Storytelling and Your Personal Brand--Why Your Resume Should Read Like One | Prionomy |

All indicators are pointing to the growing importance of storytelling in the intertwined social media, PR and advertising worlds. In a remarkably clever and practical way, storytelling is a wonderful addition to any deserving CV or résumé.


Hear hear! The author is absolutely correct. Bringing story elements and storytelling into your resume, CV or portfolio makes you so much more attractive as a job candidate because you will be selling YOU and the results you produced -- NOT a description of your last position.


I do so wish more people would 'get' the significance of this shift in thinking and actively bring stories into the job hunting process.


Well, this article should help out in that shift. Enjoy reading it and then start figuring out where and how to bring stories into your job hunt (visit the website A Storied Career for tools).

Via Karen Dietz, Heath Sawyer