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Cushtee Cash Support the FCA Issued Warning to Payday Loans Lenders

The Financial Conduct Authority has now officially taken control of the often controversial payday loans sector. The FCA precedes the old authority the Office of Fair Trading.

Observers and politicians, such as Stella Creasy, have long pronounced the regulation of the industry as ‘under regulated’ and ‘inadequate’. It will be hoped by these individuals that the new regulators will take a tougher stance to a ever growing market.

The main objective the FCA will be tasked with is to tackle high charges in the form of spiralling ‘roll-over’ amounts borrowers are exposed to. This takes the form of what are in essence charges levied monthly for failure to repay the loan amount, without actually ever paying the loan back.

This is the complete opposite of how these ‘same day cash loans’ are marketed, as the high charges associated with the loan are only meant to exist for a one-month cycle and not recurrent months.

James Rice from the payday loans website points out this flaw;

“It is true that lenders take advantage of the fact that some borrowers do not pay back their full loan amount on the agreed date, and instead just pay the interest.”

“When this happens the borrower is in fact paying ‘X’ amount of charges instead of the one time interest fee. This can multiply the charges the customer is then paying when the loans are sold as a flat one-off charge.”

The Financial Conduct Authority has warned all payday lenders in the UK that it will deal swiftly with those in the industry that fail to meet stiffer rules.

It has been reported that this could wipe out at least a quarter of fast loan lenders that are currently operating on the fringes of what the FCA will see as acceptable.

The new rules will be looking at the borrowers lenders approve and ensuring only those that can afford to repay on time are being lent to.

Mr Rice agrees with this move;

“For too long payday lenders were accountable to only themselves, this is a step in the right direction.”


Cushtee Cash utilises a panel of the best payday lenders in the UK to ensure that customers get the best deal and the fastest loan possible.

For Media Contact:
Contact: James Rice, Head of Marketing
Cushtee Cash
90 De Beauvoir Rd,
London N1 4EN,
United Kingdom
Tel: 0333 003 0068

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Revita RX Review - 4 Amazing Revita RX Ingredients That Will Make You Young

23, May 2015: Revita RX reveals 4 ingredients before the skin-conscious individuals and the press people, in a press conference of the company held yesterday at Miami and New York. “This revelation is significant in an attempt to give credit to your skincare product, which the users also have praised through their Revita RX Review posts,” said one source of the organization.

The first ingredient on this skincare option is Trylagen. This component has a blend of peptides and proteins. It really is proven ideal for enhancing producing collagen, which science considers crucial in maintaining skin health.

Your second piece of this formula is A Vitamin. This vitamin has the capacity to prevent aging, by re-activating and rejuvenating cellular functions. “With this constituent inside our formula, we can really help women regain their optimal skin health,” added the origin of the company.

According to the company, is Jojoba Seed Oil, the third constituent of this formula. This extract continues to be tested to give constant moisture and hydration. With this product, lots of ladies have had trusted this specific brand.

The fourth ingredient is Green Tea Extract. This extract has the proven chance to revive elasticity, suppleness, firmness and tightness. “The usual problem about sagging will be resolved,” stated further the cause with the company.

Meanwhile, users with this product have experienced praised the potency in this product, through their respective Revita RX Review articles over the net.

“I believe that I look 5 years younger! Revita RX Anti Aging Cream has worked remarkably in regards to my skin repair! It has helped restore my skin's lustre and firmness simultaneously with virtually no adverse reactions,” said Melanie Haggard from Miami.

This skincare product possesses an official website where the legit Revita RX can be purchased by the potential users or try there Revita RX Risk Free Trial offer.

For Media Contact:
Person: Amanda M. Brown
Address: 2518 Quarry Drive
Slocomb, AL 36375
Phone: 3334-886-4784

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Conventional Loans & Low Down Payment Home Loans

Conventional Loans & Low Down Payment Home Loans | Press Release |

Los Angeles, CA; 22, May 2015: Conventional mortgage loans are commonly referred to as conforming and non-conforming loans, depending on the amount of the loan and the conforming limits in the borrower’s county. Conventional loans usually require proof of income and down payments of at least 5% for a purchase, and 10% equity for a refinance.

Conforming Loans

A conventional mortgage loan is said to be conforming when the loan amount is less than $417,000 - $729,750 depending on the borrower’s county. The conforming loan limits vary depending on the county and the relative cost of living. For example, in San Francisco, the relative cost of living is high, and the maximum conforming loan limit figure is $729,750. Any borrowers interested in a loan should talk to an experienced loan agent about conforming loan limits and rates available for a purchase or a refinance.

Non-Conforming Loans

Non-conforming loans refer to conventional mortgage loans that surpass the conforming loan limit in the borrower’s county. These loans are also classified as conventional loans, however, lenders may sometimes refer to them as either “high value” or “jumbo” loans depending on the loan amount. These loans are generally available with slightly higher interest rates compared to the rates of conforming loans. Any borrowers interested in a loan should talk to an experienced loan agent about non-conforming loan limits and rates available for a purchase or a refinance.

Features of Conventional Loans

Many lenders offer low down payment loans, but usually require mortgage insurance premiums, especially with a down payment less than 20%. Some lenders will not require mortgage insurance premiums with low down payments, but it depends on the lender’s guidelines and rates. Conventional loans are offered by retail lenders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase or Citi Bank; but there are many wholesale lenders that offer lower rates and more personal service.

The agents at QK Mortgage work with wholesale lenders that offer the lowest rates and highly personalized service. For those borrowers seeking a no mortgage insurance loan, the agents at QK Mortgage source conventional home loans and financing for projects including condos, bungalows, duplexes, 2-4 unit residential apartments. Conventional loans offer a much more competitive rate in today’s market for borrowers that have the income and down payment for a purchase or the equity for a refinance.

Advantages of Conventional Loans

The main advantages of conventional loans are the low rates and low down payment requirements. In most cases, mortgage insurance is not required when acquiring conventional loans with 20% down or 20% equity. As earlier mentioned, conventional mortgage loans can be used on any type of property and occupancy. Also, there are no maximum loan limits.

Call and talk to the agents at QK Mortgage today! They help borrowers to find the best loan with the best rate! Pre approval are available on the phone! Call (818) 987-2760

About QK Mortgage:

QK Mortgage is part of Maxim Real Estate Group Inc., which is a CA BRE licensed Real Estate Broker. QK Mortgage specializes in conventional loan where borrowers can easily purchase a home with low down payment. They also have other amazing loan such as stated income loan, FHA loan, Reverse mortgage loan, and HARP program.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Darryl Bledsoe
Telephone: (818) 741-3640

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Micheal Litke offers ballroom dancing courses for all levels

United Kingdom; 21, May 2015: Dance is an activity which has captured the imagination of millions. Many people learn the art of dancing from a young age while some people start dancing from their teenage days. People have different tastes when it comes to their favourite form of dance. Micheal Litke is a London based coach and instructor who specializes in providing ballroom dancing lessons. He offers long term courses, short term courses, private training and workshops at different levels. Students attend these classes and dance sessions to learn something new every time with flexible practise timings. Apart from kids and teenagers, Litke also provides adult dance classes at Pineapple Dance Studios.

