leaders from denominations including the Salvation Army and Anglican, Catholic and Uniting churches say they are concerned about the Government's new legislation to allow offshore processing.'