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PatronReps Tackles Veteran and Military Spouse Unemployment

Haymarket, VA – PatronReps, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business has launched a program aimed at tackling unemployment among veterans and military spouses. 

 Veterans Affairs reported in July 2016, that 336,837 veterans were in receipt of Individual Unemployment benefits. These veterans are unable to maintain substantially gainful employment because of his/her service connected disabilities. The Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) reports 750,000 activity duty military spouses, of which 25% are unemployed and 85% actively seeking employment. The Military Times reported in May 2016, that this unemployment costs the U.S. economy upwards of $1 billion.

 PatronReps provides work-from-home opportunities as a customer service representative. PatronReps clients include premier online retailers, popular cruise lines and many other Fortune 500 companies. Employees get to choose the brands they want to service, on a flexible schedule with unlimited earnings potential. 

 But PatronReps doesn’t just offer jobs; they develop their workforce by offering an at-home Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program that is designed to develop successful business owners. “America’s veterans and military spouses embody the ideals upon which our country was founded, and for that reason alone are ideally suited to become successful business owners”, says Randy Clapp, Co-Founder of PatronReps.

 Because of the nature of their injuries, many veterans with service-connected disabilities find work outside of the home difficult, which is why PatronReps’ work-from-home opportunities offer an ideal alternative. It’s a fact of life that military families must move every few years which make traditional employment and educational opportunities difficult for military spouses. At PatronReps, their work and education travel with them. 

 “There is no culture in the world that shapes people like the military. They are intuitive, mission-minded, have ingrained leadership talents, and take their responsibilities seriously,” says Co-Founder George Meyers, a disabled Air Force veteran with two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. “We’ve tapped into that talent pool and reward it by offering performance-based incentives which include referral programs, discounts on major brands, and weekly performance awards,” says Meyers. 

 About PatronReps

 PatronReps is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that employs veterans and military spouses in the call center industry and teaches them how to become successful business owners. The company provides employment as a customer service representative---a PatronRep, who services their choice of many fortune 500 brands by working from home on a flexible schedule with unlimited earnings potential. They offer university level programs on how to start and manage a successful business. 


To learn more about PatronReps, please contact 

Randy Clapp or George Meyers, Co-Founders 
Haymarket, VA 
Toll Free: (844) 672-8766 

 For more information, please visit
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Merchant service provider offers consumer education to card processing customers

With business moving from a brick and mortar environment, there has been a growing demand for merchant services to enhance their performance. One company which is reputed for merchant services has moved to educate merchants on the best ways to enhance their business and align themselves with the new world order where everything is moving online. offers businesses that operate around the clock a direct clearance service that they can rely on to enhance their performance. The company helps a wide range of customers who need merchant services to acquire fast and reliable services. 

 With online payments being the order of the day, insists that customers have to be careful who they deal with, the managing director of this company has been at the forefront in educating credit and debit card users how to enhance their security and make sure that the tool serves them right and more so enhances life. The company, which offers credit card processing, has put in place mechanisms to ensure that their customers are protected from fraud or any malpractice which involves credit card processing.

 While outlining the number of services that they offer to the public, the managing director urged credit card users to select merchant services providers who are highly reputable as they are dealing with their hard-earned cash. He disclosed that there are firms which are out to fleece customers out of their hard earned cash but also added that there is a majority whose reputation stands out and these are the services providers to do business with. The managing director also added that customer needs education so that they can identify the merchant services providers who are reputable, he added that referrals can be a good source of information but for those who may not have access for such referrals online reviews provide the best platform. The managing director concluded by adding that has been in the card processing business for many years and they have grown to be one of the most highly reputable companies in this industry. 

 About Merchant Experts for you is a direct choice merchant provider that proudly serves businesses across the country. The company handles everything in-house, and we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. prides itself as the best-in-industry providing merchant services and solutions for an extremely diverse customer base. They have the expertise needed to grow a business, from the first brick and mortar, to an international e-commerce shop.
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The EREIA (Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association) keeps booming with Ivan Abelar at helm.

Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association (EREIA) has marked tremendous growth with the current president Mr. Ivan Abelar at the helm. The organization, which educates and empowers real estate investors, has increased its membership by more than 15 % since January 2016. The not-for-profit organization has a current membership of 1660 with the number expected to rise further judging by the phenomenal growth it has experienced in the first nine month of 2016. Since taking over the leadership, Ivan Abelar has embarked on activities which have seen people who are just starting out in real estate and established investors express interest in the organization’s activities with a substantial number of them joining the association.

 The association has had successful seminars and workshops over the year, something that Ivan Abelar, the president of the association attributes to high recruitment exercise. “The activities which the association has organized have attracted people to join the organization,” said Ivan while adding that more activities are lined up between now and the end of the year. “We have had full room seminars as well as incorporated three trade shows this year,” added Ivan while outlining the other activities that the association has held in the course of year. The activities have been beneficial to members, judging by their response when they were interviewed by this media. One investor mentioned the knowledge and skills he gained in the workshops as invaluable since they have enabled him make wise investment decisions. He was enthusiastic on the type of speakers and coaches that have facilitated the seminars, adding that they were a great source of inspiration. “Ivan & Association have brought some of the best Real Estate investment coaches to Edmonton, the likes of Stefan Aarnio & Dave Dubeau,” said the investor.

 We will continue offering our members the best, giving them information that will help them make wise and sound investment decisions. In line with this we are organizing more seminars and talks, our October speaker is Ross Lightle – On the topic of “Making Money through Rent to Own deals and in November we have Josh Buck – “Finding a Real Estate Deal & the Analysis,” revealed Mr. Ivan.

 “Our Association is becoming the go to place for all Real Estate owners/investors Investors in Edmonton & its Area,” added Ivan Abelar while outlining some of the area which the association covers.

 The president’s work has been recognized by the members with one investor Clayton Smith having this to say about him. “Ivan Abelar does a great job hosting and presenting monthly about local Real Estate Market.” 

 About EREIA 
 EREIA is a not-for-profit association whose mission is to Educate & Empower Real Estate Investors whether novice or expert. Here the investors learn what they need know to buy their first house or hundredth property. Currently the association has over 1660 members. It holds a meeting on the second Wednesday of every month. 

Contact : 
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton 
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Entrepreneur Parnell Gervais gives artists and producers an opportunity to make it big!

Parnell Gervais , the CEO of Thorough Consulting is an important figure for artists and producers who are looking for a breakthrough in their career. The Through Consulting CEO has helped a number of artists and producers land major label backing. He has helped in setting meetings which has produced results and led to a big change in the entertainer’s lives.

 “Thorough Consulting is dedicated to seeing artists and producers succeed and that is why we cannot rest until we not only connect them with the big labels in the industry but also develop platforms which will increase their popularity out there,” said Parnell which outlining the role that his firm plays in ensuring that the artists and producers develop their talents and business. 

 Services from blogs, interviews, music placements, radio spins & branding initiatives allows Thorough Consulting to be a virtual 'One Stop Shop'. Parnell explains. 

 In an environment that characterized by stiff competition and a dwindling economy Parnell cautions that artist need a partner, a company that will help them achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations without taking any advantage of them. To ensure that he reaches all, Parnell reveals that he offers lower services for multiple of services helping the artists to get the publicity they require at budgets which they can afford. Parnell reveals that he has helped multiple of artists and producers to secure deals with big labels such as , indie, def jam, RocNation among others. 

 For more information on Parnell Gervais and Thorough Consulting Call or Text 631.664.4927.
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Jorgensen Law reaches a 10 million dollars mark in social security disability benefits awards

A Californian social security disability firm, Jorgensen Law has reached the ten million dollar mark in awards for social security disability benefits awards. The social security lawyers, who for years have been helping disabled persons seek Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), have had a winning record where 90 percent of the clients whom they have represented received their benefits. This success, according to the firm’s lead social security disability attorney, is attributed to the law firm’s continued persistence, organization, and thorough understanding of what works in Social Security Disability cases.

 Among the groups that this law firm has helped in claiming their benefits are people who would spend many years in the search for their social security benefits. There have been reports of disabled persons seeking their benefits with no success, with most of the ending up frustrated. According to the law firm representative, Jorgensen Law firm has changed all this for the citizens of California as they have effectively guided their clients throughout the process, constantly informing and educating them during the period, something which the firm believes to have contributed to high social security disability benefits awards. 

