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Esoteric and Metaphysical

Esoteric and Metaphysical | promienie |
Manly P. Hall - Lectures - Individual Tapes
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#philosophy · #Esoteric and #Metaphysical
— Lectures by Manly P. Hall 

• Adept Tradition in Modern Living 

• Animals Place in the Universal Plan
• Dante's La Vita Nuova
• Emotional Body and the Beginning of Social Consciousness
• Fascination of the Supernatural - Ghost Lore
• How Hierarchy Communicates with Humans
• Jacobs Ladder that Leads to the Stars
• Learning to Know the Dwelller in the Flesh
• Lost in the Psychic Wonderland
• Magic - White, Gray and Black
• Migrations of the Human Spirit
• Mysteries of the Astral Light
• Mystical Life - Way of the American Indians
• Mystical Meaning Of Playing Cards
• Mystical Symbolism of the Rubaiyat
• Obeying Universal Laws Can Be a Pleasant Experience
• Opening the Doors to the Invisible
• Pandora's Box - the Mystery of Memory
• Precious Stones in Lore and Legend
• Quest for Spiritual Teachers
• Sacred Images
• Secret Language of Persian Poets
• Sevenfold Mystery of Love
• Some Reflections on the Subject of Earthquakes
• Soul - the Garment of Glory
• Strange World of Psychic Phenomena
• Symbolism of Sleep in Human Life
• This Enchanted Isle We Call the World
• Training the Faculty of Intuition 


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Extended Mind & Human Intuitive Abilities - Rupert Sheldrake

Date: 01-2012 Biography: Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author. He studied natural sciences at Cambridge and philosophy at Harvard, where he was a Frank...
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