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Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and Religion | promienie |
Manly P. Hall - Lectures - Individual Tapes
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#Philosophy and #Religion
— Lectures by Manly P. Hall 


• Are We Ready for the Great Leap into a Peaceful World?
• Back to Basics in Religion, Philosophy and Science
• Civilization Begins with Us
• Cycle of the Phoenix in World History
• Emperor Julians Oration on the Mother of the Gods
• Faith - The Internal Belief in Eternal Good
• Fate and the Philosophy of Destiny
• How to Choose a Religion or Philosophy Most Appropriate to Your Own Needs
• I Beg to Differ with the Darwinian Theory
• Idealistic Humanism
• Is Religion a Dedication or a Commitment?
• Materiality Is the Glamorizing of Beauty
• Meaning Vs Usage
• My Philosophy of Life
• Organizing and Conserving Personal Energy Resources
• Philosophical Reflections on the Use and Abuse of Money
• Prophets of Antiquity Versus Profits of Today
• Rivers of Life
• Science of Ethics and the Ethics of Science
• Science of Religion and Religion of Science
• Should Religious Organizations Be Involved in Partisan Politics?
• What Is Righteousness?
• What Is the Unforgivable Sin?
• When the Universal and Natural Laws Are in Conflict
• World Soul Under Stress 


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Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies

Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies | promienie |
Manly P. Hall - Lectures - Individual Tapes
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#philosophy · #Ancient Mysteries and #Secret Societies
— Lectures by Manly P. Hall 


 • Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity 
 • Golden Verses of Pythagoras 
 • Initiation of the Pyramid 
 • Secret Societies in the Modern World 
 • Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


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Unique Tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School

Unique Tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School | promienie |
Unique Tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School by Daniel Cozort According to Tibetan traditions, the Indian Buddhist Prasangika-Madhyamika school is the one that represents the final, literally...
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Ben Fulford - August 7, 2012 | Summer stalemate continues but lots going on under the surface in preparation for autumn regime changes

Ben Fulford - August 7, 2012 | Summer stalemate continues but lots going on under the surface in preparation for autumn regime changes | promienie |

War and rumors of war continue to be promoted by terrorist states like the US, Israel and their secret ally Iran as the desperate criminal cabal that seized power in the West continues to hope they can trigger World War 3 and thus avoid bankruptcy. There are also continuing rumors of horrific new terrorist attacks by the cabal and their “Al CIAda” subsidiary (a nuclear attack on London being one possibility) in a desperate attempt to implement their plan for a fascist New World Order world government.

Their desperation and cynicism has reached the point that corporate propaganda media outlets do not even seem to notice as they report their governments are fighting “Al Qaeda” in Afghanistan even as they finance it in Syria and Libya.

The 150 nations BRICS alliance, for its part, continues to refuse to support terrorist financing groups like the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Board and is instead promoting the universal human goals of peaceful, environmentally friendly development.

Under the surface, meanwhile, power struggles continue in preparation for regime changes in China, the US and the EU this fall.

The cabal controlled Western governments are beating the war drums in part as a negotiating strategy first to get them past the September 31 fiscal half-year financial deadline and second to strengthen their hand in ongoing negotiations about the new financial system.

The situation for many Western governments is similar to that of an individual trying to postpone an inevitable bankruptcy. In this case, instead of bills piling up, all sorts of countries are trying to cash real bonds issued by members of the Western banking cartel only to run into a wall of excuses and delays.

For example, when an international group of investors tried to cash a large amount of Brazilian bonds recently, some key lawyers involved suddenly got violently ill while others recused themselves following death threats. The bonds are real but that does not help their case.

In Japan meanwhile, in addition to the 7000 trillion yen sitting frozen in the Bank of Japan’s computers, another 5000 trillion yen batch of bonds has turned up. The 5000 trillion yen worth of bonds in question were issued in the 1970’s when Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka of Japan restored diplomatic relations with China, according to Chinese government sources. Tanaka offered the money to China’s Zhou Enlai but he refused to accept them and said the Japanese people should use the money instead. These bonds then went into limbo but an Asian group now has them and is planning to cash them at the Bank of Japan and use the money for humanitarian projects.

Other large denomination US dollar gold backed bonds have also surfaced. The owners welcome legal scrutiny of these bonds because they are confident they are genuine, sources close to the owners say. This group would also like to use the bonds for humanitarian purposes.

Once again though, all they will be doing is to bring a real bill to a dead beat borrower.
The fact of the matter is that although these bonds are all real, the amounts of money involved are too big for it to be possible to simply cash them.

