Using the Google+ Ripples Feature to Identify Key Influencers | Prionomy |

With the launch of Google+ pages marketers have become even more interested in how to best spread their messaging more effectively across the unknown territory of Google+. One way of helping explore the impact of a profile's or page's marketing efforts is by examining the Ripples per post.


Social Influencers via Ripples


Ripples is a feature that was launched a week or two before Google+ pages, but is important nevertheless. With any post, at this time limited to posts that are widely shared, you can see who and how the particular piece of content is being shared on Google+.


Simply click the the down arrow next to any post published by yourself or others located on the top right hand corner of the content. This menu allows you to perform a few functions, one of which allows you to view Ripples...

Via Martin Gysler