The Ballroom dancing London teacher conducts beginner classes which helps the students to learn the basics. It is primarily a 12 weeks course where students learn four main ballroom dance steps. It includes Tango, Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot while the other four Latin steps are Cha-cha, Samba, Jibe and Rumba. These classes are specially designed for new learners who’ll end up learning to dance by listening music at the course end. This twelve weeks course is divided into one hour for each session per day. There is no specific dress code and learners don’t need a partner to join the course.

Those who know the basics of ballroom dancing are welcome to join the intermediate course. Micheal teaches some new steps with the aim of broadening the knowledge of the basic steps among learners. The dance classes London instructor ensure partnering as many women as possible. Only smart and casual clothes are enough to enjoy the classes filled with fun and learning. At the end of the course, the students are able to follow their partner easily and also count the rhythm in those dances.

Experienced ballroom dancers who are familiar with this dance form can try the advanced course. This advanced level course teachers a new dance per hour along with technique and style. Ultimately, it provides a clear understanding of character and way of performing each dance step. To memorize the new steps better, there is a reminder of some previous lessons. Those with advanced training of the ballroom dance are welcome to try the proficient course. Each lessons lasts up to 60 minutes for the learners.

Micheal Litke also lets the couples explore their hidden chemistry with wedding dance lessons. These short terms courses teach a series of steps based on abilities of both partners. It will boost their confidence and prepare them to perform in their big day in front of family and friends. Through the routines, Micheal provides tips for technical corrections in a friendly environment. He has also judged several high profile dance competitions throughout his over a decade career.

About Micheal Litke:

Micheal Litke is a ballroom and Latin dance coach teaching this dance from since 2003 at Pineapple Dance Studios. He has worked on many television dance shows and provides coaching from beginner to professional levels. Visit the website for more information on the courses offered.

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Airwheel offers a wide collection of innovative yet effective self-balance unicycle

Airwheel offers a wide collection of innovative yet effective self-balance unicycle | Press Release |

United States of America; 20, May 2015: Travelling from one place to the other seems to be a matter of minutes and hours all thanks to the technology we have. However, travelling for short distances near your home to a nearby market or within you community area can only find one alternative i.e. walking. Although, cycles and two wheelers could be an option, but either they might require a lot of physical effort or could turn out to be a costly affair. Since the early days the kind of locomotion we have has evolved and transformed drastically. In the modern age the latest development are the unicycles and self-balancing electric scooter. Airwheel is a pioneer in producing such products and extends to offer a vast range of options in this category.

It’s been over a decade since when the company started working on this innovative product. It now caters to over 40 different countries in the world today. In its product offerings includes the modern self-balancing scooters and unicycles. These are based on an innovatively new technology which bridges the gap between the modes of transportation used and required in today’s world. Presently the company is offering over 15 different forms of transportation options which varies from purpose of use and the kind of technology used. Some of the popular selling products in their portfolio includes the likes of X8, X3, X5, S3, X6 Music, and many more. In order to know more about any of the self-balancing unicycle which the company offers, customers can check the website. Each product comes with several high definition images and are backed by detailed descriptions to facilitate the users to know about the product. With these information, customers can easily evaluate a particular product and decide whether it could be of any use to them.

Both single wheel and two wheel self-balancing electric scooter are offered by the company and each of their products are developed on the latest technology. These products run on rechargeable batteries and come equipped with advanced safety systems which allow safer and smoother travel across various terrains. To know more about their products and their stores, customers can visit their website. They may also use the contact details mentioned on the website to get answers to any queries which they might have as regards to their preferred products.

About Airwheel:

Airwheel is a company which presents a vast range of latest unicycles and self-balancing scooters to customers across the globe. They are present in more than 30 different countries and are based in United States of America. The company has its R&D units in different parts of the world and comes up with new products every now and then. To know more about their products and purchase them, customers can visit their website.

For Media Contact:
Name: Mr. Tang
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd.
Phone: 18861270200 or +86-519-8829-6900

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China-hifi-audio comes up with new range of audio systems

China, 19 May 2015: There have been huge amount of innovative music systems developed in today’s world. People mostly favor branded music systems and their accessories to enhance the quality of their musical system. Most of the accessories like amplifiers, CD players, audio cables, etc. are sold online through various online sores. People can have a look at range of items on these sites and decide on the one that meets their requirements. One of the sites that have been offering these music systems through its online store is China-hifi-audio.

The audio systems have moved far away from the traditional AM/FM and today the multimedia options provide the listener to play various songs of his choice at improved frequency. Even the in-vehicle music systems provide unique digital options that help in improving the sound quality and getting improved experience while driving. The Lite Audio preamplifiers provided by China-hifi-audio provide enough options to control the sound frequency of the music system and get an improved user experience. The users can have a look at range of lite audio systems and select the one that meets their requirements and goes well with their budget.

At China hifi they have high quality cables and accessories for the music systems. Today a music system is nothing without its accessories and it is important to use the high quality cables to get it working. The site keeps updating its products and one can visit the specials area to see the new updated stock. One can even register with the online store to get updates on the latest products. Some of the brands available in the stock of the online store include sheng ya, Qinpu, Wingda, winner, music angel and much more.

The yaqin tube amp produces various integrated amplifiers, buffer processors and various other designs of amplifiers. The accessories range between $81 to $1133 and it depends on the kind of product selected by the buyer. Along with this one can also have a look at the high quality CD/DVD players that enhance the experience of the music lover in their cars. There are huge amount of products available that can be included in the interiors of the car to make it comfortable for the people sitting inside. Youngsters generally like to include woofers and amplifiers in their cars to have a great experience while they are on a long drive. They can have a look at the stock of the website and buy the one that meets their requirements. Buyers can also read the reviews of previous customers and make a proper research before buying any product from the online store.

About china-hifi-audio:

China-hifi-audio is an online store and the company is situated in China. They sell various parts and accessories for music systems. They have been selling these products for a long time now to people around the world. One can have a look at the above link to have a look at their products.

For Media Contact:
Company: China-hifi-Audio
Address: BaiYunQu JingYunLu 80# 802
Guangzhou, China 510405

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Freddie and Sebbie Car Kick Mats Acclaimed By Parents On Amazon

15, May 2015: Freddie and Sebbie released their Car Kick Mats on Amazon just 2 years ago, with a promise to supply the supreme protection for car seats from spots and scuff-marks left by children's mucky shoes. The auto-protective seat cover kick mats come with a lifetime warranty and are currently readily available at savings prices in celebration of a successful two years trading solely on Amazon.

