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Interview of Nicolas WALTISPERGER, in charge of Cora France frozen sector

Interview of Nicolas WALTISPERGER, in charge of Cora France frozen sector | private-label-sourcing-en |

WABEL: You are the CORA supermarket director in Reims, FRANCE, a retail space of 10.000 m⊃2;. You are also in charge of the entire frozen product category for the group. What does this position represent? How is Cora’s marketing and purchasing for this product range organized?


As the manager of the frozen product category for Cora France, which represents 59 hypermarkets, my missions are the following:


- Organize and lead meetings

- Organize business intelligence for assortment, product, pricing and services

- Coordinate the marketing, purchasing, logistics, the computer systems and the sales to improve the sales performance and the results of the frozen food department

- Stimulate the exchanges between stores for best practices and good experiments

- Recommend attractive points of differentiation for the frozen food department

- Manage sales promotion and national advertising campaigns


Every product is classified in a family that is overseen by a triptych composed of the head of market (it is a division manager who represents the 59 department managers and takes care of a group of families), of the marketing manager and the buyer. The three of them make decisions together. Thus a new supplier has to meet 3 people before joining Cora partners.


WABEL: What percentage of your store’s food sales does the frozen product department represent?

The frozen food department represented 3 per cent of the turnover in 2012.


WABEL: What is the share of the private label assortment in your department?

We have 340 references in Cora products today out of ca 900 references in total, i.e. almost 37 %!


WABEL: Are there product segments whose growth is particularly dynamic?

The ice-cream segment is the segment that progressed most since the beginning of the year and in particular cones and confectionery. The appetizer family the fish sticks and potatoes are also doing very well. One segment is suffering: the ready meals, which declined a lot at the beginning of the year with the much publicised “horsegate” when the meat segment remained stable in value because of sharp raw materials price increases. Overall the frozen food department progressed slightly. This department is relatively immune to weather effects because it covers all meal courses, a real advantage and a real growth potential, provided the shelf space changes with the weather…


WABEL: You have recently operated changes to your frozen department merchandising and revamped or renewed of your furniture. What were the motivations underlying these changes?


The frozen food department has always been a cold department, cold because products are presented at – 22 ° C (!) but first and foremost because its design is difficult to keep over time due to the repetitive 4 season set-ups. As a result, frozen food departments are often "white" with a "hospital" feel. We worked for two years on this issue to find THE solution that allows to modulate easily the dressing of the department without outside help, make it warmer with colours and clear segmentations to make our customers’ lives easier.

Thus, since the beginning of the year 6 stores have been testing this new dressing, which gives a magnificent result and really warms the department. It was also an opportunity for us to re-examine the segmentation by meal courses. The frozen food department actually covers all the moments of a meal, from appetizers to desserts.


WABEL: Is the merchandising of this department, in your opinion, generally not optimized?


At Cora we give in-house training to the new heads of departments or employees to raise their awareness of the importance of merchandising. This department moves a lot and is often complex to install because of the multiplicity of furniture (chest freezers, display cases or cupboards). Our 59 stores all have different pieces of furniture of various sizes depending on the modes of consumption. The most important thing is to meet our customers’ needs and in particular to make their lives easier when they are in our department; for example a national brand product is bought in 10 seconds! That is why the set-up must be very clear and logical to the customer, keeping in mind that promotion weighs heavily in the frozen food department. Merchandising is very important but the most important thing remains the way we deal with out-of-stock products, the number 1 priority.


WABEL: What are the repercussions of the implementation of the new shop windows     and cupboards?


Cora made a commitment with the FCD to close all cold shelves by 2020. It is a real plus for customers who are no longer inconvenienced with the cold, the comfort of purchase is maximum. One of our fears about putting doors to close the shelves was that customers would not close them after use. The conclusion is clear: all customers are disciplined for once and systematically close the doors! The second advantage is environmental as it reduces almost by half the production of cold, which also implies significant cost savings.


WABEL: Will it lead to the renewal of some frozen assortments?

Every time a store renews its shelf space, which implies heavy investments, it is readjusted to local consumption. Over the past years, we have expended our frozen food departments overall, which allowed us to extend the range of products on offer. The last and best example is that of Cora in Massy, France, one of the biggest hypermarket frozen food departments with a selection comparable with that of a specialist.


