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The VigRx Plus Review Dispels The Doubts About The Efficacy And Reliability Of VigRx Pills

 It was in 2000 that VigRX for men was launched by Albion Medical and it is effective in dealing with problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and unwanted emotional stress, says VigRx Plus Review. They add that the pills enlarge the size of the male organ during intercourse, thus facilitating superior satisfaction and happiness.


The best source to buy VigRx Plus is from the website of the original manufacturers and people can get discounts and coupons also from time to time, says VigRx Plus Review. The site is available in various languages like Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Shipping facilities are available to almost all parts of the world including Australia, Canada, UK and US and shipping to US locations is done free of cost, says VigRx Plus Review.


VigRX Plus Review add that the pills contain ingredients like Asian Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Epimedium Leaf Extract, Bioperine, etc. They point out that these are high quality, 100% natural and herbal ingredients and so, there will not be any side-effects. They add that these pills work so effectively that they can arouse the se xual urge of people enabling them to satisfy their partners and themselves to the fullest.


While Asian Ginseng rejuvenates weaker bodies and improves energy level, ginsenoside improves blood flow to the brain and the male organ thus preventing premature ejaculation and possible impotency. Saw Palmetto is an aphrodisiac that enhances hormonal balance and blood flow and improves a man’s health and se xual performance.
Epimedium Leaf Extract improves se xual endurance and erection quality. Other new ingredients include like Damiana,Tribulus, etc. and they enhance the efficiency of the pills, says VigRx Plus Review.

VigRx Plus pills come in different packages and so, they come in various price ranges with discounts and bonuses, points out VigRx Plus Review. The pills must be taken for a minimum period of 3 to 4 months for having optimum effects.


Contact :


Kulu Jena

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Rescue Rodeo Announces Largest Outdoor Animal-Related Event in Parker County

The Animal Rescue Event will be the first ever for Parker County, Texas, and the largest outdoor animal-focused event here. It will feature dog and cat adoptions, low-cost vaccinations, heartworm testing, demos, food, live music, and more.

Weatherford, Texas – March 9, 2016 – Rescue Rodeo 2016 has unveiled its Animal Rescue Event to take place April 16, 2016 at the First Monday Grounds at Heritage Park in Weatherford. It will be the first and largest event of its kind in Parker County. To be hosted by the Weatherford Animal Shelter Volunteers, Rescue Rodeo 2016 will be anchored by multiple pet rescues and animal related vendors.

Residents and businesses from around the Dallas-Fort Worth area are welcome. The dog rescue event will include dog and cat adoptions plus low-cost vaccinations, heartworm testing, and professional pet photography. Pets are welcome. Vendors will also provide microchips and nail trimmings while vets and sanctuaries from across the area will be present on the grounds.

Vendors welcome at the event include:

• Rescue Groups: Non-profit rescues can bring adoptable pets and set up their own canopies. Attendees will be able to adopt animals at Rescue Rodeo or apply for later approval. Groups can also collect donations and pass around information.

• Educational Vendors: Booths can be set up by groomers, trainers, sanctuary reps, and local veterinarians to promote themselves and provide an educational experience. They can give information about spaying and neutering, heartworm prevention, and training demos.

• Pet Related Vendors: Pet related products such as food, treats, accessories, outdoor/indoor décor, jewelry, and more will be available.

Heartworm testing will be provided at the Parker County Pets Alive Booth, while vaccinations will be offered care of the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection and Parker County Vet Hospital. Also, a number of local animal rescues have already signed up for the animal rescue event. A dog pageant will be held during the day as well, plus various raffles and prizes.

“iRescue is honored to be part of rescue rodeo. Here's to a successful event this year and many more in order to find homes for the pets of Parker County”, Michelle Kays-Witkowski, President.

Fun for People Too

Rescue Rodeo 2016 will also feature live music for the entire day, which will include Cominsky-Williams and River Trip. There will be food as well. Another part of the Fort Worth family event will be Kid Zone, where attendees will be able to take a picture on a Longhorn bull, visit the petting zoo, or enjoy Henna tattoos, face painting, and a double slide and bounce house.

"We're so excited to bring Rescue Rodeo to Weatherford. Our hope is that anyone and everyone who loves animals will bring their whole family (and their furbabies) to this event for a fun day of live music, great food, pet activities, education, low cost vaccinations, shopping and a ton more. We hope to see people from all over the DFW metroplex show up." Kim Murray, Volunteer/Event Coordinator.

"We're so excited to bring Rescue Rodeo to Weatherford. Our hope is that anyone and everyone who loves animals will bring their whole family (and their furbabies) to this event for a fun day of live music, great food, pet activities, education, low cost vaccinations, shopping and a ton more. We hope to see people from all over the DFW metroplex show up." Kim Murray, Volunteer/Event Coordinator.

About Rescue Rodeo

Rescue Rodeo is an organization responsible for setting up Rescue Rodeo 2016, an outdoor animal-related event in Parker County, Texas. It involves local dog and cat rescues, animal-related vendors, local vets, and educational demos. Sponsored by various local groups, the event provides fun and resources for people and pets alike.
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Hip hop artist and entrepreneur announces album, business venture

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ferrari Forbes, American hip hop artist, is pleased to announce his first long play venture and self-titled album due on June 3. His first three mix-tape releases saw excellent air play and was a hit among listeners. He followed up that success with his debut single No Chance and started his own record label at the same time.
His current focus is his first full debut album entitled, appropriately, Ferrari Forbes, and is destined to make the hip hop charts and scenes.
 "I expect this project to be in the discussion for hip hop album of the year,” said Forbes in a recent interview.
Far from being idle or spending his time strictly on his music, Forbes is also launching his first luxury brand. Called “Trilioni,” Italian for trillions, the online store focuses on top quality footwear for the discriminating gentleman or lady of refined taste. His first line, apply named Spring 2016, is already available for preview on the website.
“This is a new business venture as an extension of who I am as an artist and model. I am also a man of taste and talents outside of music. Trilioni is merely this extension of who I am,” said Forbes.
A full clothing line is expected for Fall 2016. Meanwhile, Forbes is spending most of his time concentrating on finishing his album for his fans.
Learn more about the album at and his clothing at

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How Well is the Offshore IT Services Industry Doing in Healthcare?