Main business spokesman, Neil Speight, stated in his latest press conference that lots of car owners are frequently worried about stains and scuff-marks being left on their car seats, which are commonly down to food and beverage spillages, or due to muddy and dirty shoe marks left by kids sat in the back of the car. He added: "Freddie and Sebbie has brought an end to such worries with the supreme security offered by our Car Kick Mats, which have been designed to fit most cars. As part of the second anniversary celebration, the item is currently readily available at a discount price on"

Visit here to watch the video:

According to the description seen on, this luxury car seat protector (or kick mat) has been designed specifically to keep vehicle back seats 100% clean, with an easy setup, and simple cleaning. Many Amazon customers who have acquired the Freddie and Sebbie Car Kick Mats have said in their product reviews that it is the perfect option for instantaneous car seat protection. Neil Speight also said, "The car seat protector improves the life of car interiors, preventing the need to change seats and covers again and again. Getting our Car Kick Mats is a safe investment that will bring a long-term advantage, and the free warranty offered as part of the package likewise consists of a life time replacement warranty."

The vehicle seat protector from Freddie and Sebbie is presently trending on Amazon with lots of people seen to be enjoying the genuine benefits of this innovatively developed product. Shauna Marie mentions in her Amazon review: "After a lot of research, both online and in stores, I settled for these kick mats by Freddie and Sebbie. I could not be happier!" While Katie Deliberti expresses her appreciation when she states, "Love them, easy to set up, and covers the complete back side of my car seat!"

There are a host of favorable ratings available on Amazon that can help customers in learning more about the features of the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats and multiple benefits of this accessory. The Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Protector Kick Mats are offered in packs of two, assisting to protect both the driver and passenger seats. For more information about this item or to place an order at the savings rate presently readily available, visit the exclusive Freddie and Sebbie Amazon storefront.

For further information about these new Freddie and Sebbie's Kick Mats, please visit the following website:

For Media Contact:
Freddie and Sebbie™
Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89126-9502
888 749 3576

Social Media Contact:

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London Wedding Photographer Captures Best Moments of a Wedding

London; 14, May 2015: Wedding is the very special day in a couple’s life and this is the reason why one always looks out for the best wedding photographer that can capture all special moments of a wedding ceremony with a greater degree of proficiency. In London, one can rely on the expertise of David Tynan who has over 15 years of experience in wedding photography. With his great photographic skills, David helps marrying couples to relive the memories their wedding.

In his long career as a wedding photographer, David has covered a number of weddings and has amazed everyone with his stunning photography. Speaking about his successful journey as a wedding photographer, he reveals, “It’s important to learn about the wedding culture and customs, in order to capture perfect images in the right moments. With an eye for detail and understanding the essence of a wedding, it becomes a lot easier to capture the best photographs.”

The LONDON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER TOP GAY endeavors to capture all happy and cheerful moments when a couple enters a new relationship. An album containing beautiful photos will keep couples reminding about the memorable moments of their lives and it will help rekindle love and emotional wellbeing between them.

David believes that like all other photography streams, the wedding photography too requires special skills and a lot of dedication. “A wedding photographer needs to be ready all the time to capture the perfect photo. Amidst all pomp and gaiety, one needs to remain concentrated so that a perfect picture is captured without a miss.”

David’s website has an adorable collection of photo galleries that showcases his commitment and the professional excellence with which he carries out his tasks. David endeavors to meet unique requirements of each wedding. This is the reason why he does the necessary homework on the specifications provided by the couples. However, David believes that each wedding is unique and thus, he focuses on capturing the unique and special moments of a wedding with dedication.

People who are planning for a wedding and want to hire an experienced wedding photographer in London can learn more about David by visiting his website

About David Tynan:

David Tynan is a London Wedding Photographer covering the whole of the UK. He specializes in fun fuelled creative wedding photography with a mixture of traditional portraiture as well as capturing special moments of a lifetime. With fifteen years of experience working in the Photographic industry, he has some of the best wedding photography currently to his credit in the UK.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: David Tynan
Telephone: 07966261027

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Zeus Age Cosplay Extravaganza Event Details

Zeus Age Cosplay Extravaganza Event Details | Press Release |

12, May 2015:

‘Mato-san kawaiiiii ne?’ ‘That’s enough out of you, go play Zeus Age’

‘Warning, do not let me use scissors ever again’

It’s time for Zeus Age’s Cosplay Extravaganza! A couple of our braver (read: crazier) staff have put together the cheapest Cosplay costumes they could manage. They gathered some knick-knacks from around the office, and then cut, glue and tied them all together to make the amazing pieces you see before you!

Do you like to Cosplay? Or maybe you’ve just got a free afternoon. Why not choose your favorite Zeus Age hero and make your own costume! Dress up as Thor and wave that mighty hammer, or summon the dead as Anubis, make yourself some fake dragon heads and become the Hydra, or dress up your dog like Fenrir - we want to see what you can come up with. Then all you need to do is pick up your phone or video camera, and make a short video. Post it in the comments on our Facebook fan page, or send it to us in a Facebook message, and you’ll get some fantastic rewards.

‘Burning like your passion for Zeus Age’

The event is only on for a limited time, so plan ahead and get yourself ready. Anyone who sends us an original video is guaranteed to get in-game rewards!

‘I’m too sexy for this cosplay, too sexy for this cosplay, too sexxyyyyyyyyyyyy’

* Please like and share the video as much as possible, thanks for your support!
* Send us a picture or video of you in your favorite Zeus Age Cosplay, along with your Account ID and server, to get your mysterious gift.
* Anyone who sends in a video or picture will receive rewards! If we think any of the videos are particularly awesome, funny, or just worth seeing, we’ll share them with the world!
* Rewards will be sent within 5 working days of the end of the event via the in-game mail system.

PS: Zeus Age reserves the right to interpret the rules of this competition.

Zeus Age Facebook Play Link:

Zeus Age Facebook Fan Page:

Zeus Age Google Play
Download Link:

Zeus Age App Store Download Link:

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New Directions For Women Drug Rehab Achieves 96.5 Percent Success Rate

Costa Mesa, California; 09, May 2015: The womens drug rehab facility New Directions for Women has achieved an "off-the-charts" success rate of 96.5 percent of patients remaining sober six months after they complete treatment, the facility has announced.

The substantially above-industry-average level of success has come under the leadership of New Directions' driven CEO, Becky Flood, who has also led the program to achieve the prized CARF accreditation and add an Early Childhood Development Services Program. 

The secret to New Directions for Women's success? The root lies in "spiritual recovery," says Flood, who added that this is the "undergirding of everything we do." If patients recover spiritually, according to Flood, the physical and mental inevitably follow. 

New Directions for Women's national reputation as a leading womens-only addiction treatment facility has led the facility to draw in patients from across the US to its scenic Orange County facility. There, they receive treatment from Masters-level clinicians who blend a multi-disciplined approach to substance abuse disorder treatment with art and equine therapies, drum circles, yoga, rock climbing, and meditation. 

Added to the comfort and ease of a womens-only program which is dedicated to healing female addicts as well as their children, and it's not hard to see why they are often at capacity -- and expanding. 

Patients like "Marie" (not her real name) describe the process of treatment at New Directions as feeling like they "came out of a cloud." "Marie" was at New Directions for eight months, where -- feeling safe amongst her peers -- she recovered to sobriety after an alcohol and amphetamine addiction that saw her putting back 16 cocktails a day and which put her through two DUI crashes. 

