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Body Tea USA Detox Tea Announces Special Promos for its Customers

Body Tea USA Detox Tea Announces Special Promos for its Customers | Press Release Media 101 |
Fair discounts and a free tea infuser are given by the manufacturer of Body Tea USA detox tea for every recent purchase of the product. These special promos are given as a way of celebrating the success of the product. The support of the customers for the product and their trust for the company are the key factors why the company taking this step. This is a way of thanking customers for their using and choosing the product as well as giving great feedback. The infuser for the loose leaf has been very popular with customers so much that the promo period has just been extended. Already offering great value, an eBook is also included in the package which serves as a guide for customers in achieving greater results and further understanding their bodies as well as offering some great new recipes. Body Tea USA teatox has been showcasing its effectiveness in losing weight ever since the day it was out in the market. Many people have experienced its real efficacy. A more toned and a slimmer body can be achieved when individuals are taking the said tea as the blend has been made to work on fats however promote firmness and muscle. This tea just adds more confidence to individuals plus, the product has a great taste and this is why people love it.

Although it has a fat burning capacity it also suppresses the appetite of a person which will yield a better result since the food intake of an individual will be reduced significantly. As well, Body Tea USA increases metabolism and energy naturally, giving the user a boost in strength which may also offer the opportunity of more exercise. The company even guarantees the best quality of the product with a no fuss money return. In summary, this weight loss tea can reduce bloating as well as gives a person extra energy for every activity he or she is into.

In purchasing weight loss tea bags the issue is the over processed nature of the ingredients, here we have a very natural and more effective in processed product. Visually the product is very different from others.

So far, customers who have purchased are really happy about the cool services and promos that the company is offering to them. In fact, Jeri, a purchaser of Body Tea USA detox tea stated: “I really like the little strawberry infuser that comes free with this detox tea. It hasn't come open unexpectedly in the ten or so times I've used it, and it's super cute to boot. The loose leaf tea itself is a blend of natural herbs it tastes very earthy. I like to sweeten mine with a bit of honey and add a few drops of lemon to liven it up a bit.” This kind of satisfaction is what is keeping the company very motivated in doing its job of making the product available even better.


Boostceuticals is a manufacturer of superior nutritional dietary supplements bringing science and nature together. Their professional grade vitamins offer high quality solutions for every day issues.


Robert Hawke
Press Liason
228 Park Ave S #71493
New York, NY 10003-1502
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Plantar fasciitis foot arch support and Gel Toe Separators & Stretchers Review Video Shunil and Sons

Shunil&Sons Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wrap with Gel Toe Separators and Toe Protectors Video Review. Product can be ordered here at Amazon UK
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Shunil And Sons Has Just Released a Brand New Product of 3 in 1 Complete Foot Sleeve Gift Package In This Christmas

Shunil And Sons Has Just Released a Brand New Product of 3 in 1 Complete Foot Sleeve Gift Package In This Christmas | Press Release Media 101 |

Shunil&Sons has just launched the very first product on Amazon. com with a great discount for the launch celebration.

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Pope Protests Polarization, Brexit, Walls to Keep Out Illegals and Plans to Export Alien Criminals

“[Trump’s] victory, this summer’s Brexit vote and the growing popularity of nationalist movements across Europe have raised grave concerns…at the Vatican” (USA Today).

The pope seems to want a worldwide melting pot of cultures and religions that are causing chaos and confusion in Europe as a warning to America before we are tolerant of everything and everybody.

Excusing terrorist acts from people who claim ‘a religion of peace’ while we send our children home from school for cutting a peach with a butter knife is bureaucratic insanity that only the king of Babylon (a word that means confusion) will be able to sort out with his great words of benevolence.

To be the savior of their world, governments facing a crisis seem compelled to “bring it on” while offering high-sounding platitudes that involve answers like global warming. In 130 years of record-keeping, the average temperature worldwide has gone up 1.3 degrees centigrade (1/10 of a degree each decade) For that we need a Paris Treaty? We would do far better to solve our problems locally.

There was a divine wisdom behind the scattering of people into different language groups from the time of Babel (a word that also means confusion) in Genesis 11. But as governments based on bad laws are falling apart, they think they can solve the problem by merging with others as in the EU.

Bad laws create rebellion. When drug companies can make billions in profits but can’t be sued for the damages they cause as a leading cause of illness and death, it creates hostility. Faced with medical literature to support adverse drug reactions as such a cause, one senator said it was a waste of time—“They own us,” speaking of drug company donations to their re-election campaign.

In contrast to special interests and unfair laws worldwide, we might consider the greatest document of self-government ever recorded, the Ten Commandments. Prefaced by God’s deliverance from the bondage in Egypt, He implied, because you love Me and wish to live well, you will not lie, cheat and steal. People who break those wise principles destroy their own happiness.

Doing unto others as we would want them to do for us is the Golden Rule that exposes the history of major false religions today that use force or government to support them.

If we don’t learn the principles of law and order in our lives, there won’t be enough police to enforce our jumping through all the hoops in a never-ending escalation of rules, regulations and interference.

America’s pioneers got it right when they gave us the second greatest document in history—the Constitution with its Bill of Rights to ensure our freedoms. But those pushing for global government are creating a crisis, stripping us of our rights to free speech and protest, our right to arms that has kept this country out of tyranny so far, and dumb us down with TV and lame-stream media that tells us it’s all okay—go back to sleep.

My namesake, Richard Ruhling immigrated to the US in FDR’s time and said he was letting the communists into the country…Look Magazine was for people who couldn’t read and TIME Magazine was for people who couldn’t think for themselves.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon where his ebooks are no-charge on Thanksgiving. His website offers it in pdf with health information at and current events at

Contact Richard Ruhling
Company: Total Health
1-928 583 7543
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Africans speak out against the mass circumcision campaign

Africans speak out against the mass circumcision campaign | Press Release Media 101 |
Embargoed: December 1, 2016

We respect science honestly, but we do not support what science brings to finish us, to defile our cultures, defile our rights.

