Rwanda Funds Congo Murderers | | Psycholitics & Psychonomics |
In the Congo, a violent rebel group is committing gross crimes with the backing of the Rwandan government.


'It is in Rwanda’s interests for the eastern Congo to remain somewhat unstable, so that it may exert influence within the Kivus. Although tiny in size compared to the DRC, Rwanda punches above its weight within the region in economic and diplomatic terms, in part due to the weakness of Kinshasa to impose any sense of authority on eastern DRC. In this context, minerals smuggled across the Congo-Rwanda border remain a concern, even if Rwanda operates less brazenly now than it did a decade ago, when trucks filled with riches from Congolese mines drove openly through the streets of Kigali. But if the Kivus erupt with violence, that instability has unpredictable and potentially negative consequences for Rwanda’s own security and economic prospects. Rwanda treads a fine line.'