After Marie completed her treatment program, she put together a list of life goals and objectives, many of which might seem simple for those who've never faced a gripping addiction -- objectives like having a loving relationship and finishing her college degree. Yet achieving her objectives was a major step for her, and as "Marie" notes, "Today, I have them all." 

Asked whether she could have achieved her dreams in a normal coed facility, "Marie" noted that women tend to "edit themselves" around men, whereas being around only women at New Directions made it easier to share her experience and "find hope and strength in each other." 

New Directions also orients their therapies to the unique needs of women with chemical dependency. Research has shown as many as 70% of women with substance use disorder have an abuse history; this as well as the numerous physiological differences mean the best treatments for women can be very different from those needed for helping men. 

About New Directions for Women: 

New Directions For Women is an Orange County womens drug and alcohol rehab facility which has been treating addictions for more than 33 years. New Directions for Women takes a uniquely holistic approach to traditional 12-steps based chemical dependency rehabilitation, including experiential therapies like equine therapy as well as yoga and drum circles.

New Directions also believes in treating addiction from the perspective of a family disease: there are full treatment facilities for children, oriented towards diagnosing and treating the consequences of being born to and living with parents who suffer from substance use disorder. New Directions' counseling programs also include affected family members in both individual and group therapies. 

For Media Contact:
Tania Bhattacharyya
(866) 346-8431

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Renew Skin Care Serum Review - Revitalize Skin With This All-Natural Anti-Aging Solution

New York, USA; 08, May 2015: Another revolutionary skin care breakthrough from the excellent works of science, Renew Collagen Serum is the newly unique and compelling anti-aging solution, intelligently formulated by skin care experts in USA. Due to its advanced anti-wrinkle formula, along with its intensified active natural ingredients, the company spokesperson reveal on her personal Renew Collagen Serum Review that the product has the abilities of providing these outstanding skin benefits. 

* Rapidly Reduce the Looks of Wrinkles
* Maximize Hydration of Skin
* Stimulate Collagen Growth
* Strengthen Epidermal Protection
* Amplify Pore Cleansing
* Smoothen Facial Skin Surfaces
* Reverse Physical Signs of Aging
* Minimize Appearance of Fine Lines
* Remove Unwanted Age Spots
* Improve Skin Elasticity

Its organically-extracted elements known to have age-defying properties and the ableness to quickly fight premature aging signs, include grape stem cells, macadamia nut oil, ginkgo biloba, peptides, green tea extracts, and fruit acids. All these extensive natural substances are not only responsible for skin beauty but most importantly have nourishing role, making the skin healthy and energized. 

Renew Collagen Serum is already available for grabs as an “internet-exclusive” skin care product, which means, this skin care is not found at any leading stores, beauty shops and supermarkets. Purchasing activity can only be done exclusively in its official websites or to any of its authorized web links. 

For further facts and ingredients’ information of Renew Collagen Serum, all these can be found, again, in its official web page, including risk-free trial offer of the product which favors potential buyers and users of Renew Collagen Serum. 

To seek more details, this another website or source of information can also be relied upon:

About Skinsurv: 

The website all over the web that was designed and made to give information about beauty and anti-aging products on where consumers can look for answers for the questions they have with regards to the products that Skinsurv advertise. This part of the site caters all about how to make women fight the signs of aging in a natural way and to recommend them not to undergo surgical procedures which are risky, super expensive and painful. serves consumers with a great quality of information that needed to be given and for them to trust the site whenever they wanted to visit. And, lastly can give the assurance to the readers or consumers that the products the site itself advertise are all legit and guarantees that the products that were advertise are all approved by experts. For more information visit here

For Media Contact:
Company: Skinsurv
Address: 2875 Viking Drive
Columbus, OH 43215

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An Online Video Reveals Riding an Airwheel Electric Scooter Is Safe, Easy & Fun

An Online Video Reveals Riding an Airwheel Electric Scooter Is Safe, Easy & Fun | Press Release |

06, May 2015: People who are still apprehensive about riding an Airwheel self-balancing scooter can be inspired by a recently published online video. The video features a small dog staying on an Airwheel Q1 electric scooter for a while, without encountering any safety related issue. The video thus reveals that riding an electric scooter is not difficult and unsafe. On the contrary, it is safe, risk-free and a fun way to cover small distances in an energy-efficient and eco-friendly manner.

According to the Airwheel spokesperson, their all self-balancing scooters are innovatively designed with anti-collision and streamline features to travel safely. The gyroscope system allows the rider to move forward smoothly and achieve a significant control on the movement of the scooter. By leaning back and forth, one can change the speed of the scooter and by leaning sidewise one can change the direction of the movement. The integration of aviation attitude control technology makes the task of accelerating or decelerating the scooter simple and effortless.

Commuters who use an intelligent self-balancing scooter for their personal transportation can enjoy several types of benefits. These self-balancing scooters are fast becoming popular to move through congested and crowded space and save both time and energy-cost. All Airwheel products feature lower energy consumption with a highly reduced emission rate. This is the reason why these self-balancing scooters are remarkable from the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness points of view.

The spokesperson reveals that a two-wheeled scooter is a lot easier to ride than a unicycle that comes with a single wheel. Beginners can start with a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter without any fear and can develop the expertise and skill to start riding a single-wheeled unicycle.

Besides publishing the online video, Airhweel has been organizing their product showcases in different countries of the world where people can glimpse through their product range and can also try riding the self-balancing scooters for fun and enjoyment. The objective is to promote this modern personal transportation means that may soon replace the traditional modes of transportation. To learn more about the self-balancing scooters and to learn more about riding them safely, one may visit the website

About Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) CO., LTD:

Airwheel Technology Company offers state-of-the-art means of transportation, adopting the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Airwheel is the greenest and lightest smart unicycle which can be easily carried into buses or subways, facilitating daily commuters. Airwheel boasts of its major R&D center located in L.A (U.S).

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Mr. Tang
Telephone: 18861270200, +86-519-8829-6900

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Scooped by Krystal Rutledge! Helping People To Learn “How To Make An Extra $1000 To $10,000 A Month Selling On Amazon”

05, May 2015: Ben and Jeff, the founders of are helping people across the globe to learn “How to Make an Extra $1000 To $10,000 A Month Selling On Amazon.” They offering this Bootcamp Training mini Course for free of cost. According to the experts, this mini training course will help the people to learn the basics and other tactics about selling on will soon become one of the top most training provider for the best, easy, and the most effective online marketing techniques to earn money from Amazon.

When asked, the founder of the website Ben said, “We are glad to announce that we are providing online training techniques to the people those who want to make a great amount of money and live their dreams. eCommerce is a very easy task and money spilling job if done effectively. For getting positive results, people need to use some tools and strategies that is what we are offering through our training program.” “We have fulfilled our dreams by earning from selling physical products on and now we want to help many more people out there with our Free Bootcamp training Mini Course,” added Jeff, Co-founder of company.