Damo Consulting, one of the leaders in the consultancy for healthcare enterprises and technology, recently studied the quarter ended December 31th for the top 5 offshore IT services firm. They came up with some interesting insights. Given that the healthcare is one of the hottest markets for technology firms, the research team at Damo Consulting initiated an effort to understand the IT major’s footprint and growth in this sector.

The research kicked off from the most recent quarter’s earnings releases from numerous public companies. And according to Damo Consulting, the following are the rationale behind it:

• To focus on the immediate situation to get a quick snapshot that can provide directional insight

• To focus on facts that were part of regulatory reporting requirements and avoid press releases and other information that could pertain to marketing or promotional messages.
Five companies were randomly selected for this research; Cognizant, HCL, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro. These are referred to as the big 5 offshore IT major. As far as this analysis is concerned, there is no attribution to any significance to where the companies are incorporated.

In December 2015, Chennai, India, one of the big offshore centers for IT and IT-enabled services experienced devastating floods. The impact of the floods on operations during December with regards to the statements from the companies is highlighted below.

• Cognizant (CTS): the impact of the flood is negligible. Their revenue is $951.9 million which is 29.47% of total revenue. And they recorded a growth of 1.4%.

• HCL: HCL Technologies has been positioned as a leader in the IDC Marketspace Worldwide Life Science Manufacturing and Supply Chain ITO Assessment 2015, released in October 2015. HCL won a deal to Design, Build, Host, and Operate a Primary Source Verification system for a US based healthcare services firm. Their revenue is $191.05 million which is 12.2% of the total revenue, with a 0.3% growth. Their cash flows was negatively affected as a result of the Chennai flood.

• Infosys: the flood had a negligible impact. Their growth was 3%, revenue $185.34, a 7.7% of total revenue.

• TCS: their growth declined by .5% which the management attributed to factors which include the Chennai flood. Their revenue is $302.58, 7.3% of total revenue. Their services were engaged by a leading European Life Sciences company to transform its product safety monitoring operations by leveraging data analytical insights from social channels.

• Wipro: they also recorded .5% reduction in their quarter on quarter growth margin due to the Chennai flood. Their revenue is $220.56, 12% of total revenue. A leading global nutrition, health and wellness company selected Wipro to enable the migration of a significant portion of its global IT applications estate to a hybrid cloud. As part of the engagement, Wipro will provide IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), an integrated hardware-software-services stack, and billing-metering-chargeback in a completely outcome-based model. In February 2016, they announced buying HealthPlan Services worth $460 million.

The result provides the following insights:

• Size matters: the fact is Cognizant’s revenues are an order of magnitude higher than the nearest competitors in the sample, but the overall revenue numbers are only a part of the picture. Size can be a very important factor for some buyers.

• The composition of revenues from the healthcare practice in the sample varies widely: the variations are due to the representation of segments (for example, Life Sciences) or the offering type (for example, infrastructure support) in overall revenues. Unfortunately, segment level information is not available for the most part. But considering the qualitative remarks, one can draw some inferences. For instance, HCL emphasizes their growth in the life sciences space and in infrastructure, so directionally; these appear to be their areas of strength.

Cognizant, with its recent acquisition of Trizetto, is likely to have a revenue mix today that is significantly different from the peer group and also from its past revenue profile. So will Wipro, with its recent announcement to acquire Healthplan Services. No company has provided a breakout of revenues between payer and providers segments within healthcare.
One of the biggest questions that arose during this research was what defines a healthcare practice? Another question was what is the level of engagement for these companies in next-generation offering such as cloud, digital, analytics and IoT in healthcare? The answer to these questions and the difference are very important for buyers when selecting a strategic partner. These are also important technology firms in determining growth and competitive strategy.

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Located in the heart of Houston, Texas and with more than 30 years of experience in defending the rights of their clients,Chenkin Law Firm honors the attorney/client privilege code insuring your case will be handled professionally and always as a top priority.


Chenkin Law Firm has been specializing in criminal defense, personal injury, pharmaceuticals, business and commercial litigation for over 30 years. Chenkin Law Firm believes there is no “minor” criminal charge because any charge from drug crimes to murder is serious with high stakes that could forever change your life.

Chenkin Law Firm will stand up and fight for your rights. We will not back down to the intimidation by the prosecution and we will find flaws in the case and work hard to make sure those flaws are not used as a means to convict. We will investigate and find witnesses to help your case and provide the best defense possible no matter the crime.


If you are charged with a crime and need the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas contacting Chenkin Law Firm is the best gift you can give yourself. This firm has years of experience in defending:


Drug crimesViolent crimesMurderDWIBWISex CrimesInternet Crimes 

Even if your charge does not fit within these parameters, contact Chenkin Law Firm anyway. You can believe they have seen it all in their 30 years of practicing criminal defense.


Drug crimes in Texas are heavily prosecuted therefore it is important to contact Chenkin Law Firm immediately.   The laws can be confusing and if you don’t understand your rights and how the state works you could find yourself facing a much more severe penalty without adequate representation.


