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GuideTwitter [pdf]

Guide Twitter pour les non initiés...


À l’usage des professeurs et des élèves


  ===> Inutile de paniquer, vos élèves se feront un plaisir de vous aider!  <===


À télécharger ici :


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Social media for teaching, learning, and researching

Social Media for learning, teaching and researching...


Social Media should be about making us think and act differently! :-)


e.g: in the past we copied copies of our handouts to students, not we upload them to the VLE kind of a thing - there is much more we can do with technology!

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The power of Twitter

The power of Twitter | Prionomy |
How I became a convert to Twitter • The teaching and education community on Twitter is truly inspirational...


Twitter is a fantastic collaborative tool. As teachers, how often do we get to visit other schools? In my experience, very rarely. Twitter has enabled me to collaborate with teachers in schools across the country. Combine this with cloud services such as DropBox and Google Docs and you can create and share resources and ideas quickly and easily.


The site is also a great place for discussion. It is amazing how creative you can be in 140 characters. Teachers, academics, technologists and other experts come together on Twitter to chat and discuss a whole range of topics – you can follow and contribute to these discussions by using hash tags.

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Shantanu Ghosh's comment, March 31, 2012 9:41 PM
Extremely nice article.
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Content Curation - Best Practices | E-Learning Council

Content Curation - Best Practices | E-Learning Council | Prionomy |

Content Curation - Best Practices


Content curation has become a hot topic in 2012.


Corrine Weisgerber, an associate professor at St. Edwards University, has an excellent presentation on content curation.


She differentiates content curation from content aggregation--content aggregation can be automated but content curation requires the human touch for finding, evaluating and contextualizing information.


Gust MEES: Corinne is from Luxembourg (Europe), my country, don't know Luxembourg? Check out my curation about Luxembourg here:

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Jenny Pesina's comment, January 12, 2012 4:28 PM
Great find, Gust - Corrine makes some great points on giving your own opinion on what you find and establishing a PLN. Really enjoyed this one, thanks!
Gust MEES's comment, January 12, 2012 5:39 PM

Thanks Jenny, much appreciated your comment :)