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Empowering Students Through Empathy and Collaboration

Empowering Students Through Empathy and Collaboration | Prionomy |
Every year around this time, my students come together and collect all the monies donated within our school for Penny Harvest, a program by Common Cents, Inc. that serves to help schools create servi



We must realize that their view of the world, manifested variously in their action, reflects their situation in the world. Educational and political action which is not critically aware of this situation runs the risk either of "banking" or of ===> preaching in the desert. <===


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Gust MEES's curator insight, February 23, 2013 12:55 PM

We must realize that their view of the world, manifested variously in their action, reflects their situation in the world. Educational and political action which is not critically aware of this situation runs the risk either of "banking" or of ===> preaching in the desert. <===


Check also:


Linda Alexander's curator insight, February 24, 2013 9:52 AM

Let the students arrive at their own conclusions through the use of classroom dialogue and various exposures.  

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How Do We Harness the Innovation Potential of our Networks?

How Do We Harness the Innovation Potential of our Networks? | Prionomy |

Venessa Miemis is a pioneer and change agent, and every one of her posts is part of a mindset that is essential for anyone who wants to thrive in this new world.  I selected this piece because it is something that I am struggling with now, perhaps you are too.  There are great insights, and suggestions on how to create relationships that are empowering and productive.


Here's an excerpt:


**we embrace the gifts, skills and capacities of the individuals in the community


**We pursue common goals and not the goals of just one or two people who come forward but find a way to let everyone be heard


Only in the past few months have I heard this term “asset mapping” as a needed tool to surface hidden but available value, bootstrap communities, and get things done.


I could go on and on but want you to read the article.


My commentary:


I personally belong to private groups on Facebook, have various affiliations on other networks and I am continually struggling with the following:


**the ability to manage time constraints,  (how can I possibly be on 10 networks, be on tweetchats at night)


** do my work which is very time consuming


**find time to eat and sleep and still have time for my wonderful life offline


**come together with these people and create something meaningful. I'm living in the question, what comes next........


I feel a responsibilty to other members to do my part and contribute in ways that I feel can help move things forward.


**As a content curator, I can bring articles like this to the attention of others


**It is my hope this will stimulate discussions


**introduce new ways of looking at things 


**create tools and resources for us to function in a more cohesive manner


**make a difference in whatever way we see fit and create dynamic, meaningful relationships both within and outside of these communities


**Work together to help others grow and change


Selected and curated by Jan Gordon covering "Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions"


Read full article here: []

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Screen-Sharing Comes To Google+ Hangouts

Screen-Sharing Comes To Google+ Hangouts | Prionomy |

If you were waiting for Google to release a screen-sharing feature inside the Hangout real-time collaboration platform, that time has come.

In the next 48 hours Google will be rolling out to all Google+ users the ability to screen-share during any hangout session.

From Christopher Johnson G+ post: "When we launched Hangouts with Extras last September, we wanted to test new features and get feedback from users.

We’ve learned a lot over the past few months, and today we’re rolling out a new Hangouts look and feel that incorporates some of the “extras,” and better reflects Google’s overall design ( ).

Highlights include:

- Screensharing: share what’s on your computer screen with everyone in the hangout. This is the first of many extras we’re graduating to Hangouts proper.

- Bigger video: we’ve put more emphasis on the live video itself by optimizing white space and other screen elements."


Via Robin Good
linda bz's comment, March 9, 2012 5:52 AM
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Murales y corcheras digitales con Lino It

Murales y corcheras digitales con Lino It | Prionomy |
Organizar nuestra notas (sticks) y crear murales o corcheras online pudiendo visualizarlas a través de un navegador desde cualquier equipo con conexión a internet, independientemente del sistema operativo utilizado, puede sernos de gran ayuda. Lino It es una herramienta que nos proporciona esta funcionalidad, además de poder publicar en nuestra corchera virtual fotos, vídeos y URL's con comentarios y posibilidad de envio a nuestros grupos, tanto de manera pública como privada.