—Prince Hillary Maloba

Since 2008, western public health giants* have been circumcising Africans by the millions to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS. American taxpayers are funding the effort through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). An estimated 12 million men and boys have been circumcised to date. The world has not heard a word from them until now.

Dec. 1, 2016 (World AIDS Day) – The VMMC Experience Project sent cameras into Uganda and Kenya to document the realities of the mass circumcision program. Local investigators conducted interviews with 90 affected men and women and found:

1. Africans are told circumcision conveys immunity from HIV.
2. Condom use is at an all-time low, and AIDS is on the rise.
3. The program is killing the very people it is supposed to help.
4. No follow-up post circumcision (cut-and-release approach).
5. Resentment and outrage among Africans.

The “voluntary medical male circumcision” (VMMC) public health program is the first mass surgical campaign in human history. It targets Africans exclusively, leading some to question whether there are underlying racial motives. For centuries, western stereotypes have held that African men are lascivious or hypersexed, unable to control their sexual urges. Compulsory African-American male circumcision campaigns were proposed as early as the nineteenth century.

Prince Hillary Maloba is a native Kenyan, director of the VMMC Experience Project, and the driving force behind the investigation. “Male circumcision,” he explains, “as a project that has been applied for we [sic] Africans, has failed to reduce HIV the way we were told. Two, we view it as a violation of human rights. How target only one race in the entire world?”

Bishop Cleophas Matete, another native Kenyan, agrees: “I believe the entire process of trying to test it in Africa was wrong from the beginning.”

The mass circumcision campaign was introduced to reduce the incidence of HIV in fourteen sub-Saharan African countries that did not initially practice genital cutting. However, UNAIDS data indicate that the African HIV epidemic has only worsened since 2010—shortly after VMMC was implemented. For the first time since the war on AIDS began, HIV is back on the rise.

The World Health Organization claims that male circumcision curbs female-to-male HIV transmission by up to 60 percent and provides lifelong partial protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Their conclusions derive from a process of contentious surgical experimentation on Africans.

Opponents allege that the targeting of impoverished Africans constitutes a racial and human rights issue. Comparisons are made to the Tuskegee syphilis study.

Others argue that the program results in a dangerous false security. The present investigation confirms that men, women, and teens are abandoning condoms out of a belief that they are already protected by circumcision. This in turn increases the spread of HIV.

Prior to the VMMC Experience Project investigation, none have consulted or followed up with the men and women who have been directly affected. Many are living in rural poverty, invisible to the developed world. They have had no platform or voice in the circumcision agenda. Maloba’s investigation is the first to shed light on the African side of the story.

African men and women say the campaign is violating their rights, confusing their cultural identity, and profoundly worsening the AIDS epidemic. They implicate the program in the spike in HIV cases we have seen in recent years. Seven respondents in Maloba’s investigation said that they had acquired HIV because of misinformation around circumcision. “I blame those who told me that if I get circumcised I won’t get HIV,” said one respondent, “and I got HIV already!” Others mourned the loss of friends, brothers, relatives, and neighbors to AIDS following the procedure they believed would protect them. “These people are dying of HIV due to ignorance,” a respondent explained.

“If we don’t stop this thing,” Maloba warns, “this community will not have a generation that will take care of the old people.”

Instead of mass circumcision, Africans want funding for sustainable medical facilities, anti-retroviral medications (ARVs), more durable condoms, HIV education, and poverty reduction initiatives. Many cite AIDS -related tragedies from the VMMC program. They seek an end to the circumcision campaign as a public health disaster and a form of cultural imperialism from the West. “It is something that has been imposed on us,” a reverend explained in his interview. “If I could get a forum to fight it, I could fight it very hard.”

*VMMC-promoting institutions include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, USAID, PEPFAR, Jhpiego (Johns Hopkins University), and numerous NGOs.

About the VMMC Experience Project

The VMMC Experience Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit effort to document the effects and aftermath of the world’s first mass surgical campaign. Its aim is to empower the most frequently overlooked contingent in the African circumcision regime: Africans.

Quick Links

The VMMC Experience Vault. Candid interviews with 90 men and women affected by the circumcision campaign.

Previews. Video previews of the VMMC investigation.

A Slave Has No Power Over His Masters. Prince Hillary Maloba’s groundbreaking speech on the problem of VMMC and why Africans must resist it.


Media Contact: Max Fish
Ugandans and Kenyans are available for interview.
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Leading Ames Dentist Office Dentistry At Somerset Announces New Dentist Dr. Daniel Garman Has Joined Team

Dentistry At Somerset has a remarkable local reputation for skilled dentistry with a caring, personal touch. Recently, the office celebrated their latest dentist to join the team Dr. Daniel Garman who brings with him impressive educational and professional experience to his new role.

November 04, 2016

What dentist to go to is a very serious decision for many people and one that involves many different factors. Leading Ames dentist office “Dentistry At Somerset” takes that responsibility very seriously and put utmost attention into the professionals who work out of their location. In exciting news, that team has recently expanded to include Dr. Daniel Garman, a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Dentistry with experience in both adult and pediatric dentistry. Patients couldn't be more pleased with the news.

“We are very happy to have Dr. Garman working with us and know patients at our office are going to appreciate both his ability and his warm personality,” commented a spokesperson from Dentistry At Somerset. “As always we look forward to exceeding expectations whenever and wherever possible and treating our valued patients with dignity and respect.”

According to the office, Dr. Garman joins Ames dentist Dr. Jason Niegsch at Dentistry At Somerset. The office offers a wide range of dentistry services, with highlights that include: dental cleanings and exams; bridges and crowns; dental implants; cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. Both patients with dental insurance and without dental insurance are welcome at Dentistry At Somerset, with the office providing a special “Our Dental Savings Plan” option as one alternative for affordable dental care for uninsured patients, who want to be sure their dental needs are looked after.