There are several informative videos and articles published on the website as well those acknowledge the readers about the Do’s and Don’ts of making money selling on Amazon. This free Bootcamp Training Mini Course will help the part time entrepreneurs to earn a full time income. This training course is also considered ideal for students those want to make some extra money. For more details about the company, people can follow the through

About is a company started by its owners Ben and Jeff. These guys wants to teach effective techniques to people to earn money selling on Amazon. This course has been put together so that anyone can make money with Amazon from scratch. The online ecommerce is growing into a very prosperous platform and is being used by millions of people at present.

For Media Contact:
Person: Ben and Jeff
Address: 2637 E Atlantic Blvd,
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
Phone: 844-851-9143
Email id:

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Deiss PRO knives series - PRO for professionals!

04, May 2015: They are designed to manage with routine cooking tasks! 

These kitchen tools are produced by Deiss Company. Try them and share a brilliant experience of professional chefs around the world. Appreciate the work of specialists and enjoy brand new PRO knife series designed not only for restaurant chains and professional kitchens, but also for home and amateur chefs. This range of knives has been manufactured to handle with kitchen everyday tasks. These knives cope with any kind of cooking tasks and do all the work easily, securely and neatly. All the blades are peculiar and are made from special steel of high-quality to ensure the best sharpness and long-term work. The blades are hardened up to fifty-six HRC. The blades have a polished surface, so they are easily cleaned and well protected against any rust or damage. 

The ergonomic convenient handle prevents slipping or injuries. The handle is comfortable and protects joints and hand tendons due to flexibility level. The authentic design facilitates your work and does not let chef feel tired. The handle merges the knife blade so tightly that there are no holes or joints left that will prevent ingress of moisture or dirt. 

The knives offered have a NSF certificate and satisfy HACCP regulation. Try eleven various blades to launch this PRO knives, choose the length amongst variants (14 cm - 28 cm). 

The knives presented are made at the original Berlin family factory and they are manufactured with Deiss’ highest quality demands to guarantee an amazing and easy work on the kitchen. 

If you want to find out more about Deiss please visit:

For Media Contact:
Lisa Thompson
Public Relations
Deiss Limited

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Airwheel Electric Unicycle Winning Users' Appreciation for Its Easy-To-Learn Features

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Winning Users' Appreciation for Its Easy-To-Learn Features | Press Release |

23, May 2015: Airwheel’s self-balancing products are becoming hugely popular because of their easy-to-learn features. People can easily learn the tricks of riding an Airwheel electric unicycle and can use it for their personal transportation. The unicycles are lighter in weight and have a compact design and can move at a faster pace. Riding an Airwheel unicycle is pretty similar to riding a bicycle and one can easily learn to achieve a self balance while rolling on a single-wheeled unicycle.

The company also has a 2-wheeled electric scooter for people who are apprehensive about riding a unicycle. Riding a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is a lot easier and one can use it to travel short distances without any trouble. Besides, Airwheel scooters or unicycles are the cost-effective mode of transportation. These self-balancing scooters come fitted with chargeable batteries and are very energy efficient. This is the reason why Airwheel unicycles and scooters are very cost-effective in comparison to other modes of transportations, such as cars and motorbikes.

Airwheel products feature the latest technology that includes the implementation of gyroscope and the aviation control mechanism, which make these self-balancing scooters safer as well as easier to control. One can simply lean forward to increase the speed of the unicycle while by moving the body backward can slow down the speed. This way, one can control the movement of the unicycle and can travel at a desired pace.

There a variety of learning resources available online that explains how one can use a self-balancing unicycle to travel safely and with fun. People can also gain from other Users' personal experiences and how they are using an Airwheel vehicle for their personal transportation. With a host of adorable features, Airwheel self-balancing scooters and unicycles are soon going to replace the traditional modes of transportation. The company has three series of vehicles and each series has several models to choose from. People can check the features and specifications of different Airwheel models on the website

About Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) CO., LTD:

Airwheel Technology Company offers state-of-the-art means of transportation, adopting the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Airwheel is the greenest and lightest smart unicycle which can be easily carried into buses or subways, facilitating daily commuters.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Mr. Tang
Telephone: 18861270200, +86-519-8829-6900

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RicecookerreviewHQ provides interesting reviews on various cookers being sold by different brands

United States of America; 21, May 2015: While cooking rice properly one needs to make sure that he uses the correct resources and he is very specific about time. If rice cooker is not stopped on time then rice would end up getting cooked and destroyed. There are various innovative rice cookers available these days that help in getting well cooked rice without any problems. One of the websites providing nice reviews on various kinds of rice cookers is Rice cooker review HQ.

To buy best rice cooker one needs to make sure that they are buying it from a professional company and go through its specifications before buying it. Reading reviews on these products is always helpful and makes sure that people are able to make the correct decisions. The rice cooker reviews provided on the website speak about the specifications of the cooker and its cost effectiveness. One can also have an idea about which is the best place to buy the rice cooker.

There are reviews provided on rice cookers provided by various companies that include Zojirushi, Aroma and much more. For people who have not learnt cooking, it would be really difficult for them to cook rice if they face such situation. With the availability of automatic rice cookers being sold by various companies these days, it makes the process much easier and helps them in cooking rice in few minutes. Cooking is never easy until the person has an idea of the amount of time to be given for a specific meal whether it is rice or any other food. The innovative rice cookers available these days have the capacity to cook at the right temperature and inform the user to close the rice cooker when the food is cooked properly.

While making a research on the rice cooker one is going to buy they need to make sure that they make a proper research on the product and get the one that matches their requirement. Reading the specifications of the product and going through the reviews is the best way to make a good research. These products are available on the web and one can compare them with other products sold by similar companies. With the technological development in today’s world it is never hard to get good products at cost effective rates. The rice cookers available today and other cooking products, available for cooking different stuff, makes life much easier. People who have a busy schedule and need to go to office early would find this very useful.

About Rice cooker review HQ:


Rice cooker review hq is a website providing various important information required for buying a good rice cooker. They provide reviews on different kinds of cooker made by various brands and help the buyers to get the best cooker according to their budget.

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Companiess presents its directory database of different businesses from across the world

United states of America; 20, May 2015: Directories and database of different kinds exists which are of great value for both businesses and customers. Taking a leap from the basic form of traditional local directories businesses have gone global and have listed their entities across various platforms of the internet. In order to help businesses to find relevant company information or customers to check genuine company details, Companiess has come up with its online directory. The website lists down different global companies for a wide range of businesses. The website is available for free usage to both businesses and the customers. Customers can visit the website and search for a relevant company they might be looking for. Each listing offers, detailed information regarding contact and other relevant details of different companies.

