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3 Ways the Second Screen is Shaping the Future of Television

3 Ways the Second Screen is Shaping the Future of Television | Prionomy |
The second screen—whether it be your laptop, tablet, or smart phone—is changing the way audiences watch and actually interact with the programs they watch.

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#VHX watch videos with friends like never before #edtech20 #elearning

VHX is the way you're supposed to watch and share videos with friends. We’ve combined the best parts of TV with the best of the web.

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Finding and watching videos online is a fragmented and complex experience. We share videos via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Reader, and many more. We watch them on our computers, TVs, iPads, and mobile devices.

VHX brings online videos together into one streamlined watching experience and equips the community with the best possible curation tools. Create your own personal TV experience.

Team VHX
We get online video. Previously we made Vimeo, Boxee, Know Your Meme, and the Emmy Award-winning Star Wars Uncut. Now we are making our dream platform for watching videos.

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