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Rescooped by Rosário Durão from Brand Storytelling!

Enter the Storytelling Matrix

Enter the Storytelling Matrix | Professional Communication |

The Storytelling Matrix — a basic framework that plots any brand’s narrative executions along three axes (Activity, Complexity, and Personality). As this simple video explains, these points are used to measure and then maximize meaningful interaction among different target audiences, who logically respond differently to different storytelling methods.

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Scooped by Rosário Durão!

Narrative Theory: A Brief Introduction, by Ismail S Talib -- Contents

The Narrative Theory web book site 


1.  Definitions of Narrative 
 2.  Beginnings and Ends of Narrative 
 3.  Setting 
 4.  Character 
 5.  Events 
 6.  Plot 
 7.  The Narrator 
 8.  Schema 
 9.  Genres 
10. Narrative Production 
11. Cinematic Narrative 
12. Symbol and Allegory  
13. Morality: Narrative and Ethics

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Rescooped by Rosário Durão from Brand Storytelling!

Websites Are A Story: Telling stories with your designs

Websites Are A Story: Telling stories with your designs | Professional Communication |
Websites are incredibly versatile as a medium, to be used to display information and other content, and if well designed they can do this in an enjoyable way...


I really like this article because it approaches websites as a total narrative which all starts in its design. Notice I did not say text!


Yep -- design comes first and that is where the narrative for your business starts.  Ultimately your website needs to move the viewer along a story arc that leads them to take some action -- like buy your product/service.


Treating your web pages as discrete pages is not creating an overall narrative. Sure -- the content of each page needs to be crafted as a story. But all the pages need to link together to create a narrative. This is more than just page linking in technical terms.


So read this article for the insights about designing your entire website as a narrative. The author has great ideas and tips, along with examples. 

Via Karen Dietz, Héber Sales
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