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We discuss many aspects of personal finance at Get Rich Slowly. We explore ways to earn more money, get out of debt, and build an emergency fund. We talk about the psychology of money management, and we share tips and tricks for making the most of your savings and your career. Basically, we do our best to help readers take control of their financial lives.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the little details of money management. Sometimes we forget the Big Picture. Because of that, I like to devote my annual Happy New Year post to a colossal summary of the collected wisdom at this site.

If you’ve resolved to take control of your finances in 2012, this article is the place to start. It’s packed with tips and resources for making the most of your money. And as I do every year, I’ve added one tip to the list.

Here then are twelve simple but effective steps to take control of your finances in 2012...

Via Martin Gysler