The site facilitates the users to add their companies to the online directory for free. Visitors can use the option of “Add My Company Free” and list down their companies on the directory. They would need to fill out the relevant contact details and select the appropriate categories to list themselves online. These could be distributors companies or a list of companies doing businesses on a local or global scale. Each listing is verified and confirmed before being published on the website. This means that visitors can rely on the information featured on the website to be genuine. For the visitors or customers who are searching global of suppliers or other such companies in their areas, they could use the search feature and get all the requisite information. One of the most efficient areas which makes this website pretty easy to use is its highly categorized listing. The companies are listed as per different countries or industries they belong to. So customers can directly go to the specific country listings by clicking on the company name while selecting the industry would offer them the different companies offering such products or services.

For instance, a customer who is looking for automobile companies in Australia could directly click on the country name and then the relevant industry. It would list down the different companies which are operating in that specific business area. Once they go through the list and check any of the listings, it would offer the company description, contact information, and other recommended companies which are listed in the specific industry area. In order to feature a listing, the users would need to join the site for free and login using their credentials. In case there are any other queries or questions related to the services, the visitors can get in touch with the representatives using the contact options mentioned on the website.

About Companiess:

Companiess is an online business directory which lists down a range of businesses from different countries and categories from across the world. The site is free to use and businesses have the option of listing their details for free on the website.

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Banc De Binary Announces Trade to Paradise Contest to Win a Free Luxury Trip, Apple Macbook & Lots More

Limassol, Cyprus; 19, May 2015: Banc De Binary has exciting news for binary options traders as well as trading enthusiasts. Besides offering profitable trading prospects, the new banc de binary promotion brings an opportunity to win several prizes.

The Trade to Paradise Contest is open to all traders. The traders with the maximum number of winning trades in May 2015 will qualify for the contest. The following prizes are on the offer:

1. 1st Prize: Free trip to Mnemba Island for up to three guests, including the winning trader.

2. 2nd Prize: Apple Macbook Air 2015 Edition

3. 3rd Prize: GoPro HERO4 Black Camera

The participating traders can trade in stocks, commodities and currencies. Banc De Binary offers free educational support to the traders and contest participants. The trading experts will offer their guidance to the newbie traders who want to participate in the contest. One can also consult the Banc De Binary online to gain a trading insight and can be successful in trading binary options, currencies, stocks and other instruments. Considering the fact that binary options trading has its own risks, one need to have the knowledge and experience to trade successfully.

Banc De Binary invites new trading enthusiasts to open binary options demo account with them and learn the techniques of binary options trading. After mastering the necessary skills, one can open a real account and start trading. The trading starts at just $30 and a contestant should endeavor to close as many winning trades as possible in the month to win the contest.

The banc de binary demo account sign up is a simple and hassle-free process. One just needs to complete a small online form to open a demo account and move forward to participate in the Trade to Paradise Contest. Banc De Binary offers a secure and easy to use trading platform for traders to experience a host of trading benefits. In order to participate in the contest, one may follow the link here.

About Banc De Binary:

Banc De Binary is a privately held investment firm and a World Finance company, founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to enable investors to manage risk and maximize profits in the most secure trading environment possible. Bringing together many years of experience in the financial markets with the most innovative online trading technology, Banc De Binary now helps clients in over 100 countries realize their financial goals. The firm is committed to providing the simplest, safest and most user-friendly online trading experience, and guarantees the best possible financial analysis and unparalleled customer support.

For Media Contact:
Company Name:
Phone: +44-2022992097

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Waxi Fuhong Special Steel Ltd manufactures and supplies steel

China, 18 May, 2015: The demand for steel is growing with the passage of time and emergence of businesses. It is a product whose demand remains unaffected by rising prices and recession. Wuxi Fuhong is a family operated business involved in the manufacturing of engineering steel, high speed steel and too steel. The products of the company are exported into the steel markets of Europe, America, South Asia, and Middle East. China based manufacturer Fuhong has established a reputation for its commitment and reliable services through these years.

In the high speed steel category, there is DIN 1.3343 which comes under Tungsten Molybdenum type of steel. Wear resistance and toughness of the steel beats the 1.3355 steel. It also ensures a higher degree of hot hardness. The thermoplastic needs to be protected while heating due to ease in oxidation decarburization. This category of steel has a wide range of practical applications. It is utilized for general tools and suitable to make tools that can be hot forming tool bits. Owing to its high strength and abrasion resistance, it is useful in manufacture of high load conditions utilizing wear resistance of parts.

There is DIN 1.7225 or 42CrMo4 steel which comes under the category of chromium molybdenum alloy steel. It is mainly used after being quenched and tempered for certain purposes. It has higher carbon and chromium content compared to 1.7220 steel withy better strength and hardenability. It also comes with quite a high fatigue strength and solid low temperature impact toughness. The key use is in the manufacture of tools with high strength requirements. It is very much suitable for bigger size and significant parts such as connecting rod, gear, axle, engine cylinder and more. It acts as a substitute to high nickel quenched and tempered steels. Round, square and flat bars are available along with blocks, rollers and shafts.

For the alloy steel seeking customers, there is DIN 1.7218 or 25CrMo4 steel. It displays high strength and toughness whenever the temperature drops below 500°C. It boasts of standard machinability, hardenability and welding performance. The material is quite useful during quenched and tempered conditions. It is used for the fasteners in the boiler and steam turbine where the working temperate clocks below 450°C.

Carbon engineering steel is also available which fulfils the high quality standards. It is basically utilized in manufacturing high strength movement parts like piston pump, air compressor, steam turbine impeller, general machinery for rolling shaft etc. All the steel products supplied go through multiple quality testing procedures.

About Waxi Fuhong Special Steel Ltd

Waxi Fuhong Special Steel Ltd is involved in all round manufacture and supply of tool steel, engineering steel, carbon steel and high speed steel. It is a family run business since 1998 with a global presence. The company is committed to provide high quality products and reliable services to clients. Visit the website for more information on products offered.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Mr.Hunter Hu - China's Special Steel Manufacturer & Supplier
Company: Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Co.,Ltd
Phone: +86 18800517700
Skype: sinohss
Email Id:

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New Amazon Coupon Codes in 2015 Now on

New Amazon Coupon Codes in 2015 Now on | Press Release |

14, May 2015: Top coupon search provider,, has released an updated list of their Amazon promotional offers and coupon codes for May. Using their search engine tool, online shoppers can conveniently locate current Amazon deals and coupons.

This month’s top 5 Amazon deals are:

1. Save $10 on Zippo Lighters
2. Receive $25 at Checkout on MSR, Therm-a-Rest, and more
3. Earn $20 Credit with Amazon Mom and Pampers
4. Amazon School Lists May Sweepstakes
5. Take 20% Off Shoes for Girls, Boys, and Baby

Promotional deals and offers are regularly updated and tested by staff members. is one of the first to update its website with the most high quality Amazon coupons for its savvy consumers.

These limited time offers are listed on starting with those that have the highest number of views and comments. Amazon deals are added to’s directory at least once a week if not more, and expired offers are rotated to the bottom where they are removed by staff.

“Our dedicated team members work hard to provide exceptional content from eBay and other popular online retailers,” says Ryan Devera, Director of Operations. “Our ability to stay up to date provides the consumer with maximum spending potential.” Aided by Amazon’s missive to provide the most up to date promotions and redemption codes ensures that will always have the latest deals to pass to online consumers.