A murder charge is incredibly difficult to handle from attempted murder to vehicular manslaughter and everything in between the charge is serious and the State of Texas is very severe on offenders even before being tried. It is best to hire Chenkin Law Firm immediately so you can get fair representation from day one.


Crime is a serious charge and the system is not flawless. Having a legal representative like Chenkin Law Firm on your side immediately can save you from being given major fines and sentences that do not fit the crime.   There is also a lot of pressure for the State to “solve” a crime and they will bully people to get that conviction.


Protect yourself immediately by hiring Chenkin Law Firm who has over 30 years of experience in defending people against crimes such as drugs and murder.

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Dress Socks For Men

Dress Socks For Men | Press Release |

Subscribe now to The Socks, an online website that offers high quality socks in a different and fashionable manner. They work by subscription basis and every subscriber will get a uniquely tailored socks made out of different materials such as bamboo, cotton, modal and etc! Get yours now!


Find out more at:

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VIP bottle service in bars and nightclubs

Sparkler City is an e-store that sells bottle sparklers for VIP bottle service in bars and nightclubs. Shine brighter than anyone, get your own sparkling bottle or give your friends this unique gift! 

 Visit the website for more information and shop now!
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Best Online Shopping Experience Offered by Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie

Best Online Shopping Experience Offered by Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie | Press Release |
jeasson-lens's insight:

Shopping to women is exceptionally important and ever since online shopping has become popular, everything is much easier and manageable. With the internet being filled with countless stores selling women clothing and other accessories, it can often be difficult to choose the best one but this is where Be Gorgeous Style by Mimmie comes in. The online storefront has been around from quite some time and is known to fulfill the online shopping needs of women from all around the world.


The best part is the fact that it offers free shipping over 70£, which is great and allows everyone to save a whole lot of money in the process. This is the ultimate one-stop where women can not only purchase clothing but they can also buy jewelry, beauty and health accessories, hair products and extensions along with shoes of all kinds. Apart from female clothing, male clothing is also currently available on sale at the online site. What sets the high end online store from all the other ones out there is the fact that it gives people the opportunity to avail some of the most affordable priced products online.


Something that women must be aware of is the fact that the store sells products according to the latest fashion trends that are being followed around the world. This makes it easier for them to actually indulge in the purchasing of clothing, shoes and accessories that are chic and beautiful to look at in the first place. The accessories and footwear at Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie has particularly been praised by many of those who have shopped there in the past or not too long ago.


The fact that many online reviews and testimonials state the brilliant service and products offered by the online store gives all the more reason to people to buy from there. The products listed within the other categories are equally as good and unique, which means that designs and high end quality of products available here is not going to be so easily available at other online stores in the present times. The online store also offers the best sale and in clearance, customers can acquire even cheaper prices. In order to find more information, visiting is mandatory.


About Us

Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie is an exclusive online store that sells high quality and unique clothing, footwear, hair, beauty and health products along with women accessories for the convenience of people from all over the globe.

Mirriam Musonda-salati
United Kingdom

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Rockman Advisory Partners With StratVisor To Help Businesses Achieve Best Practices Economically

Rockman Advisory Partners With StratVisor To Help Businesses Achieve Best Practices Economically | Press Release |

July 7, 2015. Dallas, Texas. Rockman Advisory is pleased to announce that it has merged with StratVisor, one of the leading developers of tools for RA. The merger will increase Rockman Advisory’s ability to help big or small businesses to achieve best practices economically through its fractional, outsourced or C-suite consulting services.



As mentioned in Rockman Advisory’s slogan “You provide the spark, Rockman Advisory builds the FLAME,” the company helps their clients develop their businesses. This is done through their unique and highly strategic FLAME services which stand for Full Lifecycle for Account Management, End-to-end. FLAME is a host of services offered by Rockman Advisory that will provide the best possible outcome for every type of business. FLAME creates leads, closes sales, and continues to assist clients through Rockman Advisory’s analytically-based assessments of the company’s business practices.



FLAME also focuses on identifying the most efficient high return on investment (ROI) solutions, and the best outsourcing strategies to expertly manage the adoption of business best practices. Finally, once the project has been launched, Rockman Advisory also provides ongoing support to assist the business owner manage the initiatives. And now that Rockman Advisory has partnered with StratVisor, clients will be able to enjoy better marketing insights into a compay’s current state compares to industry best practices. All in all, FLAME creates an efficient system that will provide the best business solutions through a thorough assessment of the company needs. Rockman Advisory uses a flexible support system on an as needed basis which may be tailored fit for any company at any time.



A few quotes from Rockman Advisory site


-          There are a lot of companies offering a single point of C-Suite capabilities. We are a flexible offering CEO, CFO, COO, and CMO support on an as needed basis.

-          We can help a company, that is still trying to understand how automation can help them, Rockman Advisory will expand insights in business investments through dashboards showing ROI in Marketing, Sales, Product & Services, Finance & Operations and Managing & Monitoring.



Rockman Advisory uses a unique Strategic Performance Assessments (SPA) that analyzes the current challenges in a company or organization. The SPA also provides a roadmap of how to improve current revenue. This performance assessment is an indispensable part of the FLAME system and is composed of 30 questions that compare companies to industry best practices. For more information about Rockman Advisory, FLAME and SPA, visit Rockman Advisory’s official site at or check out the company’s official YouTube channel .




Rockman Advisory is one of the leading companies that offer fractional C- suite services, outsourced C-suite and C-suite consulting services on an as needed basis. With its FLAME and SPA strategies, it aims to create tailored fit solutions for any company. Merging with StratVisor increases its hold on its customers by providing the most efficient online services using tools for RA and industry best practices. For more information about Rockman Advisory visit their official site at For StratVisor http://www.stratvisor,com/surveys. 