The office is very happy to serve a long list of central Iowa communities.

For more information be sure to visit

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News: Kit Makes Mental Math a Fun Game — And Improves Their Skills
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Paying off mortgage and the connected legal systems can be a tricky business at times. The ins and outs of mortgage payments and the aspects involved in facilitating the payments can leave one dumbfounded or completely blank. Many are not aware of how dilemmas and legalities in mortgage payments can be resolved and the proceedings, take place – this is why a professional advocacy center engagement is crucial should one face the skeins of mortgage payment and legitimate aspects related to it. And, this is where Capital Home Advocacy Center plays its role.

Made up from a group of dedicated professionals on the ground of legal document preparation, Capital Home Advocacy Center is the game-changer where legal aspects that revolve around mortgage payments are involved as follows:

• Struggling to Make My Mortgage Payments
• Looking to Refinance
• Considering a Short Sale
• Need Help on Debt Settlement Negotiations
• Reverse Mortgage at Low Rate
• Home Modifications Bankruptcies
• Tax Liens & Insurance Policies

Capital Home Advocacy Center are experts in preparing, specifically, the center is exclusive in mortgage services document preparation inclusive of application for Government Home Loan Refinance programs and Government Home Loan Relief programs.

In an encapsulation, Capital Home Advocacy center is of the quest of helping American homeowners settle whatever individualistic problems they may face regarding their home ownership status. The main aim of the company is to get their customers around whatever home ownership problems they may face smoothly without any fuss and frills and the need to travel back and forth, wasting time and money and still not finding real solutions.

Don’t take Capital Home Advocacy Center’s word for it. There are testimonials from thoroughly gratified customers who are grateful for the great help Capital Home Advocacy Center has been in ironing out their home ownership legal labyrinth and making the road a straight and clear one. Cindy Hammond had this to say about Capital Home Advocacy Center, “I didn't know where to start with my Home Mortgage, I was overwhelmed with threatening letters from my lender saying they will put my home for auction Capital Home Advocacy was very helpful and was to postpone my auction sale on property.” Here’s Samantha Henderson’s verbal expression on what a friend in need Capital Home Advocacy Center is, “I have recommended Capital Home to my friends, they are very friendly and professional and can help anyone who needs to file legal paperwork and save time, money and energy.”

This suffices to say that Capital Home Advocacy Center is the right choice for the clueless in home ownership and mortgage lawful dealings. Helping customers solicitously, Capital Home Advocacy Center aspires to help as much as they can in the legalities of home ownerships and mortgage payments.


Sergio Lawrence – Compliance Manager
Office: (888) 238-3303
Address: 1809 E. Dyer Rd. Suite #301 Santa Ana, CA 92705
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Emerge App Product Demo - Order and Inventory management

EMERGE App is a order & inventory management with simple accounting cloud software for small companies to boost productivity & drive higher profits EMERG
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Onion Force Trailer- OUT NOW on Steam, Amazon, iOS & Google Play

Onion Force is a hybrid Action Adventure/Tower Defense game with 30 levels of butt-puckering mayhem! Use cunning and strategy to strengthen your team chose
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Portable Energy Storage Solution Leader – Hello Tech

Established in 2003, Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise providing portable energy-storage power solutions for lithium battery. Hello Tech devotes to provide easy to use eco energy-storage power, promote the popularization of eco energy, and create a new life full of convenient energy.

Portable eco energy storage meets the demands of outdoor entertainment, outdoor work, and emergency rescue for power shortage. At this stage, Hello Tech energy-storage products are classified as mobile phone eco energy-storage power, outdoor eco energy-storage power, home eco energy-storage power, and power battery module, etc. Hello Tech has established mature channel of B2B and cross-border e-commerce team, its products sell well in the United States and Japan.

Why Hello Tech?

As a pioneer of eco portable energy storage, Hello Tech focuses on the development and design of energy-storage power, and has established laboratories for the technology research of energy-storage products and the professional reliability testing, carried out the technical exchanges and cooperation with a number of new energy technology research institutions, independently researched and developed BMS system, and has obtained 60 inventions and utility-model patents and more than 160 appearance patents until now.

Hello Tech Energy is devoted to promote the popularization and application of eco energy, reduce pollution, and protect the earth.

User Safety First

Hello Tech Energy adheres to the idea of “user safety first” and the basic principle of “product safety first”, and has been the technical and strategic partner of Panasonic, TUV for 10 years. In 2016, Hello Tech Energy is awarded the annual most valuable investment enterprise of energy storage.

Hello Tech products were honored our products are very popular in North America, EU, China and other Asia countries. We have been serving first class brand owners like: Griffin, HTC, Batteriesplus, China Unicom, Lenmar

Making use of advanced management concepts and well-established QC system, we are on the way to being the worldwide technology leader in portable powers, and are sparing no efforts to create values for customers.

Contact Info

F2, Bldg. 7, Jia'anda Industry Zone, Dalang, Long Hua Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Postcode: 518109
Contact: May
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Attn: - Teachers Training Programme On Vedic Maths For Kids – Enrollment For 50th Batch Started

Attn: - Teachers Training Programme On Vedic Maths For Kids – Enrollment For 50th Batch Started | Press Release Media 101 |
For Immediate Release

Contact: Pradeep Kumar
Skype: magicalmethods

Attn: - Teachers Training Programme On Vedic Maths For Kids – Enrollment For 50th Batch Started

New York 7th October 2016 - Training Press Release by Magical Methods.

After successfully completing and getting an overwhelming response for their 49 batches - The Magical Methods – The world leader in Vedic Maths - announced the details of their 50th batch - An exclusive Game Based Teaching Methodology for Teachers, to teach Vedic Maths to kids aged between 8 years to 12 years. The commencement date of the 50th batch for this unique program is 12th November 2016.