Lino It es una herramienta muy sencilla de uso con la que podemos crear nuestra pizarra o corchera virtual y presentar en ella notas tipo post-it (llamadas sticks), imágenes comentadas, URL´s de páginas web y vídeos de Youtube, Vimeo y Ustream.



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An Infinite Collaborative Image Canvas: CanvasDropr

An Infinite Collaborative Image Canvas: CanvasDropr | Prionomy |

CanvasDropr provides a virtually infinite online canvas on which you and your friends / contacts can easily add, position, resize and rotate photos and video clips at will.

CanvasDropr can be used to brainstorm around visual collections, to select and organize images, and to prepare visual portfolios or tours to share with others or to be published online. 


From the official site: "The center of the CanvasDropr idea is to work and collaborate on a so-called "Canvas".


The canvas can be shared by an unlimited amount of people, and changes made in the canvas are updated real-time in every user’s canvas.


Users can easily drag and drop new images directly from their desktop onto the canvas."


CanvasDrops allows you to text chat in real-time with other "collaborators" you have invited as well as to set permissions for what "public" users can edit or modify on a "public canvas.


It is possible to place photos and video clips coming from Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa or to import one simply by providing its URL. 


The final canvas can be shared on FB or Twitter, downloaded as an "image" or a .zip file containing all of its images and can also be "embedded" on any site or blog.


The service is free to use.


Check this video: 

Find out more: 


or you can try it immediately with no need for signup if you alrady have a Twitter or facebook account: 

Via Robin Good, evangelina chavez
Louise Robinson-Lay's curator insight, January 10, 2013 6:44 PM

A nice collaborative tool for images.

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Curating Information & Making Sense of Data Is a Key Skill for the Future [Research]

Curating Information & Making Sense of Data Is a Key Skill for the Future [Research] | Prionomy |

Robin Good: The Institute for the Future and the University of Phoenix have teamed up to produce, this past spring, an interesting report entitled Future Work Skills 2020.


By looking at the set of emerging skills that this research identifies as vital for future workers, I can't avoid but recognize the very skillset needed by any professional curator or newsmaster.


It should only come as a limited surprise to realize that in an information economy, the most valuable skills are those that can harness that primary resource, "information", in new, and immediately useful ways.


And being the nature of information like water, which can adapt and flow depending on context, the task of the curator is one of seeing beyond the water,

to the unique rare fish swimming through it.


The curator's key talent being the one of recognizing that depending on who you are fishing for, the kind of fish you and other curators could see within the same water pool, may be very different. 



Here the skills that information-fishermen of the future will need the most:


1) Sense-making:

ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed


2) Social intelligence:

ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions


3) Novel and adaptive thinking:

proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based


4) Cross-cultural competency:

ability to operate in different cultural settings


5) Computational thinking:

ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning


6) New media literacy:

ability to critically assess and develop content that uses new media forms, and to leverage these media for persuasive communication


7) Transdisciplinarity:

literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines


8) Design mindset:

ability to represent and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes


9) Cognitive load management:

ability to discriminate and filter information for importance, and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniques


10) Virtual collaboration:

ability to work productively, drive engagement, and demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual team



Critical to understand the future ahead. 9/10


Curated by Robin Good


Executive Summary of the Report:;nbsp;


Download a PDF copy of Future Work Skills 2020:;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;

Via Robin Good, janlgordon, Tom George
Beth Kanter's comment, December 20, 2011 7:34 PM
Thanks for sharing this from Robin's stream. These skills sets could form the basis of a self-assessment for would-be curators, although they're more conceptual - than practical/tactical. Thanks for sharing and must go rescoop it with a credit you and Robin of course
janlgordon's comment, December 20, 2011 7:56 PM
Beth Kanter
Agreed. It's also one of the articles I told you about....good info to build on:-)
Nevermore Sithole's curator insight, September 4, 2014 2:34 AM

Curating Information and Data Sense-Making Is The Key Skill for the Future [Research]