Asylum Seekers A Wicked Problem | | Psycholitics & Psychonomics |
No political party has a foolproof solution to the issue of asylum seekers, because such a solution doesn’t exist.


'Asylum seeker policy an example of what the strategists and bureaucrats call a "wicked problem".


Wicked problems, it says, are complex and difficult to define. They often have multiple causes but no single solution or quick fix. They are unstable, shifting and morphing in ways that frustrate a coherent response, and are social by nature, involving many different individuals and agencies, across organisational boundaries, national borders and social divides.


.........It’s that complex interaction between the politics of fear and loathing and the desperation of persecuted people that has made the issue of asylum seekers so insoluble in the long term for the Rudd and Gillard government. It’s a politics of fear that the Opposition was only too willing to embrace after losing office, reasoning that it could only rebound to the Coalition’s advantage'