Who Can Join Teachers Training Programme?

• Teachers
• Maths Trainers
• Any individual interested in excelling his career in teaching Fast Maths/Vedic Maths

The syllabus of this course is formulated, exclusively for teachers, to train the students’ pursuing their studies in class II to VI. (Students are not allowed to enroll)

How Teachers Are Benefited By Enrolling To Teachers Training Programme

• No need to travel – learn from home.
• After completion, Magical Methods assures that the teachers/participants can teach their students, through games, various types of mathematical calculations without using pen and paper!
• ‘Finger Counting Removing Program’ is included, which is an exclusive methodology of Magical Methods.

A Brief Introduction to Some of the Vedic Maths Techniques Covered In Teachers Training Programme –

• Various types of complicated calculations are taught through this unique Vedic Maths Technique.
• They also teach on how to use Math Ludo & Magic Square in teaching addition & subtraction.
• Child’s concentration can be developed by learning their Grid Game Technique.
• They also teach using Math Ludo in Division & Multiplication.

This exclusive opportunity is offered on first come first serve basis! The registration closes one week prior to the commencement of this programme.

Magical Methods claims that this unique skill developing programme will convert all the Math Haters into Math Lovers!

The entire program is conducted via the Internet, having a live interaction with the participants. For further information contact -! Hurry limited seats are available.

About Magical Methods

Developed by Pradeep Kumar, Magical Methods shows trainers how to teach mental math to children through games. Using an ancient branch of Indian science known as Vedic mathematics, children will learn how to solve math problems mentally. For more information, please visit Magical Methods at
Projukti Mela Web Service's curator insight, October 7, 6:39 AM
Please visit our website: | Projukti Mela Web Service
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Bay Area Nonprofit, 10 Books A Home, Closing the Achievement Gap with In-Home Tutoring Program

Bay Area Nonprofit, 10 Books A Home, Closing the Achievement Gap with In-Home Tutoring Program | Press Release Media 101 |
10 Books A Home releases report card results that show its graduates are performing at or above grade level three years after graduating

East Palo Alto, CA (September 26, 2016) - 10 Books A Home (10BH) has released the results of 2015-16 school report cards that highlight children’s above grade level academic achievement up to three years after graduating from the 10BH home tutoring program.

These results are for a young and still developing East Palo Alto, CA based nonprofit organization that serves communities with the highest concentration of poverty rates and academic struggle nationally. “Learners” – the children who participate in 10BH’s Child-Parent Home Tutoring Program for two years from age three until they enter kindergarten – are encouraged to pursue their love of learning in order to cultivate myriad skills and knowledge needed for kindergarten and beyond.

“What we’re looking to show with this report is not that 10BH has changed the world,” said 10BH Founder & CEO, Paul Thiebaut III, “but that we have developed an innovative program model with massive potential. Anyone interested in closing the achievement gap and breaking the poverty cycle for our most disadvantaged children should get to know more about what 10BH is doing.”

10BH collects report cards well after children graduate from the program and analyze the results from grades K-12. The nonprofit collected and examined 2015-16 end of year school report cards for 80% of its three of four cohorts. Results highlight the following areas of impact:

• Each 10BH cohort finished the 2015-16 school year above grade level
• Combined, the three cohorts performed at or above grade level in 11 of 12 subject areas that include reading, writing, English, math, social studies and more
• 90% of former 10BH Learners are “English Learners”

The impact 10BH has on its Learners was emphasized by one former Learner’s 1st grade teacher, who commented, “Jose has become a peer leader for other scholars in our class who have difficulty with their work. He demonstrates grit by continuing to work even when it is challenging.”

The results issued by 10BH highlight that the type of tutoring volunteers provide to their Learners is unique and having a long-lasting effect. The 10BH model is designed not to help struggling students become average, but to encourage children to become advanced in the things they love learning about by applying 10BH’s Learner Centric Approach.

Click here to read the full report on the 10BH Report Card Results for 2015-16.

About 10BH
10BH's existence hinges on its Why Statement: "Inspire children to love learning. Inspire families to support their children’s love of learning. Inspire communities to use learning to close the achievement gap and overcome poverty." 10BH has innovated the first home visiting program model in the U.S. to target the preschool child with learner centric tutoring and educational resources while including the parent and family. 10BH’s approach helps preschoolers develop the foundational skills, learning motivation, and parent-child relationship needed to begin kindergarten positioned to thrive academically.

10 Books a Home
(650) 485-4877
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For Immediate Release: December 8, 2016
Contact: Dmitry Farber

London, UK – The Seven Seas Yacht Transport, a full-service, international yacht sailing team adept in the various yacht transportation methods from float on, float off, lift on, lift off, and everything in between, this week announced they have joined forced with PSP Logistics to offer an incredible end-of-year savings to any yacht owner interested in transportation from the UK to Florida and lastly, the Caribbean.

Comprised of a team of experienced marine professionals dedicated to providing the best yacht transportation services at the best prices today, the Seven Seas Yacht Transport latest route will kick off on December 19 from Southampton, the UK.

“We’re a transportation company that wants to provide sound options for our clients year round – that’s why we’re providing a channel between the UK and the Caribbean for yacht owners looking to get their transportation done before the New Year,” said Dmitry Farber, Founder and Owner of the Seven Seas Yacht Transport. “This route is a direct call, 12-day transit, and will be available from the UK between December 19 and December 23.”

From the UK, the company will sail directly to St. Thomas with a January 2, 2017 arrival date. After that stop, they will head onto Port Everglades for a final destination on January 7, 2017. Custom designed transport plans to fit any client’s requirement is available for the upcoming routes.

“Get the yacht transportation hassle out of the way you’ve been putting off since the summer,” said Dmitry Farber. “We're sailing right through Christmas, and we couldn't be happier about it! Spread the word on the announcement of our new end-of-year offer, and head on over to our website to learn more about our commitment to marine transportation.”

