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When Knowledge Isn't Power

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias which describes a curious phenomenon: any person who possesses a certain knowledge finds it almost impossible to understand the viewpoint of a person who doesn’t have that same knowledge. It’s the reason why teachers can often have great difficulty explaining ideas to students, it’s why engineers like to design products that are popular with other engineers and incomprehensible to the general public. And it’s why advanced, skilled poker players can be utterly baffled by the donkeys.
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Google Rolls Out Knowledge Graph to Make Search Results More 'Human'

Google Rolls Out Knowledge Graph to Make Search Results More 'Human' | Professional Communication |

Today, Google announced the rollout of its Knowledge Graph, which will cause a big change to how results are delivered in the SERPs. Basically, the intent behind the Knowledge Graph is for search engines to think more like a human -- and deliver results that reflect that. It's gradually rolling out in the U.S. as we speak, but you might not see it for yourself quite yet. After the initial rollout is complete, Google will expand the Knowledge Graph to searches on mobile and tablet devices, then to languages other than English.


As Google puts it, Knowledge Graph, "taps into the collective intelligence of the web and understands the world a bit more like people do." Wait. What exactly does that mean? Let's take a deeper look at this rollout, and try to make things a little clearer!


What is Google's Knowledge Graph?


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