Troy Rockman

Rockman Advisory

Dallas, Texas, USA


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New Raw Vegan Chef professional online course takingthe market by storm

Australia, Queensland, Maleny - New Raw Vegan Chef professional online course taking the market by storm

Some fans of Raw Vegan diet may not be aware that there’s already a professional course which is being offered in this field. The Raw Food Institute of Australia is offering a complete online Raw Vegan Professional Chef Certificate Course. They welcome students from around the world into their interactive culinary courses.


The Mission of Raw Food Institute is to share and advance cutting-edge Raw Vegan Chef professional course in an online environment through superior instruction and innovative techniques designed to inspire and challenge

The program focuses on the Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine, which offers students comprehensive training in the principles behind the art of raw food. They also offer Advanced Raw Cuisine curriculum focusing on the modern, creative approach to living foods. These programs are structured in such a way that students build on the techniques learned, enabling them to execute and innovate raw cuisine at the highest level.


The Raw Food Institute’s programs are designed for those interested in the culinary art of raw foods at a business (and domestic) level, while using professional-style techniques. Their extensive, refined living cuisine instructions are based on structured and classic building blocks of culinary programs. And the institute’s profile includes a number of strategic partnerships, endorsements and collaborations which mutually benefit specific brands and projects.


"The Raw Food Institute of Australia Raw Vegan Professional Chef Certificate Course offers thorough and complete in depth instruction to all aspects of a Raw Vegan diet for modern Chefs who want to prepare Raw Vegan foods," Lucy Walter, founder of the Raw Food Insitute of Australia says.


This is an International interactive course that will give you the opportunity to study and share with interesting people from all over the world; those who have one common interest, “Raw Food”.  You will be coached using step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know about this healthy lifestyle, including illness prevention and reversal, the safest and most effective ways to detox, as well as how to prepare spectacular dishes.


Towards the end of the course, hands on food preparation will be given so that you will feel completely confident and well equipped with knowledge to continue this lifestyle on your own upon completion of the course. The course also includes training for those who want to pursue a career as certified raw vegan chefs, coaches, authors or even those who want to open their own cafes. Nothing can be more rewarding than following your passion and creating a career from it.


 “This course has a really strong, loving, vegan intention to help people change and improve their way of life and that of the planet," says Gabriel Cousens, American physician M.D., homeopath, and spiritual writer who practices holistic medicine.

About us:

The Raw Food Institute of Australia brings together the world’s foremost experts and innovators in plant based nutrition and some of the world’s leading Raw Food chefs and offers courses and programs for beginners to experts.


617 54358692

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Personalized Wedding Card - Make Your Big Day Memorable! is now the most convenient online portal in the vast Malaysia to get wedding card and wedding related services. The greatest allure, all these are just a mouse click away; just pick and wait for timely delivery. Whether you need photo booth décor or favors and gift articles, Paperose is your unwavering partner. What also makes Paperose more compelling is that they vest remarkable creativity in getting you custom and personalized items to make you capture the hearts of your wedding guests. Your tailored services and fine-crafted wedding articles yet come at unbelievably competitive costs that let you remain with enough cash to enhance other areas of your once-in-life ceremony or save for an elegant honeymoon.


Ordering online saves you travelling time and the hassle of browsing and combing vast disorganized piles in your neighborhood wedding store. Chances are high that your might miss out on some of more important things that could have made your big day even more distinctive, either hidden in the piles or not available in the stock. And more, your local store might not be ready to customize your order to suit your desire. Those are just a few areas Paperose steals the show and stick ahead of the competition, letting you relax and get your wedding running in harmony with your imagination. Paperose also tops it with tips to make the entire event run beyond your expectation.


Ultimately when it comes to your wedding day, you want run the show in a fashion that etches indelible memories in the minds of all attending patrons. Hosting your remarkable big day calls for great creativity as well convenience in attaining your dreams. Wedding in Malaysia, you can now get your event personalized in a way that creates a seamless blend between your local tradition and contemporary taste. is your choice wedding partner.


"While Paperose wedding card are inspired by local traditions, brides or grooms from any culture looking for a modern and interesting way to inform their wedding day are encouraged to check out our personalized Malaysia wedding invitation cards," said Joseph Wong. "They're a memorable way in addition to traditional paper cards to announce wedding events."

Paperose create breathtakingly elegant wedding stationery laced with fresh contemporary twist. They offer wedding invitation cards, wedding gifts, photo booth rental, guest book and wedding related products.


Getting their hands into wedding card design, Paperose artists marry aesthetics with functionality and ensure that your wedding invitation card captures imagination and delivers with astounding boldness. Your wedding gifts are also created to evoke envy and send everyone asking where they came from. With photo booth wedding and guest book wedding, all equipment and stationery match your wedding theme, suits the bride and groom’s favorite colors and fill the air with a romantic aura. 


Paperose is a hallmark of unquestioned quality. Handling their work with passion and commitment, they employ unparalleled expertise, experience and efficiency in turning your wedding plans into tangible reality, making your big day memorable!    


Media Contacts






Physical Address

Malaysia, Selangor, Petaling Jaya

6 03-78660772

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Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control Shares Extensive Insight on Effective, Targeted Rodent Invasion Prevention

November 15, 2014 - Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas - A-rated pest control and wildlife removal company, Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control, has come out with a stance very few pest control companies would dare to explore, sharing some of the things people can do to prevent rodents from invading their homes or business buildings. While the widespread reluctance by many pest control companies to share such information is undoubtedly justified, fearing the possibility of such free information eating into their business, the 26 years of experience in the industry boasted by Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control has them holding a different view.


Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control fully understands that an empowered consumer is one which will exercise a smart choice each time, ultimately leading them back to the San Antonio based pest control and wildlife removal company. Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control enjoys the competitive advantage of offering advanced and specialized pest control and wildlife removal services, including rodent removal, rodent control, wildlife removal and wildlife control. Inevitably, no matter how much valuable information they share regarding the prevention of rodent invasion, when consumers are faced with a serious rodent problem, they have no choice but to call in the experts to do a thorough job.


While Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control gladly shares rodent invasion prevention secrets such as cutting tress back away from the house, removing all debris around the outside of the house and removing left-over food in birdfeeders, when the problem of raccoon invasion, opossums, skunks and squirrels gets out of hand, only the type of expertise possessed by the likes of Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control will suffice in effectively dealing with the problem and keeping those rodents away.



ABOLISH PEST & WILDLIFE CONTROL is an A-rated company boasting BBB accreditation, with over 26 years of experience in the pest control and wildlife removal industry. The Angie’s List-rated company is fully licensed and insured for customers’ protection, serving San Antonio and surrounding areas in Texas.

Media Contacts:


Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas

Phone: 210-430-3996




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Entertaining and Unique Hypnosis Stage Show

Staten Island NY, 20-NOVEMBER-2014 – John Cerbone of the Cerbone Hypnosis Institute is pleased to announce that he is available for a comedy entertainment experience appropriate for any venue and always tasteful. The hypnosis stage show is hilarious and displays amazing fun. There are no swinging watches, just a fun, unique and exciting humorous style perfect for any corporate or private event entertainment concept.


Speaking to an interviewer recently, Mr. Cerbone explained, “I have worked with groups and corporate occasions of every size and location for Fortune 500 corporate events to mom-and-pop parties. I have appeared in high school auditoriums to the Strip at Las Vegas. I adapt the content of my stage hypnosis show to cater to the tastes of the particular audience, in order to offer the highest entertainment value and ultimate professionalism.”


John Cerbone has been called the Fastest Hypnotist Alive. He has personally hypnotized more than 120,000 individuals and has been able to place strangers into hypnotic states within seconds. His peers recognize him as a “Trance-Master”. He has performed for radio and television performances. His performance venues include Europe, the United Kingdom, a number of universities through the United States, as well as clubs in New York City, Atlanta and Las Vegas.


In addition to his stage and club work, John Cerbone is author of “Hypnotic Scripts That Work”, as well as specialized instructional CDs. His “Speed Trance” course demonstrates new methods for rapid induction on the stage, street and for clinical work.


Learn more about the hypnosis stage show by visiting the web pages online at  today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release should contact John Cerbone at the location provided below.


Contact Details :

Contact Person Name: John Cerbone

Company Name: Cerbone Hypnosis Institute

 Address: PO Box 90173 Prince’s Bay Station, Staten Island, NY 10309-0173

 Contact Telephone Number: (718) 227-4868 or (718) 948-8623 or (702) 357-8630



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Excelsior Business Development Founder, Russell Streeter, Releases Business-Expansion Book for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

November 11, 2014 - Excelsior Business Development has released a new business development book by founder, Russell Streeter, aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and take it to the next level. The Seven Keys Formula, which was formally released on October 24th, provides a practical 7-step formula to help business owners double or even triple the current size of their business, turning it into a well-oiled money-making machine.


“It takes more than passion and a good idea to build a successful business,” said Russell Streeter, making direct reference to one of book’s central themes of uncovering the business growth secrets hidden in plain sight. “If you’ve reached a ‘growth ceiling’ in your business, with slowing sales and profit, the Seven Keys Formula can help you take it to the next level,” continues Streeter, in reference to the type of reader the book would benefit the most. “This is a powerful business growth methodology that uses a range of strategies to help you achieve success,” concludes the business growth expert, who is also a qualified Chartered Accountant and speaker.


Whereas other business books focus only on getting more customers, The Seven Keys Formula includes strategies for retaining customers, encouraging them to spend more, improving profit margins and boosting referral rates. These actions are often cheaper and easier than attracting new business and may have a greater impact on profits and growth. The Book also stresses the important of systemising your business, in order to position it for massive growth and ultimately free yourself from the day-to-day operations. Streeter points out “If you can’t be replaced, you won’t be able to sell your business.”


The comprehensive and invaluable book is available for free download at:, with 99 marketing tools and a One-Page Marketing Plan template included with each download.



The Seven Keys Formula is a new book written by Excelsior Business Development CEO & Founder, Russell Streeter, aimed at helping ambitious entrepreneurs grow their business and take it to the next level. The free guide draws on Russell’s expertise as a business growth expert, speaker and Chartered Accountant. During his career, Russell has worked with global brands such as PwC, IBM and Prudential. He has been working with small and medium-sized enterprises spanning several industries, since 2012.



Contact details :

Excelsior Business Development

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Women anglers raising money for film, awareness

JUNEAU, Alaska – For many in the 49th state, fishing is a necessary part of life. What many do not realize, however, is there is a large contingent of women anglers who share a love of all things fishing. 

 A major part of Juneau's industry is fishing, and each year the king salmon run brings anglers from all over the world to participate. Most of the fishing is done with local guides, and some of those guides are women.

  Kayla Roys and Sydney Akagi are both born and raised in Juneau, Alaska and have grown up fishing.  Their personal favorite fishing is fly fishing, a specialized form of fishing that uses a line to throw a very small lure, the fly. Flies are hand tied by practitioners, and both Roys and Akagi fly fish and tie their own flies. 