Amazon is widely considered the leader in the Internet retail industry making the most revenue of its online competitors. With such a wide variety of product offerings, modern discount deal sites like give online shoppers access to coupon codes in an easy to read format saving the consumer both time and money!

Visitors to should check the site daily not only for updated redemption codes and promotional offers from Amazon, but to compare these discounts to other online retailers such as eBay, Target, and Asos. Oftentimes online merchants mark down products around the same time giving shoppers the ability to pick the best deal across a number of websites. Therefore it is best to take advantage of’s coupon directory to compare prices at a glance.

About is an online provider of coupon codes, online deals, discounts, and promotional offers. Delivering the most up to date content, relies on its preferred partner programs with online retailers such as Amazon to be the first to receive notice of upcoming specials so that it can get those deals directly to its consumers.

For Media Contact:
Richard Ryan Devera
Marketing Recruiter
Modesto, CA 95355

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Digital Marketing Company bringing revolution

Kolkata; 13, May 2015: These days Marketing is best defined by the word digital spread and reach. Content has been a driving force towards growth of any digital spread. We have seen great results achieved in search engines by the use of quality and targeted content. In the coming day's as well content will rule the world and help in digital growth. As web is growing with more and more page's it is becoming more and more difficult for digital marketer to manage with the originality of the content. With around 70 trillion pages on web google has entered a new era where they now need technology to store that much data on web. They also need to find a way which will help them find result in this increasing number of pages.

With this growth increasing social interactions also contributing more in the size of data. People are getting more and more connected. They are sharing each other's content which are then getting hash tagged for further spread of connected content. To manage this huge data spread google is also saying no more two person is getting the same search result. As with connected social content google can now track who is surfing for what and providing them their connected content. This also reducing google's burden on crawling it entire database every single time. So, in this scenario when we can no more expect to get same result, what we are getting is more a mix of connected set of shared and optimized content.

So, is SEO dead?

We can easily say NO, because search engine's still needs a reasons to bring url's in proper order. It can't avoid it and neither any technology is still devised where we don't see url's one after one. They have to give a output where we see url's one after one. But factors of optimization has changed. They now look for those pages which are responsive. Has unique content in it. Has user reviews with proper on page optimization. Content is large enough with presence of pictorial description to support search engines optimization requirements properly.

Growth of digital marketing replacing hard core SEO, is it true?

Yes it is, what we see now is in large nothing but a mix of social media optimization and search engine optimization. No one can think of optimizing any content by just working on search engines requirements excluding social media. Social media is now not only providing a platform for the general mass to communicate and interact but also it is allowing search engines to crawl and get its required data for each url.

How Extensive Ideas is helping its clients get Return on Investment through Digital Marketing in kolkata?

This company is now working for more than 5 years and has built up a strong client portfolio covering many clients across the world. Their standard of work has earned them very good reputation and returning clients for many years now. With increasing number of company's relying on them it is highly suggested for any new or old organization to get in touch with Extensive Ides for a discussion and quote for their digital marketing campaign. We can see them grow as a digital marketing company in kolkata in last few years. They are one of the best digital marketing companies in kolkata and providing all digital marketing services in kolkata.

For Media Contact:
Name: Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata | Seo Company in Kolkata
Address: Shibachal Rd, Birati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700051
Phone: 09836375842

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How To Make Money With Top Paid Survey Sites Online

11, May 2015: These days, the internet offers a wide range of opportunities for earning extra income. Completing online surveys is a great way for people to earn money online. Top 10 Paid Survey Sites is making it easier for people to find the best survey sites so that they can register and start earning just by filling out a simple survey.

Speaking to the media, a representative from Top 10 Paid Survey Sites stated, “Yes, we are making it easy for everyone to find the best resources on the internet for earning a huge income. Our site is revealing its information about the top ten best survey sites where real money is offered, not sweepstakes and gift cards. We believe in honest services and online survey sites get paid a huge amounts, so they must offer real cash to the survey takers.” She further added, “We aim to support people in making their dreams come true. These top ten sites provide one of the best ways to earn money online easily and quickly.”

At present, a number of websites are offering easy jobs completing online surveys; however, not all of them are offering real money. These sites offer gift cards and sweepstakes to the users. Gift cards are not an impressive offer, as people cannot use these cards to pay their internet bill or make any purchases. This is where the Top 10 Paid Survey Sites can help you decide by offering a list of the top paid survey sites; these sites offer real cash to their survey takers.

Top 10 Paid Survey Sites features the top survey sites and includes: Superpayme, Vindale Research Mobile, Cashcrate, Inboxdollars, iSurveyworld, Surveysavvy, Getpaid, Point2shop, Mindspay US, Uniquerewards, Treasuretroopers and Valueopinion. These websites provide an easy way for users to register.

About Top 10 Paid Survey Sites:


Top 10 Paid Survey Sites is an exclusive website that is providing details on the top survey sites on the internet. The site is helping users earn online by completing easy paid surveys for money.

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Revita RX Review - Indulge Skin With The Nourishing Goodness & Anti-Aging Benefits of Revita RX Serum

California, USA; 09, May 2015: Recently publicized and featured, this fresh and hot skin care must-have Revita RX is one ultra-effective skin care treatment being overwhelmed by so many delighted women due to its multi-benefit skin results. Incorporated with naturally-derived and awesome good-to-skin ingredients, Revita RX easily corrects the visibly appearing signs of premature aging caused by outgrown age, UV and other environmental factors affecting skin aging. 

Revita RX is a nourishing and rejuvenating skin delightful treat without the use of drastic measures such as painful injection, invasive lasers and spending for too risky and highly expensive surgery. With just a regular application of Revita RX, it is able to provide incredible anti-aging works and amazing age-defying results. Moreover, Revita RX skin care is clinically proven safe, hypoallergenic and certainly does not cause any side-effects or any allergic reactions to the skin after it is being used on a regular basis.

According to one satisfied user of Revita RX Anti-Aging Serum, “Simply amazing, my skin feels and looks healthier! I used to be self-conscious about my laugh lines, but now I love showing off my skin.” -- Patricia W. 

Benefits of Revita RX 

* Vanishes fine lines and wrinkles fast
* Noticeable skin lifting , firming and plumping effect for less sagging skin
* Brighten and enhance skin appearance
* Smooth and supple skin texture
* Improves the skin immunity
* Counters the effect of stress in the skin

For more relevant facts about Revita RX Anti-Aging Serum, all these can be found in its official website, along with the “risk-free” trial offer of the skin care product in favor of potential users and buyers. 

With regards to its availability, Revita RX Anti-Aging Serum is actually not available for orders at any leading stores, beauty shops and supermarkets, since it is an “internet-exclusive” type of skin care product. Orders can only be made through its official website or to any of its authorized web links. 

