The Secret to Attracting 1,000 True Fans | Prionomy |

Everyone says play bigger, grow; keep expanding.

But is all growth and development good, or even necessary?


I’ve learned that there’s no guarantee that growth will make a difference in your business. You can have more people on your list, and no one actually buying. You can have more traffic, and only crickets in your comments section.


There’s a big difference between growth that’s meaningful and growth that’s hollow. The difference is depth.


A lot of people say you need 1,000 true fans. I think that’s a good, tangible goal to aim for.


For our purposes, “True Fans” are defined as: People that buy everything you create. When you announce the launch of a product, creation, or offer, they are actively waiting for you to release it. They refresh the “coming soon” page. They comment on every post. They tell everyone they can about what you do.

1,000 is good because it’s a number that we can wrap our minds around. It seems like a stretch, but it also seems doable. You can convert one true fan a day if you’re really on your game.

Via Martin Gysler