WABEL: Were you able to measure the impact of your new merchandising organization?

- In term of attendance of the frozen section

- In term of volume of purchase of your customers

We measure every month the penetration rate of every department of the store. Out of 100 customers who pass through the cash registers, how many bought from my department?

Since we set up this new dressing, the attendance rate of the frozen food department strongly progressed and continues its double-digit growth.


WABEL: Wabel organizes the 2nd Private Label Frozen Summit on 12 & 13 March 2014.

Do you plan to attend? What do you expect from a specialized meeting such as that proposed by Wabel?

This kind of meeting is always interesting to discover new products. What I expect from a new partner is to bring us something different that enables us to meet our customers’ new expectations. We need to constantly look at things in a new light to avoid being overtaken and remain one step ahead.


Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


Antoine Bonnel for the Wabel Frozen News 2


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Sainsbury's Launches Private Brand Desserts

Sainsbury's Launches Private Brand Desserts | private-label-sourcing-en |
Sainsbury’s has added patisserie style desserts to its Taste the Difference Private Brand, inspired by the growing demand for home entertaining. Customers can choose from a variety of luxurious des...
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Deloitte Study Shows Costs Of Goods Hurting Private Label Sourcing

Deloitte Study Shows Costs Of Goods Hurting Private Label Sourcing | private-label-sourcing-en |
Higher costs and an increasingly volatile cost structure as pressuring retailers and their private label sourcing efforts, a new study from Deloitte says.
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More Retailers Push Private Label Promotions

More Retailers Push Private Label Promotions | private-label-sourcing-en |
Two-thirds of retailers followed by Chicago-based market research firm Market Track increased private label promotions last week from a year earlier, according to an exclusive report for PLBuyer’s eReport.
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Private Brands Win Big at The 2013 Dieline Awards

Private Brands Win Big at The 2013 Dieline Awards | private-label-sourcing-en |

Earlier this week packaging design website The Dieline announced the winners of it’s annual contest The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 at The Dieline Package Design Conference, held in conjunction with HOW Design Live at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


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TESCO LAUNCHES NEW TODDLER FOOD RANGE | private-label-sourcing-en |

Tesco has announced the launch of ‘Tesco Loves Toddler’, featuring a range of products to help parents with toddler feeding. The range, which is available in-store and online, includes a number of products to help toddlers become more independent at meal times, from easy hold cutlery to catch it all bibs and easy grip sippers.

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Interview of NOVUM, pioneer and leader in frozen equipment

Interview of NOVUM, pioneer and leader in frozen equipment | private-label-sourcing-en |

WABEL:  What is the business, market, activity of Novum? What are the features of the material provided by Novum?


NOVUM, founded in 1955, is specialised in high quality Refrigeration Equipment at point of sales for the Retails.

The NOVUM approach is simple:

''Listen to our Customers & help them to achieve their Goals...'' “Make Reliable, Durable & Attractive food refrigeration equipment & achieve a better Return on Investment for the retailers…”


NOVUM is an Innovator and a Leader in designing & manufacturing customised refrigeration equipment for the major Retail, Group & Brands covering all profiles from convenient store to hypermarket.


Located in Ireland, NOVUM export globally with Sales support on 4 continents in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, etc…), in North America (USA & Canada), in Middle East, in Asia & in Africa.


NOVUM has 3 Key Targets:

Cost Reduction:Lower Investment costLower Energy consumptionLower Maintenance costAdded Value & Optimisation:Higher Visibility of Food products at point of saleHigher Impulse SalesLower Operating CostsThe Environment:Assuring effective Sustainable solutionsReducing Carbon Foot PrintAll Cabinets CFC free installation


NOVUM offers a range of refrigeration equipment.

NOVUM Plug-in cabinets are fitted with sealed Lift up or Sliding lids solutions.

NOVUM Plug-in products are divided into two categories:

Horizontal Line: with the ARAN, BURREN, LINE  products:

Modular Cabinet & Island: from single walk around unit to lined up units/island layouts.