For more information, visit:

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Shunil And Sons Has Just Released a Brand New Product of 3 in 1 Complete Foot Sleeve Gift Package In This Christmas

Shunil And Sons Has Just Released a Brand New Product of 3 in 1 Complete Foot Sleeve Gift Package In This Christmas | Press Release Media 101 |
For Immediate Release

Shunil&Sons has just launched the very first product on with a great discount for the launch celebration.

Miami, FL -- Shunil & Sons, a dedicated professional company that produces premium quality health and beauty products, is excited to announce the launch of their very first product on Amazon marketplace. They have designed this product with a great gift box for the Christmas Season. The package includes Plantar Fasciitis therapy wrap, Gel toe separator and toe protector for bunion relief.

The company made sure to introduce premium quality and durable strength bunion relief, gel toe separator and straightener to help people who are suffering from the pain and discomfort of Plantar Fasciitis so they can have a healthy and active lifestyle with pain-free feet from Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, claw toes, fallen arches and foot orthotics with the perfectly designed foot sleeves combo set.

The pair of plantar fasciitis therapy wrap/foot arch support offers fast relief and consistent compression throughout the foot to help alleviate arch and heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The pair of gel toe separator and stretcher gems works great for instant therapeutic relief for feet, fight bunions, and hammer toes. The yoga gems fit between and beneath toes, gently spreading them apart and away from the balls of the feet. Buyers get the benefits of two therapeutic solutions for bunion symptom relief in one comfortable and easy to use design.

Amazon buyers trust Shunil & Sons as they stand by their premium quality products with an unbeatable 100% money back guarantee, a lifetime warranty and instant support. Shunil&Sons is now offering a great discount price of $24.95 instead of $39.99 for the launch celebration. This special sale price will be available for a limited time only.

This could be a great and valuable Christmas gift for your friends, family or loved ones. To order just go to

About Shunil&Sons

Shunil And Sons has begun their journey in 2016 and they manufacture premium quality products under Health, Personal Care, Beauty and more categories to sell globally at Amazon marketplace. Currently they are selling on For more information visit the website at

Media Contact:

Suman Das
8345 NW 66 ST #C3370
MIAMI, FL 33195-2696
United States
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Freedom of Press Is for Issues, Not People-Bashing

A Yahoo headline offered 33 Amish Facts that Will Make Your Skin Crawl. After 10 clicks, my skin still wasn’t crawling. The Amish’ lower cancer rates (no drinking or smoking--they raise their own produce and live well without electricity, a survival advantage for an EMP attack when people in cities could die. Why bash Amish but say nothing of ‘skin-crawling’ re Catholic or Muslim beliefs?

When the priest says, hoc est corpus, he claims to change the wafer and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ. When Christ broke bread and said, This is my body, He didn’t mean literally-- his body wasn’t broken yet.

Many centuries later, the Roman church claimed to be the only dispenser of salvation and anyone who didn’t believe the wafer and wine became the literal body and blood of Christ (in spite of what their senses told them) was condemned to eternal torment.

If priests aren’t saved from the power of sin (rampant homosexuality and pedophilia) how can they offer salvation from sin’s penalty? Peter taught repentance from sin.

This isn’t bashing Catholic people. More Catholics may be in heaven than from any other church. Paul said, “The times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commands all men everywhere to repent…”

Elia Israel is an author offering information at and a humorous poem…

A Roman Miracle!

A pretty maid, a Protestant, was to a Catholic wed;
To love all Bible truths and tales, quite early she'd been bred,
It sorely grieved her husband's heart that she would not comply,
And join the Mother Church of Rome and heretics deny.

He went to see his clergyman and told him his sad tale.
"My wife is an unbeliever, sir; you can perhaps prevail;
For all your Romish miracles my wife has strong aversion,
To really work a miracle may lead her to conversion."

The priest went with the gentleman -- he thought to gain a prize.
He said "I will convert her, sir, and open both her eyes."
So when they came into the house, the husband loudly cried,
"The priest has come to dine with us!" "He's welcome" she replied.

And when, at last, the meal was o'er, the priest at once began,
To teach his hostess all about the sinful state of man:
The greatness of our Savior's love, which Christians can't deny.
To give Himself a sacrifice and for our sins to die.

"I will return tomorrow, lass, prepare some bread and wine;
The sacramental miracle will stop your soul's decline."
"I'll bake the bread, " the lady said. "You may" he did reply.
"And when you've seen this miracle, convinced you'll be, say I."

The priest did come accordingly, the bread and wine did bless.
The lady asked, "Sir, is it changed?" The priest answered, "Yes".
It's changed from common bread and wine to truly flesh and blood;
Begorra, lass, this power of mine has changed it into God!"

So having blessed the bread and wine, to eat they did prepare.
The lady said unto the priest, "I warn you to take care",
For half an ounce of arsenic was mixed right in the batter,
But since you have its nature changed, it cannot really matter."

The priest was struck real dumb -- he looked as pale as death.
The bread and wine fell from his hands and he did gasp for breath.
"Bring me my horse!" the priest cried. "This is a cursed home!"
The lady replied, "Begone: t'is you who shares the curse of Rome."

The husband, too, he sat surprised, and not a word did say.
At length he spoke, "My dear, " said he, "the priest has run away;
To gulp such mummery and tripe, I'm not for sure, quite able;
I'll go with you and we'll renounce this Roman Catholic fable."

Author Unknown
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The Daily Bread Church Names ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting as Its Public Relations Agency of Record

The Daily Bread Church Names ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting as Its Public Relations Agency of Record | Press Release Media 101 |

Pastor Ellis D. Powell Taps Public Relations and Marketing Expert Velma Trayham to Help His Growing Ministry Reach Millennials

SPRING, Texas – ThinkZILLA Consulting announced today that it has been named the public relations agency of record for The Daily Bread, a growing church based in Spring, Texas. Under the leadership of Velma Trayham, the agency’s founder, ThinkZILLA has become one of the leading agencies for public relations and marketing services for churches and faith leaders.

