This post was written by Lauren Schaffer for Grow and it's a great article because she is talking Kate, a professional hairstylist and jewelry maker, who got loads of traffic from Pinterest on her blog.


My Commentary:


Although Kate achieved success she cautions (and I do agree with her here) not to abuse Pinterest. Use it as a supplement to your blog Post pictures that create intrigue or value but don't do it several times a day.


****“Almost daily I get a comment or email saying ‘I found you on Pinterest!’,” she said. “My top 10 traffic referring URLs are all Pinterest.”


**You need to keep digging if you want to know how to do it. That “intrigue” is an opportunity to drive people back to your blog or website.


**Kate believes her success comes down to a careful balance between her original content and self-promotion for her blog and business.


****“I think there is a fine line between self-promotion and obnoxious self-promotion. I decided to only pin hair photos to my own boards [from her blog], and a maximum of two per week.


**The rest of the week, if any blog readers want to pin things from my blog, it’s up to them.”


****“What I don’t want is for my 14,000 Pinterest followers to log on to Pinterest and see all the photos from my blog. I think that would be obnoxious,” she continued.


****“I had one instance where I was following a blogger on Pinterest and she would pin things from her posts multiple times a day. I stopped following her.”


Beyond the blog numbers, Kate is also obtaining new business due to her Pinterest success.


**In September, she took on her first blog sponsor. She also has had interest in her private hairstyling business. “It’s brought so many people to my blog who now want to be my clients!”


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