 They love fishing so much, they have decided to make a film that focuses on women anglers in Southeast Alaska.

 “We fish as often as we can, when we can,” said Roys, and we decided to apply for a grant from the” ;

 The grant awards $15,000.00 to produce a short film that will help increase the representation of women in fly fishing. Trout Unlimited requires the entrants to raise a portion of the sum for themselves before awarding the grant.

 “There is an art to fly fishing that only the fly fisher truly understands. From the tiny wisps of feathers and thin steel of the fly, the arc of the cast and the excitement of a strike, there is something that is beautiful and special. We want more women to share in it,” said Akagi. 

 The ladies are trying to raise $5,000.00 for the film, and they have turned to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website for help. So far, they have raised approximately $1,500.00. The film will cover many sections of southeastern Alaska, where the pair will interview and fish with local ladies. Along the way, they will share their own stories of fishing and share information about the fishing industry and fly fishing in general. 

 “The majority of the grant will go to cover our transportation costs. We have to fly or take a boat to almost any location we want to film,” said Roys. 

 The campaign has 11 days to go, so they are looking for as much help as possible. Those who do participate will receive a special gift, up to and including a personal fly fishing lesson with Roys and a photo shoot with Akagi.

  Learn more at their Kickstarter campaign site.

 Kayla Roys and Sydney Akagi
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CrackJelly Launches Addictive Aussie Jalapeno Jam in the U.S.

Hilton Head Island, SC – February 24, 2016 – CrackJelly, a company created out of a “Chili Jam” recipe created by two sisters from Australia, has introduced its Jam to the U.S. market. Its product is now available in five stores in South Carolina, following an initial production run in January 2016. The company is taking orders for the jalapeno jam from customers via its live and operational website.
The original recipe was created by sisters Elayne and Evelyn. Evelyn began making Chili Jam after moving to the U.S. in 2014 and was an instant hit. Chili’s, known in the United States as jalapeño’s, are used in the product which is noted for its sweet and spicy taste. A number of recipes have since been revealed. Customers have many options once they purchase CrackJelly to enjoy its taste and mouth watering effects.
CrackJelly Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño Jam is best when served cocktail style, according to the company. It can be served with cheese and crackers but also used as an ingredient in many other recipes. Some of these include:
• CrackJelly Cheese Platter: A plate of crackers, cheese, and strawberries enables people to enjoy the Aussie kick.
• CrackJelly Chicken & Shrimp Pasta: Just add CrackJelly to your favorite tomato based sauce.
• CrackJelly Shrimp Pizza: Works best when marinated with one-half pound of shrimp with olive oil. Marinate the shrimp with CrackJelly with cubes of sweet potato. Spread onto a tomato base, mozzarella pizza and bake for another 15-20 minutes. The company also recommends including feta cheese and arugula.
• CrackJelly Shrimp Salad: Shrimp marinated with CrackJelly and olive oil and added to any type of salad. Works great with creamy dressing.
• Texas CrackJelly Egg Sandwich: Great for breakfast, it is best on toasted bread. It can be used with chopped ham and extra jalapenos and cheese.
• CrackJelly adds a sweet aussie kick to all meats. Sear your favorite steak, pork or chicken in CrackJelly or use as a condiment, or make yourself a CrackJelly burger.
• Add CrackJelly to any salad dressing or make a vinaigrette to your liking.
Perfecting the Jalapeño Jam Recipe
Throughout 2015, CrackJelly’s founders worked hard with numerous co-packers, with the ultimate desire and obsession to perfectly re-create the taste and flavor profileof the original recipe.One of CrackJelly’s primary concerns was to keep the product free from added pectin. They finally settled on Braswell Food Company in Georgia, which has been producing award-winning foods since 1946.It’s a leading private label, co-pack manufacturer that works with hundreds of U.S. retailers. Currently, CrackJelly is working to introduce its tasty product to as many people as it can. The jalapeño jam has already proven to be sweet, spicy, and very addicting.
CrackJelly is now sold in three different varieties. These include:
Single 11 ounce CrackJelly Jar - $6.95
3-Pack 11 ounce CrackJelly Jars - $19.95
6-Pack 11 ounce CrackJelly Jars - $39.90
Each item is available now to purchase via the CrackJelly website’s secure shopping cart. People can also share it on Facebook, Tweet about it, post it on Pinterest, or email it using the online tools provided. The product is available in four stores in South Carolina, including Colleton Museum & Farmers Market, Piggly Wiggly Coligny on Hilton Head Island and well known Scott’s Market in Bluffton.
To learn more about the company, become a distributor, or read the growing list of recipes, visit CrackJelly Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno Jam online at
AboutCrackJelly, LLC
CrackJelly is a company started by the Lacey family originally from Perth, Australia. Its flagship product is a chili jam made by Evelyn Lacey after she migrated to the U.S. in 2014. The sweet and spicy jalapeno jam is now available in four South Carolina stores, in various sized packages to meet the demands of customers nationwide.

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TOP 10 Massive Physical Transformations For Movie Roles - YouTube

Here is the Top 10 Massive Physical Transformations For Movie Roles : Music from Thanks for watching Subscribe for...
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Dress Socks For Men

Subscribe now to The Socks, an online website that offers high quality socks in a different and fashionable manner. They work by subscription basis and every subscriber will get a uniquely tailored socks made out of different materials such as bamboo, cotton, modal and etc! Get yours now!