Founded by Pastor Ellis D. Powell, a ten year Leadership Expert, the church aims to spread love and understanding through the use of Bible-based teachings that complement today’s mobile culture. The Church is located at: 21440 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring Texas 77379 (Inside Cinemark Theater)

Pastor Powell is the author of “Going to the Next Level,” a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a revered contributor to several nonprofit boards. His insights have been featured by ION Television Network, TBN, Daystar and Gospel Truth magazine, and he is the recipient of the University of Phoenix’s Educator and Community Leader of the Year Award.

As the public relations agency of record, ThinkZILLA will oversee the church’s branding efforts, help generate awareness both locally and nationally and help the church target millennials, a group that has increasingly become disconnected from the Christian church. The agency will also help showcase the church’s increased involvement in social issues, including its efforts to serve vulnerable populations and support students in the community seeking higher education.

“We are honored to be named the public relations agency of record for The Daily Bread,” said Trayham. “I am truly inspired by Pastor Powell’s deep commitment to impacting communities and offering resources and support to those seeking the word of God. I look forward to helping him and his staffs share their message and mission with the world.”

ThinkZILLA excels at connecting businesses, churches and other entities to their target audience, consistently placing clients in top shelf magazines, at the right events, in front of the right people and at the top of the search engine rankings. The agency specializes in early development work with start-ups and churches and other faith-based organizations, delivering high impact brand promotion through social media, digital and grassroots campaigns and strategic partnerships.

“Velma Trayham and the entire team at ThinkZILLA Consulting has an impeccable reputation and record for helping churches grow and thrive, and for helping faith leaders reach greater audiences,” said Pastor Powell. “We look forward to leveraging the agency’s expertise to help fuel our success.”

For more information about The Daily Bread or Pastor Ellis D Powell, visit For more information about ThinkZILLA Consulting, visit or call 888-509-1145

Media Contact:
ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group
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Supermodel Rania Benchegra Sets a New Pace in the World of Modeling

Supermodel Rania Benchegra Sets a New Pace in the World of Modeling | Press Release Media 101 |
Besides being renowned for turning the modeling world on its head, Rania Benchegra is always hunted among the fresh talents from the Arab world and is already setting a new pace in the industry. The Moroccan-born model whose phenomenal success is the talk of traditional media and many magazines in Morocco, especially Femmes du Maroc, won the 2011 Elite Model Look — a yearly fashion modeling event held by Elite Model Management, an international model management group.

“Rania has a promising future, and I felt it when I interviewed her five years ago after she won the Elite Model Look in Marrakesh, Morocco, stated the most famous Moroccan entertainment journalist in America Simo Benbachir, augustly known as Simobb. Nobody knew she would rock here in Los Angeles and pose for large campaigns in the US that time. As a Moroccan, I am indeed proud of her as she is representing the Moroccan exotic beauty here in the States and worldwide.”

Born in Marrakesh, Morocco on March 23, 1995, the olive-skinned and raven-eyed Rania Benchegra made history after she became the first ever and still the only Moroccan Supermodel to be signed by a big model agency, NEXT after her arrival in Los Angeles. With two major US magazine cover bookings for Elle and InStyle; lead in H&M Forever Summer campaign (alongside Anna Ewers); a cameo in Victoria’s Secret PINK campaign; and 63K Instagram followers and counting, the future is bright for this rising Arab star.

“After winning the Elite contest, it was important for me to get my degree and shortly after high school I started a cinema program, Rania explained. That same year, I also started receiving a lot of proposals through my agency. With all the frequent travels, it became hard for me to merge modeling and my studies, so I decided to seize the opportunities and totally embrace my modeling career by moving to the US.”

Rania has created for herself a unique personality in the modeling industry, as she is usually referred to as an ambitious, elegant, beautiful, rebellious, strong, gentle, dreamy and realistic feminine mystery.
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Magical Methods Releases New Training Kit For Children

Kit Makes Mental Math a Fun Game — And Improves Their Skills
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Six Obama Parallels with the King of Babylon for Biblical End-Times: Expert

Six Obama Parallels with the King of Babylon for Biblical End-Times: Expert | Press Release Media 101 |
When asked about the end of the world, Christ cited an abomination spoken of by Daniel that early believers understood as military brought by Rome and they fled the city as Christ warned in Matthew 24, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, noting a parallel to Executive Orders readied by Obama for martial law.

Ruhling, a retired physician, sees Obamacare, Obama’s legacy, but Daniel 1 has a healthcare focus that fits Obamacare. The king of Babylon had a prescribed health plan that Daniel wisely opted out of. Daniel declined the king’s food and wine and most people should consider how to do so today, says Dr. Ruhling, a physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

As early as 1961, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that “A vegetarian diet can prevent 97% of our coronary occlusions.” (Google) Wine is the oldest drug in history, and in this analogy, it represents prescription drugs that have become a leading cause of illness and death.

Drug companies wrote most of the 20,000 pages of Obamacare that foolish congress approved before they knew what was in it, but as one senator admitted to this author, speaking of pharma’s donations to their re-election campaign, “They own us.”

True healthcare has an inverse relationship with medical care and prescription drugs. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. But for 40 years, the media have been dinning us with ‘healthcare’ via prescription drugs—“ask your doctor.”

Daniel 2 has the king’s dream about the ‘latter day.’ It shows the king of Babylon as the head of gold, but it was superseded by another kingdom, less wealthy. Historically, Babylon was a city in Iraq, and when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq, it fell to ISIS, with its oil and gold. The stone kingdom at the end is the focus of Dr. Ruhling’s latest book (link below).

