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Find Any Type of Creative Commons Licensed Content with Let's CC

Find Any Type of Creative Commons Licensed Content with Let's CC | Prionomy |

Robin Good: Let's CC is a specialized search engine that can find any image, sounds, video or text that has been published under a Creative Commons license and is available for re-use.


Free to use.


Very useful. 8/10


 Try it out now: ;

Via Robin Good, Mayra Aixa Villar
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10 Ways Multi-blog Authors Can Stay Creative and Generate Great Posts

10 Ways Multi-blog Authors Can Stay Creative and Generate Great Posts | Prionomy |

For all those who have this kind of blog they often arise the question, how to thrive while meeting the comfort and the interest of all. This post, very interesting, will give you some information about it and encourage you, if necessary, to go outside the box... I like that! [note Martin Gysler]

Keeping fresh and creative is key to keeping on top of the game when writing different blogs across various sectors, and for various clients. Working with efficient workflows, time management and organization all help to keep that valuable information harnessed to be used when you need it, but how about making sure you can produce great content on time and on demand?

Keeping creative and informed means you are working efficiently to produce content that’s engaging, informative, and, of course, profitable for you. After all, time is money when you are managing a number of blogs and clients.
Here are my top ten tips for fueling that creativity, generating ideas, and managing your time and resources.

Make the info come to you—start mass readingFiling it cleverly: Other InboxDump it! Brain dumping for multiple sourcesGetting creativeFind your zone and stay in itMap it!Reach outStep away from the machine! Illumination needs youUnblock yourself on timeIf you are really stuck, go outside the box and freestyle

Read more:

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Create, Customize, and Publish Your Own Online Magazine with Flockler

Create, Customize, and Publish Your Own Online Magazine with Flockler | Prionomy |

Have you ever wanted to be the Editor-in-Chief of your own online magazine or just need an easy way to share related content on the Web? Well, now you can with Flockler. This simple content curation tool lets you create, customize, and publish content in as little as 10 minutes. Your main responsibility is finding the content to add to your magazine and Flockler will handle the rest. Best of all, your magazine will not only display on Web browsers, but it will also look great on smartphones and tablets.


Here my test version: what you think about?

Via Martin Gysler
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OER Glue - Gather Resources/Add Interaction/Build a Course

OER Glue - Gather Resources/Add Interaction/Build a Course | Prionomy |

Simple - Great OER content is out there. Gather that content, stitch it together, and engage learners w/o reinventing the wheel.

Stretchy - Seamlessly integrate content with dozens of popular websites, apps, and social media services.

Sticky - Make ANY web content engaging, interactive and shareable using the same tools your learners use every day.

Via Beth Dichter, michel verstrepen
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The Future of Journalism

The Future of Journalism | Prionomy |

I selected this piece by Ross Dawson for The Future of Journalism blog. Ross is one of my trusted sources and he continues to shed light on the future of journalism.


My commentary:


I see clear parallels between journalists and content curators and believe these are at least partly demonstrated by the points I have chosen to quote and particularly the smaller portions I bolded. I look forward to clear and growing collaborations . We have much to learn from each other.


Ross also points out the trend towards personalized and local news delivery and suggests that journalists will need to understand how social curation works. And for me, this is the key to the overlap between the established profession of journalism and the still developing discipline of content curation.


Ross sets the tone by stating:


"There are eight aspects of news that its audience will value, be prepared to pay for, and that will provide a viable financial foundation for quality journalism in the emerging media environment."


The article delves into each of these.  Here's what particularly caught my attention.


**Timeliness is becoming ever-more important in a world ravenous for immediacy.


**Investigative reporting will retain a central role in society. Increasingly this will involve data analysis, and often harnessing information and insights provided by many citizens.


**Insight, through adding context, analysis, and synthesis to news, is where some of the greatest value lies, particularly in business and political journalism.


**Those who can provide this insight, be they domain experts or journalists with the requisite breadth of experience, will always have a bright future.


**The skills required to present information, ideas and data in a visual and highly aesthetic format will shift far closer to the heart of what it is to be a journalist.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
nuphero's comment, March 2, 2012 6:32 AM
Hi there

When I go to full article link, the site says it must provide account and password to login. Does this content commercial or this site is private?

Thanks you.
janlgordon's comment, March 2, 2012 11:36 AM
Hi There, I just checked this link and it's something new, it wasn't like this before. I'll try to find you another link. You might also google I tried to get it on Google and it comes up the same way. So sorry, about this. Will have to check into this and see what's going on......
nuphero's comment, March 3, 2012 1:26 PM
Hi janlgordon

Thanks for your respond. After some tricks with Google, thanks to some keywords of your curated version, I now can read the original post. So don't worry