Find out more at:

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Top 10 Best Magician auditions on Got Talent

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Gogo Charters Releases its Top Florida Destination Picks for 2015

 Gogo Charters, one of the fastest growing charter bus booking services in the country, released its list of the Top 5 Charter Bus Destinations in Florida today. The list is based on five factors: Number of Activities, Accommodation Diversity, Special Events, Restaurant Choice and Shopping Opportunities. The Top 5 are: Orlando, Destin, Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West.

Photo -

Logo -



"Florida is a charter bus-friendly state," says Gogo Charters Tony Harris. "Our 2015 Top Charter Bus Destinations in Florida run nearly the entire 447 mile length of the state from Destin to Key West. They are also cities utilized by schools, churches, non-profits and businesses for tournaments, conferences and special events."

Florida is having a pretty good year. gave three Florida cities – Destin, Orlando and Key West – spots in their Top 10 summer trip locations just a few months ago and now the Census Bureau has moved New York over and inserted Florida as the 3rd most populous city in the U.S. Its magical city, Orlando, has taken the top U.S. destination spot based on visitors for the past three years with a record 59 million enjoying the city's attractions in 2013. 

Orlando charter bus rental remains one of the most requested choices by Gogo Charters' customers followed by Tampa bus rental and Jacksonville charter buses.

"As a premiere Orlando bus company choice, we continue to look for ways to enhance our bus service, including adding Wi-Fi whenever possible," adds Harris.

Harris notes that Wi-Fi on charter buses is becoming increasingly important to universities and major sports and college teams requesting charter bus service.

Gogo Charters is one of the fastest growing charter bus booking services with customers in all major cities. To learn more or book a charter bus, visit


Kathy Scott

Gogo Charters

(678) 615-0857


SOURCE Gogo Charters

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Cronnection, a startup that enables users to sel and buy time and objects without money

Barcelona, Spain - For immediate release - Cronnection, a startup that enables users to sell and buy time and objects  without money!


Is barter trade back? You can now buy and sell time and objects without using money in a global market where the currency is the virtual value of exchanges. This innovative idea enables users to get value from using their time to help others with their skills and Knowledge and in return someone else or that same user gives them their time in exchange.


Cronnection swaps are commercial deals between individuals without the need for money. Objects and time are swapped using virtual Points and Hours as currency.  Users can then sell those virtual on the Wallet section, which will launch soon.


All you need to do is to create a complete profile with your photo and professional information. You will then fill in catalog, add nice photos and descriptions to let others know what you’re offering. Once you start promoting your catalog you will start receiving offers. Sell stuff or spend real time to accumulate virtual Points and earn Hours.


Spend your earnedPoints and Hours on a worldwide objects and skills marketplace, where everything’s free!


Cronnection was started by a team of 4 individuals but has now grown to 9 people.Cronnection raised a seed round back in September 2013 from a private investor in Miami, USA. Currently, the platform has over 15,000 users and is growing in the internal activity and is slowly gaining traction.



The investors and the company are from Miami, USA but the teamworks out of Barcelona, Spain. They are preparing for a second round.





Eric Ferrer Blanes

+34 684 142 297

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Reliable airport transportation now available for Montego Bay Jamaica

People looking for private airport transportation in Montego Bay Jamaica now have a chance to hire services from one of the best airport transportation company in the country. Diana Taxi and Tours is offering airport transfers for its clients in Montego Bay. Montego Bay airport is the leading gateway to tourism destinations found on the west side of Jamaica While making the announcement, Diana Taxi and Tours Chief executive Officer Ms Daina Lee Buck said that the company is committed to giving its customer the best services.

Daina taxi and tours is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica and provides clean, well maintained, fully air-conditioned buses, mini vans, taxi cabs, luxury cars, executive limousine for transportation to and from hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, weddings and full custom transportation package throughout Jamaica. The company which offers private transfers and personalized tour services added airport transportation in its cap.


According to Ms Daina, the Montego Bay airport transfer is available twenty fours a day, “customers who are looking for transfers from the airport will have a chance to get a comfortable and reliable means of transport,” added Ms Daina.


The company is known for its exemplary quality customer relations, it has won the hearts of many clients, judging by the feedback that the company has received ,analyst have pointed that  such positive feedback can only come from clients who are happy about the services that they have received.


 “Daina Taxi drivers providing transfer service are very professional and eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you; they will be identifying areas of interest along the way and are willing to stop at your request for refreshments,” said Ms Daina.


Daina Taxi and Tours vehicles are all licensed and registered in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set by the Tourist Board and Transport Authority of Jamaica. “It is easy to locate our MBJ airport meet and greet rep who will be holding a Daina Taxi sign with your name displayed on it,” said Ms Daina while she explained to the visitors on how they can locate the vehicles.


As part of the service the Daina Taxi and tour car seats are provided for infants and small babies at no extra charge.


About Daina Taxi & Tours 

Daina Taxi & Tours is a Jamaican based taxi and tour service company, that specialize in private transfers and personalized tour service. Daina Taxi & Tours utilizes a fleet of modern luxurious air-condition vehicles, operated by certified, professional, courteous and experienced drivers. 

Daina Taxi and Tours team of airport dispatchers and baggage handlers are highly trained in customer services, they welcome the visitors with warm Jamaican smile and ensure that they are provided with the best Jamaican service


Daina's Taxi Service works in conjunction with Paradise Vacations Jamaica Ltd. Providing exclusive private transfers throughout the Island.

Ms. Daina-lee Buck owner of Daina's Taxi Tours have been providing hospitable service to visitors to Jamaica for over 15 years. With her much gathered experience she is quite capable of guaranteeing that you receive a flawless service.


Daina's taxi tour provides a well structured operation, which includes Reservations personnel's, Arrivals airport dispatchers, Competent and experienced drivers.