Daniel 3 shows the king of Babylon compelling worship to an image that prefigures the image beast in Revelation 13. The Bible uses cartoons to represent political powers. In Revelation 13, we see the papacy represented by an amalgamation of the beasts from Daniel 7 where a lion, bear, leopard and dragon represented Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome, but were survived by a “little horn” (papacy).

The US is represented by the 2nd political cartoon that makes an image (look-alike) to the papacy. The UN New World Order will be the image that looks like the Old World Order under the papacy because it may have the pope riding it as the description in Revelation 17 suggests.

So how is Obama linked to this? The pope’s push for Sunday legislation to boost church attendance uses global warming as a pretext to close business and commerce on Sunday. When asked of the #1 risk to national security, Obama did not cite terrorism or Muslim refugees or an open border and illegal aliens. He cited the pope’s idea—global warming!

Daniel 4 is about a great fruitful tree that was cut down. It represented the king of Babylon, but we might see its application to Obama as head of America when the economy crashes, thanks to the unbridled spending of this administration for the past seven year, like the seven years in that chapter.

Daniel 5 is about the fall of Babylon when the Medes and Persians entered the city by the river gate after they diverted the river into a reservoir. Waters represent people in Bible prophecy and in this case, people have been diverted from their countries in the Middle East to come to America. It is doubtful that leaders will understand the loss of America due to their policies till it’s too late—open borders have been going on for a long time, but enhanced under Obama.

The question might be, Can we see the Bible as relevant to what’s happening? Does God really know the end from the beginning and does He have a wise plan that can save us? Dr. Ruhling believes so.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that offers more information on Daniel and has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon. For those who don’t do Kindle, he also offers a low cost pdf at His latest book, The Time Is Fulfilled: Judgment & Kingdom Are Impending is no-charge on Tuesday, November 1 at

Contact Name: Dr. Richard Ruhling
Company Name: Total Health
Phone #: 1- 928 583 7543
Contact Email:
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Dubai TV Alarabiya News English Simobb Benbachir Interviewed Los Angeles Clippers Rock Star, Luc Mbah a Moute.

Dubai TV Alarabiya News English Simobb Benbachir Interviewed Los Angeles Clippers Rock Star, Luc Mbah a Moute. | Press Release Media 101 |
Dubai — Al Arabiya’s correspondent Simobb Benbachir, THE Moroccan TV reporter renowned for revolutionizing the Arab gossip media both in Morocco and in the Arab world exclusively interviewed super-hot and talented Los Angeles Clippers Rock Star, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, on Oct. 2, 2016. During the interview, Mbah a Moute eloquently shared his story on how he was able to breakthrough from being the prince of his village to joining Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The Cameroonian professional basketball player, 6 feet 8 inches tall and born in Yaoundé Cameroon, has tasted phenomenal success in the US in every sphere he has laid his hands on, and has had an exciting path until now. Although he was raised in Yaoundé, Mbah a Moute and his family have close ties to the village of Bafia (Bia Messe), where his father is a chieftain and where he is a prince. Luc has leaped onto the NBA scene in the last few years, becoming an athletic ambassador for Africa in the world’s top basketball league.

Besides the first and only exclusive Moroccan TV reporter from Africa and the Middle East to interview RedOne exclusively in Los Angeles, and to cover EGOTs, Simobb is using his over eighteen years of vast experience in the media industry to influence the media world in a fascinating way. Among the several media houses Simobb has worked with are 2M; the second Moroccan TV channel, Nessma TV and Al Arabiya News English and B-Beirut (LBC SAT) where he covers glamorous international events currently.

“When people hear you are a prince they think of Eddie Murphy and [1988 movie] “Coming to America,” which is entirely not true, Luc explains. My dad is just the chief of my village, it’s not like Zamunda or the crazy things you see in the movie – I don’t have my face on the money but you get treated with respect and have ceremonies.”

Mbah a Moute athletic talents caught the eye of NBA’s top teams and in 2008, thereby fulfilling his childhood dream and becoming a professional player at the age of 21. Although he was not initially seen as one of the most exciting prospects to come out college basketball that year – he was a second-round draft pick for the Bucks – Mbah a Moute was determined to not let this chance slip through his fingers.

When Simobb asked Mbah a Moute how he intends giving back to Africa since he feels blessed today, he responded, “After I was drafted to the NBA, I thought of the simplest and most impactful way to do something for basketball in Cameroon. So I started a real basketball camp --- nothing like that had ever been done in Cameroon before. I want to identify and help the talented young players of Cameroon get an opportunity to use basketball to impact their lives like it did for mine.”

For more information about the interview, visit
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Fighting all Odds: Profitable Company Risks Survival on Software as a Service Pivot

Fighting all Odds: Profitable Company Risks Survival on Software as a Service Pivot | Press Release Media 101 |
To the Journalist / Editor / Writer:

EMERGE App started when founder Ben Yee needed a software for his T-shirt wholesale business 6 years ago. After over 3 years of development and close to US$600,000 invested into the application without a single cent of outside investment, EMERGE App was launched and gained traction immediately. All of the development cost of the product was funded through software customization revenues from customers.

Taking a gamble on their business strategy, EMERGE App risked the profitable customization model and all remaining resource to pivot to a Software as a Service (Subscription) model. Failure was always a real threat as the team worked against the clock to achieve product market fit. “When the opportunity presents itself, we must either adapt or die”, said Ben.

Two employees saw and supported the vision Ben was creating, and decided to invest their own money into the company, becoming equity shareholders. Since the product launch, their faith has been rewarded with an amazing response from the community with 300 companies from 5 continents signing up in just 2 months.

Even though consumer e-commerce is on the rise right now, EMERGE App plans to focus on serving traditional brick and mortar wholesale and trading businesses. Global trends as reported by PSFweb, a B2B e-commerce industry leader, indicate that more traditional businesses are looking to sell online, and “B2B e-commerce sales are forecasted to reach US$6.7 trillion by 2020”. EMERGE App is well positioned to help SMBs take advantage of the next phase of evolution in the big wholesale trade market.

