Academic Librarian Research: A Survey of Attitudes, Involvement, and Perceived Capabilities | Professional development of Librarians |

One of the interesting articles in the latest issue of College & Research Libraries (September 2012) is this article on the development and results of a recent survey of academic librarians about their attitudes, involvement, and perceived capabilities using and engaging in primary research. The purpose of the survey was to inform the development of a continuing education program in research design.


"This article contributes a new perspective on the topic of how librarians think of their own abilities to conduct research with the introduction of a confidence scale and opens a line of inquiry for possible future research activities related to self-efficacy and research productivity..."

"Two other potentially profitable research agendas are identified in this article: defining a research culture in a library setting and performing a systematic review of published academic librarian practitioner-researchers to learn how to replicate their success."


The article (as well as all the articles in this issue) are available for download in pdf and html here:

Via Fe Angela M. Verzosa, Karen du Toit