A Rockefeller family representative is now in Asia trying to come up with a solution that staves off the Federal Reserve Board bankruptcy that cashing the bonds would involve. Instead the bond holders would be given “realistic” sums of money in exchange for allowing massive humanitarian projects to be undertaken by Western interests.

The White Dragon Society, for its part, has been invited to send a representative to North Korea to try to sort out the situation in the Korean peninsula and Japan in a harmonious manner. The visit is expected to take place in August but may be delayed until September depending on what preliminary Tokyo negotiations conclude.

The new regime in North Korea is ready for a fundamental change in relations with the West and their Japanese and South Korean puppet regimes. The Japanese and South Koreans are also preparing for independence from the West meaning that the biggest changes in East Asia since the end of World War 2 are becoming a very realistic possibility.

Desperate cabal war-mongering over tiny little disputed islands may inflame a few hot-heads on all sides but is unlikely to derail anything. As the central Asian saying puts it “the dogs bark but the caravan rolls on.”

In any case, no real breakthrough is expected during the summer months. Instead, negotiations, punctuated by the occasional bouts of shouting and threats, will continue until at least September.

In other news, the murder trial of Gu Kailai, the wife of suspended Chinese politburo power broker Bo Xilai is expected to return a guilty verdict followed by a suspended death sentence, a Chinese official said. Gu Kailai was charged in the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood in an affair now known as the “Wang Lijun Incident.”

There is a good possibility that Bo Xilai himself may be cleared of wrongdoing at the trial and that could pave the way for his return to the higher rungs of Chinese power, a Chinese government official said.

However, a smooth regime change in China is still expected to take place as scheduled in November with Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang taking over from Hu Jintao and Wen Jiaobao. In addition, two-thirds of the top several hundred leaders in China are expected to be replaced by younger people during the transition. This will be the biggest change in China’s government in over a decade and will lead to a major change in style and perhaps substance too.

Regime change in the US is also due in November but the leadership change is expected to be messier than in China. If the corporate government remains in power then the faction supporting Obama and the faction supporting Romney will duke it out in a giant battle of dollars and propaganda. However, the US could also go into revolutionary mode in which case all bets are off.?

Regime change is also expected in Europe this fall but it will be a change in the financial, rather than the political regime. What happens there depends in large part on the esoteric financial negotiations going on between Asia and the West over the summer.
-=[ B.F.]=-

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Somalia draft constitution to go to referendum | PressTV

Somalia has endorsed a draft constitution that is set to replace an eight-year old Transitional Federal Charter that governed Somalia since 2004. However con...
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China presses Panchen Lama to address unrest in Tibet - Indian Express

China presses Panchen Lama to address unrest in Tibet - Indian Express | promienie |
China presses Panchen Lama to address unrest in Tibet - As suicides continued unabated in Tibet, China for the first time pressed Panchen Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist monk being groo...
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Esoteric and Metaphysical

Esoteric and Metaphysical | promienie |
Manly P. Hall - Lectures - Individual Tapes
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#philosophy · #Esoteric and #Metaphysical
— Lectures by Manly P. Hall 

• Adept Tradition in Modern Living 

• Animals Place in the Universal Plan
• Dante's La Vita Nuova
• Emotional Body and the Beginning of Social Consciousness
• Fascination of the Supernatural - Ghost Lore
• How Hierarchy Communicates with Humans
• Jacobs Ladder that Leads to the Stars
• Learning to Know the Dwelller in the Flesh
• Lost in the Psychic Wonderland
• Magic - White, Gray and Black
• Migrations of the Human Spirit
• Mysteries of the Astral Light
• Mystical Life - Way of the American Indians
• Mystical Meaning Of Playing Cards
• Mystical Symbolism of the Rubaiyat
• Obeying Universal Laws Can Be a Pleasant Experience
• Opening the Doors to the Invisible
• Pandora's Box - the Mystery of Memory
• Precious Stones in Lore and Legend
• Quest for Spiritual Teachers
• Sacred Images
• Secret Language of Persian Poets
• Sevenfold Mystery of Love
• Some Reflections on the Subject of Earthquakes
• Soul - the Garment of Glory
• Strange World of Psychic Phenomena
• Symbolism of Sleep in Human Life
• This Enchanted Isle We Call the World
• Training the Faculty of Intuition 


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A Path to Remedy or a Road to Oblivion

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 2 - Episode 6 Universal Law trumps all others. 1. No man or woman, in or out of government s...
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China set Gu Kailai trial date | PressTV

China has set the date for the murder trial of Gu Kailai, wife of ousted Communist Politburo member Bo Xilai. Gu and a family employee are accused of murderi...
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How can Muslims in West help Islamic Awakening?

After too much expectation and uncertainty, finally the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi won the election with 51.7 percent of the votes against Ah...
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