For more information, please contact Jeriel Tan at, or after hours at +65 8585 5000 (Whatsapp/Telegram).

About EMERGE App

EMERGE App is a software technology company headquartered in Singapore, and started by Benjamin Yee in December 2010.

The company built and runs an order processing and inventory management software for SMBs in the trading and distribution industry worldwide. Its vision is to connect the global supply chain on one single platform.

EMERGE App website:

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Onion Force, the Tower Defense on Steroids, undergoes 50% price drop with addition of Steam Trading Cards and Controller Support

Onion Force, the Tower Defense on Steroids, undergoes 50% price drop with addition of Steam Trading Cards and Controller Support | Press Release Media 101 |

Prince Edward Island, Canada – October 21, 2016

Price Drop
Queen Bee Games announces today that the PC version of their Action Adventure/ Tower Defense hybrid, Onion Force, has undergone a price drop to $4.99 USD. It’s a mega-steal at a little over the cost of a bag of Onions! Along with this price drop comes the introduction of Onion Force Steam collectable trading cards and controller support!

Queen Bee Games have dropped the price of their wacky cartoon inspired indie game in order to get it into more players’ hands. “Being a new developer that nobody has heard of with a tiny marketing budget has had an affect on whether or not people can trust forking over their hard earned cash. And we recognize this, so lowering our price makes sense at this time.” said Kathleen, co-founder of Queen Bee Games. “We want to earn the gamers’ trust in our quality games, and with the price drop, maybe more people will take a risk on us. Some of our top fans have put over 50 hours of gameplay into Onion Force, so it’s well worth the price.”

Signup for the Queen Bee Games Newsletter at to be entered into our upcoming giveaway. Randomly selected winners will receive a copy of Onion Force and an Onion Force t-shirt. Extra ballots go to those who follow us via Twitter and Facebook. Must have a valid email address to win. Sign up today for FREE games and swag! You will also be some of the first to view a sneak peek at our upcoming game!

About Onion Force
Onion Force is a hybrid Action Adventure/Tower Defense game with 30 levels of butt-puckering mayhem! Use cunning and strategy to strengthen your team, chosen from a diverse cast of characters, and hang on to your seat as you try to save the last king from his impending doom!

Make intelligent choices, collect gold and onions, and build the most effective towers for the threat at hand. Decimate evil through an array of terrain, weather conditions, destructible environments and utter chaos to find the source of this nonsense.

Onion Force is available now on Steam. PC versions of the game can be purchased from Gamers Gate, Amazon,, IndieGameStand, Games Republic, as well as direct from their website. Onion Force is also available on iOS and Google Play.

Kathleen Cassidy

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Falselie Psychic team congratulates 45th American President — Hillary Clinton (in advance)

Falselie Psychic team congratulates 45th American President — Hillary Clinton (in advance) | Press Release Media 101 |
Falselie mobile application is World’s largest Psychic’s and Astrologer’s platform. Falselie team observe lot’s of events that’s going to happen starting November 2016.

November 8th 2016 in the USA will see Hillary Clinton elected to the presidency by a margin of 54% to 46% as the narcissistic bombast Donald Trump takes a well deserved battering at the polling booths. I see Hillary strutting her stuff on the world stage alongside the likes of Angela Merkel of Germany, Theresa May of the UK and Xi Jinping President of The People’s Republic of China. Make no mistake Hillary Clinton is one serious political intellect. During her forthcoming presidency, as the 45th President of The United States of America, she will undoubtedly institute internationally important changes that will rock the world.

Here are some predictions that I see materializing during her term in office

Far from building a wall on the Mexican border I see Hillary C. entering into constructive talks resulting in a new trade agreement with Mexico. The President of The United Mexican States; Enrique Piena Nieto, will agree with the USA to amend the U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Agreement and work together to develop trade especially in the oil industry involving Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). This will open drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico and bring with it a new understanding enabling mutually beneficial access to underwater oil reserves.

“The American Petroleum Institute will be dancing in the streets as the doors open and the walls come tumbling down.”

Hillary Clinton, whilst serving as the 67th Secretary of State in the Obama administration, negotiated free trade agreements with the countries of Columbia, Panama and South Korea. U.S. corporations greatly benefitted from these and there will, I predict, be more such arrangements. These will involve trade treaties to be negotiated under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with the eleven Pacific Rim Nations.

There will be new regulations to reduce import tariffs and these will be met with vociferous objections from various U.S. businesses that will object on the grounds of unfair competition. In the immediate past Hillary Clinton has attempted to put some clear blue sky between herself and TPP but the economic reality of Presidential office will require a virtually complete U-Turn and she will fully embrace TPP.

For other predictions, do follow the series.

You can also download the Falselie app on your mobile to get your questions answered by expert Psychic’s worldwide.

Download Falselie today

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Branding Agency and The Science Of Placing Heart, Soul To A Brand. Tips To Implement It

Branding Agency and The Science Of Placing Heart, Soul To A Brand. Tips To Implement It | Press Release Media 101 |
A branding agency is like the hen that lays the golden eggs. Brand building is the art and the science of giving birth to brands with (thanks God) a difference that you can skillfully remake brands or so to speak undergo rebranding. One of the mos
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Bay Area Nonprofit, 10 Books A Home, Closing the Achievement Gap with In-Home Tutoring Program

Bay Area Nonprofit, 10 Books A Home, Closing the Achievement Gap with In-Home Tutoring Program | Press Release Media 101 |
10 Books A Home releases report card results that show its graduates are performing at or above grade level three years after graduating. East Palo Alto, CA (Thursday, September 22, 2016) - 10 Books A Home (10BH) has released the results of 2015-1
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