Vertical Line: BURREN MOR, ECool  products:

Modular & Multiplex Linear:  from single unit to lined up layouts


Key characteristics of NOVUM products include:

Reliability, Durability, Energy PerformanceHigher Visibility of Food products:     + 27%Higher Impulse Sales:                         + 12%  Lower Capital Investment *:               - 40%    Lower Energy Consumption *:             - 40%   Lower Maintenance cost *:                  - 70 %Full Customisation available


*(Up to & compared to the remote refrigeration)


NOVUM refrigeration products can offer a range of features:

Temperature Monitoring, HACCP compliance:

Available Options:

Wireless or Wired system

Food Temperature: Remote Monitoring, Control & Reporting

Alarm: Remote Control & Reporting

Remotely access to equipment settings

Monitoring of Assets geographically



LED, CFL (Fluorescent)

Interactive Lighting, Remote Control


Refrigeration systems:

Standard or CFC free refrigerants

Static or Ventilated (Frost Free) refrigeration systems

Compressors: Fixed / Variable Speed


WABEL: How do you rate the overall level of the Frozen equipments & merchandising displays in Europe? & in France?


The overall level of frozen retail equipment in Europe is good but inefficient for most as they are still not covered or fitted with glass lid/door.

Novum is specialized in solutions of high performance glass opening to ensure a significant reduction in energy consumption and ease of use.

NOVUM’s solutions enhance the frozen/chilled food area and create a cosy ambience to the consumers for shopping.


WABEL: What are from NOVUM the Innovations, contributions in the sector and existing customers?


NOVUM Plug-in products stand out for:

Higher Visibility of Food Products at point of salesHigher Impulse Sales                        Store Layout Flexibility & Modular CapacityLower Capital Investment Lower Energy ConsumptionLower Maintenance costNo systematic Maintenance of equipmentFull Customisation on request: Systems, Layouts, Colour range & FinishesEnergy reduction solutionsSustainable solutions reducing Carbon Foot Print‘Frost Free’ technology & concept


Some of the NOVUM existing customers:



WABEL: On the 12 & 13 March 2014, at Wabel Frozen Summit in Paris, NOVUM will display its frozen Cabs/Linear in the area of the Wabel FrozenStore:

What are your expectations for presenting NOVUM Products to European Purchasers, your new NOVUM products/features, cabinets, uprights ?


It is NOVUM’s strategy:

To demonstrate all the benefits of NOVUM Plug-in equipmentTo emphasise how NOVUM Plug-in equipment stand out compared to existing equipmentTo show the advantages of NOVUM Plug-in equipment over existing remote refrigeration systems


WABEL: Do you have a market that you are primarily interested in? and outside of France?


NOVUM is present in UK, in France, in Europe, in USA, in the Middle East, etc...

NOVUM will enhance its presence and will develop in potential regions.

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Waitrose has announced the launch of a tennis-themed cheese in time for Wimbledon. The Creamy White Stilton with Strawberries is made in the village of Cropwell Bishop and is available in Waitrose stores now.

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Private Label Share Grows In Europe

The 2013 PLMA International Private Label Yearbook showed private label share grew in 18 of the 20 European countries tracked by Nielsen for the book.
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Private Brand Sourcing: Strategies to Differentiate & Defend

Private Brand Sourcing: Strategies to Differentiate & Defend | private-label-sourcing-en |

Rising and increasingly volatile costs dominate retailers’ top challenges sourcing Private Brand products, while changes in consumer behavior fueled by mobility and online shopping are driving the strategic importance of private label sourcing, according to a new Deloitte study, “Private Label Sourcing: Strategies to Differentiate and Defend.

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Ahold Playfully Redesigns Simply Enjoy!

Ahold Playfully Redesigns Simply Enjoy! | private-label-sourcing-en |

Since its initial launch in 2007 Ahold’s premium tier Private Brand Simply Enjoy has taken a different tone and path then the vast majority of the black dominated labels from American grocers, opting instead for a contemporary white combined with rich photography.

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Bruno David, nouveau Monsieur PME d'Intermarché - LSA

Bruno David, nouveau Monsieur PME d'Intermarché - LSA | private-label-sourcing-en |
LSA Bruno David, nouveau Monsieur PME d'Intermarché LSA Intermarché vient de nommer un jeune adhérent du Loiret, Bruno David, à la tête de sa direction sourcing et PME, un domaine où l'enseigne s'est distingué ces dernières années, multipliant les...
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