To seek additional details, information can also be found in this reliable website:

You can watch the review video of Revita RX here for brief information about the serum:

About SkincareAnti-Aging: 

This website designed to provide thorough research and studies about top skin care products that specializes anti-aging variety. This section administers the skin care products’ full information in order to assist the users in their selection of skin care. Moreover, serves quality reviews of these genuine products to establish to the users of the products’ benefits, safeness and efficacy. To know more you can visit here

For Media Contact:
Company: Skincare Anti-Aging
Address: 463 e 9th st
Brooklyn, NY, 11218, USA

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Lauderhill Thrift Store Continues 18 Year Tradition

Lauderhill, FL; 07, May 2015: Open 7 days a week, renowned American Thrift Store in Hollywood, located at 330 S State Road 7 helps South Floridians find designer clothing, accessories and so much more at the lowest prices. Their second and newest location is situated in Lauderhill Florida at 5051 N University Drive extending their total retail space to nearly 60,000 square feet. They currently have a Friday Happy Hour Sale taking as much as 50% off most of the store during the hours of 4pm to 7:30pm. Another themed sale day is Wednesday, which is dedicated to senior citizens ages 50 and above. Every Sunday is jewelry day where all new items under this category will be showcased.

“The upstairs new section of our local thrift store in Lauderhill is scheduled to open on April 24th, 2015. American Thrift Store II is adding 16,000 square feet of additional retail space for our Furniture and Mattress Outlet shares Mike Arena, company representative. “If you’re looking for a treasure hunt, we load up our stores with 10’s of thousands of new items daily; surely you’ll find value here!”

Apart from designer clothing, this local thrift store also carries many other items including shoes, bedding, bric-a-brac, furniture, accessories, electronics, vintage items, toys, antiques, collectibles and an art gallery with over a thousand pictures and paintings.

Their online Hall of Fame section includes some unique items that came through the store over the years, such as a beautiful wooden sailing ship, wood crafted clocks, a Dwayne Wade jersey, a musket, vintage accordions, classic sun bikes, the first Beatles album and a 5’9” bow and arrow crafted by Woodcraft Equipment Co.

Their first store in Hollywood Florida, still thrives today serving 1000’s of thrifty shoppers every week. Check our website for hours of operation and additional information.

Watch for the Grand Opening of our 3rd location in West Palm Beach, Fall of 2015.

About American Thrift:

Opened in 1997, American Thrift has been one of the foremost local thrift stores in the area where you will find quality items at very low prices in departments such as clothing and shoes, bedding, bric-a-brac, furniture accessories, electronics, vintage items, and toys. The question then for buyers is not what they have but what they don’t have. They currently offer daily promotions with even more value on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday respectively. Their ultimate goal since the very beginning was to help provide shoppers with quality household items and clothing at affordable prices, which over 18 years later is still being fulfilled by the store.

For Media Contact:
Mike Arena
5501 North University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33351
(954) 962-4983

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Simply London Handyman provides plumbing and electrical fixing services

United Kingdom; 06, May 2015: The plumbing and electrical fixations may create nuisance in odd hours. It can lead to stressful situations for the elderly and even middle aged people. There is requirement for experienced and professional hands to do the needful maintaining proper safety standards. Simply London Handyman has professionally qualified and friendly team of experts handling a wide range of plumbing and electrical fitting tasks. This involves things such as fixation of broken taps, performing repairs, working on leaks, property installation, etc. It also deals with seemingly odd jobs for some people like fitting new locks, mounting flat screen television, assembling furniture, hanging pictures, etc.

The handyman London service provider has professionals who can fix the frustrating problems occurring at home from time to time. They can provide same day services whenever required with a prior appointment as per customer suitability. The professionals work on weekends and weekdays to help the customers deal with emergency situations. Often the first time customers end up being a loyal long time customer owing to the unparalleled level of services.

This handyman services London company has experts to do the odd jobs for customers. It includes hanging pictures, shelves, mirror, curtain rails and similar range of tasks. Rearrangement of furniture, replacement of sash window cords; assembling flat pack furniture, fixing cupboards, drawers, etc are also done. Electrical and power shower installations, fixation of blockages and leaks, fitting door locks and several other kinds of projects are handled by experts. Gas safe certification and boilers services are also provided by the experts.

The handyman West London service provider has a team of well trained and insured handymen. These people are multi-skilled, friendly, and come with a wealth of experience in handyman services. No project undertaken is too small or big for them and customer safety is their first priority. There are no extra charges required for same day services and the work carried out is of highest quality. The Handyman Central London firm has an established reputation throughout London and emphasises top notch customer services.

Sometimes things go wrong in a way which is unimaginable. It is not easy to get a handyman immediately on the same day without incurring extra charges. The Handyman Fulham Company doesn’t take additional charges regardless of the time and hard work. It understands that problems like leaks and blockages cannot be planned. The professionals strive to meet the expectations of customers with their workmanship. Free impartial advice is also provided according to the needs.

About Simply London Handyman:

Simply London Handyman is a UK based handyman service provider with more than a decade of experience. It deals with a comprehensive range of services in electrical fixations, plumbing services, leak repairs, and similar tasks. Visit the website for more information on the products and services offered.

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Cadiport comes up with its designer of cases for iPhone and Samsung phones

United States of America; 05, May 2015: iPhone accessories and covers have been in trend since the launch of this gadget. There are various online stores selling these cases and accessories that help in making the device look stylish. It also helps in improving the protection for these costly devices. One of the online stores selling these devices is cadiport.

There are cases for various uses like cables, Bluetooth keyboards, batteries, arm bands, adapters and much more. These cases have multiple usage and they are aimed at providing extra protection to the phone. Whether it is an iPhone or a normal smartphone one would never like to see any damage on it. Even a small scratch would make it look ugly and reduce its beauty. It is important to take precautionary steps from the start and get it covered. The coque iphone 5s cover proves to be a nice fit for the iPhone 5s and helps in giving a nice stylish look to the phone. There are huge amount of people using iPhone 5s around the world and this proves to be the right accessory for their gadget.

The sight has huge range of adapters and accessories for different devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and much more. The online store is not only limited to the iOS smartphones as they also provide nice accessories for various smartphones developed by Samsung. Samsung has come up with various range of Galaxy phones like the Note 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Ace and much more. Today almost all the youngsters like to get innovative accessories for their gadgets and follow trendy designs. To stay updated with the trends and the innovative accessories being developed today one should subscribe to the newsletter of this website and they will be kept updated with the new products being launched in the markets.

These accessories are not only limited to smartphones as there are various covers and accessories being launched for the tablets. The online store has different styles of protective accessories available on their site for the iPad. The stock is not limited for just one version of the tablet as one can have a look at the accessories for iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad mini and much more. Having a look at the range of designs and comparing it with other products makes it easier to buy the product that meets the buyer’s requirements and his budget. The Coque iPhone 6 is one of the products that has been a hit among the buyers and huge amount of people having been buying this accessory for their smartphone.

About Cadiport:


Cadiport is an online store that has been selling various accessories for tablets as well as smartphones for a long time now. They have a cost effective range of products that can be viewed at the abovementioned website.

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