Daina's taxi tour transportation fleet comprises of Mini vans, luxury cars, Coasters and Coach Buses, all Vehicles are fully air-conditioned, well maintained and are licensed in accordance with the transport authority regulations of Jamaica.


 Contact :

Daina Taxi & Tours Jamaica

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A permanent solution for all your charging needs for mobiles and tablets

It is always annoying when your phone is running out of battery and you cannot find a port or a power outlet to charge it. It is also not very pleasant to see all the chargers pile up at a place and you need to untangle them every time. This pile of chargers and entangled wires make your home really untidy. Therefore, we have come up with a Multi USB charger for your phones, tablets etc. It is a travel charger having six USB ports which allows you to charge your multiple devices at the same power outlet at the same time. So you can now charge your iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, tablets, etc. with just one charger simultaneously.


“Don’t leave home without it”. You must not forget to carry it while you are travelling since this multi USB phone charger comes with 4 interchangeable power outlet adapters which has an advantage of automatically adjusting to voltages, to make sure that you can charge your multiple devices like cell phones and accessories irrespective of any place in the world where you are. "Every frequent traveler should carry these with them- domestic and international.

It is a multi USB travel charger for all your USB devices. This travel charger will be compatible with most of your including apple phones, iPads, Samsung phones, tabs etc. Usually this 6 port charger is enough to meet the requirements of the entire family to charge the phones, tabs, etc.  


You also need not to worry about the safety part with this portable Multi USB charger since it has all important safety features and Overload power protection feature protect your devices from any risk which makes it safe to use for anybody in the house and also gives you peace of mind.


It has Precise USB connections and easy to select ports for your devices.


We have developed this product keeping in mind your daily requirements of the charger and the concerns you have to face with it. Our focus is to minimize your time consumption and to offer you a product that can give you maximum benefits. The latest features of this product will give you 100% satisfaction which is the ultimate goal of our company. We assure that you will have a very comfortable experience using our product.


So no phone of yours should remain discharged now and you do not require multiple power boards for various chargers since your requirements can be met by this 6 port travel charger.

To have more details about the product you can visit the following page:

And to know more about us you can visit:

Media contact: Tony Borrott +61415400237

You can also send us a mail at

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Pure Cooking Website Launched in the UK

United Kingdom, 17-NOVEMBER-2014 – Karine Lamping is pleased to announce the launch of her new website and blog. Karine has an ambitious layout for her cooking-based site and more information is expected as she fills in areas of interest. The major headings and web pages include Services, Recipes, Travel, Around the Table, Photo Album, and Health and Nutrition.


The classifications of recipes are extensive. They include Basics, Soups, Sauce, Easy and Quick, Starters, Sophisticated Dishes, Sweets, Cuisine Bistrot, Pasta, Cocktail Party, Special Toddlers and Empty Your Fridge. The Photo Album includes images of favorite menu entries from the author's family.


The Travel section has sub-categories of a Europe Foodies Events, Finding a Hotel and Finding a Restaurant. Around the Table includes hosting tips, creating an ambiance and table decorations. The author has a section under Health and Nutrition which deals with diets for toddlers. She describes elements of a top quality diet and nutritional balance.


It remains to be seen what topics of interest the author will choose to explore further on her website. The existing categories are wide ranging and well beyond the type of food blogs that are found elsewhere.


Learn more about Petit Chef cooking by visiting the web pages at now. Contact information can be accessed by following the details below.


Contact Person Name: Karine Lamping


URL Site: Pure Cooking

Contact Telephone Number: 02073515331

Contact Mobile Number: 07887751272



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New Zealand Musician, Motivational Speaker and Author, Keith Lightfoot,views SPCA Album as a way to help animals and to champion his message of maintaining belief in one’s dreams

November 17, 2014 – Keith Lightfoot is making use of this unique opportunity to encourage people to never lose sight of their dreams, believe in themselves and never give up on making their dreams come true.


Keith’s musical contribution to the album entitled Gray Bartlett & Friends takes the form of his single, ‘Home’. Keith describes himself as “just an ordinary guy, who has made more than his fair share of mistakes and suffered more than his fair share of failure/defeat”.When Gray Bartlett heard the song, he asked Keith to record alongside the “who’s who” of the Kiwi musical talent. This success epitomises the journey of someone who never gave up on their dreams and pushed on until the opportunity to make those dreams come true materialised. All proceeds from the music album will go towards helping animal rescue and rehabilitation. The album features some musical heavy-hitters of the New Zealand music scene including Eddie Low, John Rowles, Suzanne Lynch and Gray Bartlett.


Keith Lightfoot has harboured dreams of becoming a rock star since his teenage years and in an all too familiar tale of how the reality of life unfolds, Keith pushed his musical passion and clearly-evident talent aside to focus on emerging responsibilities such as marriage, kids and much more ‘mainstream’ and ‘safer’ career paths. He kept his deep-seated desire to be a musician alive and established himself as a published Author, powerful Motivational Speaker, Computer Geek and Ukulele Teacher.


More information about the SPCA album is available at:

More about Keith Lightfoot at:




Keith Lightfoot is a published author, powerful Motivational Speaker, Computer Geek and Singer Songwriter from New Zealand. The guitar player and ukulele teacher makes use of all the channels through which he is actively involved in to inspire people to never give up on making their dreams come true. Keith’s recent feature on the SPCA’s fund raising Music Album afforded him the deserved opportunity to take his place alongside the Who’s Who of Kiwi talent, while doubling up as the perfect platform to convey his message of maintaining self-belief.


Media Contact:

Contact Person: Keith Lightfoot

Hardwick Enterprises



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