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"Successful transition through endings is a necessary skill these days. A William Bridges classic gives insights into helping endings succeed." 


This is one of my own posts on a popular summary of Bridges' work on the differences between change and transition:

How to help endings be successful Access to a downloadable Bridges model article Get the strategies list for successful endings




Sometimes an ending is a major, transformative revelation for a business, such as when CEO Darwin Smith exclaimed they needed to shut down the paper mills leading the shift to a new way of doing business.  


"It isn't the changes that do you in, it's the transitions.


...Change is external, transition is internal."  

~ William Bridges


Successful endings:


Leave room, create an open space for transitioning     Allow you to enter the Neutral Zone (like the Black Forest) of transitions and change, according to William Bridges     Read the full article here.  The downloadable model is on Deb's TOOLS page here.
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