 About Jorgensen Law

 Jorgensen Law is a law firm with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside, California. The law firm is committed to helping the disabled seek financial and medical assistance. The firm guides its clients in their interaction with the Social Security Administration in the process of seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

 Contact :
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Family Safety Inspired app available in the appstores

Security and safety has become a big issue nowadays, family members and friends are looking for ways through which they can know each other’s whereabouts. Constant calls, texts, emails are sent with friends and relatives keeping each other tracking. This is all in the name of establishing their whereabouts, and whether they are safe. For parents, a child’s safety and security is part of parenting, this is more so if a child is suffering from a condition that keeps the parents worried about where the child is. An app that makes it easy to track a family member or friend and know their whereabouts has been launched. While launching the app, the developer was quick to add that this is not a privacy intruding app, it is meant to ensure that your relative or friend is safe, as we are living in troubled times, where kidnappings, accidents and other incidents keeps us worried all the time,”

 The app is intended for families as a tool that can help in times emergencies. “Many are times when we have heard in the news that a family member is lost and cannot be traced; the app helps in tracking the movements. We have also heard of cases where people who are suffering from some conditions such as diabetes, ADHD get unconscious or lost and family members cannot trace them, this app is meant to help during emergencies,” said the app developer when explaining the benefits that app users will derive from using the Funa GPS Cell Phone Tracker.

 The app has received a huge reception with more than 400k downloads since its launch, a few months ago. The developers anticipate that it will hit a one million mark before the end of September. 

 About Funa App 

The idea behind Funa was born when leader of the team, stepped into the world of parenthood and began to be more aware of the potential dangers that exist around his two children as they grew into the schooling age.
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Stylish New International Power Adapter now available at Amazon

Greenwald Brands has listed a new international power adapter on Amazon. The universal power adapter comes in five colors, this according to the Greenwald Brands spokesperson provides the buyers with a variety. The travel adapter is design for use in more than 150 countries allowing travelers to enjoy their electronics all around the world. 

 The Greenwald Brands universal power adapter has built in safety features that help protect electronic devices plugged into it. 

 Like all other Greenwald Brands products, the international power adapter comes with a lifetime warranty. According to the company representative, this is an assurance of the quality product that comes from Greenwald Brands.Any buyer who experiences some issues with the product is advised to return it in exchange for money or a new product. “You are assured of having a premium product, a tool that will not only serve your needs but also last long enough to give value for money,” added the company representative. 

 The universal power adapter can be used on several phones and electronic devices including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony among others.” Whether you want to buy the product for travel purposes or want to give as a gift, this is a product that will not disappoint, visit and get a chance to own a powerful gadget at a favorable price, “said the company representative. 

 About Greenwald Brands 

Greenwald Brands is a company built around two fundamental principles; providing customers with innovative and unique products at an affordable price coupled with exceptional customer service. The company provides pet products, superior spray cleaners, pizza cutters among other Greenwald Brands.
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Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina Expands Service Area – Now Covers Raleigh and Entire NC Area

Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina rated as the best staircase renovation company in NC serves customers better with more coverage areas. 

 July 20, 2016. Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina expands its coverage area to serve Raleigh as well as entire North Carolina area. This expansion allows the company to provide quality staircase renovation services to customers and continue its mission of setting the standard in professional, high quality and reasonably-priced staircase installations and renovations in NC. 

 Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina specializes in staircase renovation, railing repair, step replacement, baluster replacement and overall staircase installation, renovation and maintenance. Design, construction and installation of curved stairs, open riser stairs, flared/custom stairs, wooden bluster systems, metal baluster systems, iron handrail systems, glass staircases, stainless steel staircases, cable railing systems and exterior stairs are their specialties. The company offers free consultations and call backs for customers through their hotline 919 – 201 – 6581. 

 Quality, well-made staircases add value to any home. Well-constructed staircases made of quality materials with exceptional designs tie up the entire house and give homeowners a grand and opulent feeling. There are many types of staircases as well as different kinds of materials that may be used to construct staircases but only a professional, well-trained and experienced contractor will be able to create the most suitable and the most functional staircase for any home, building or office. 

 With their years of experience working with clients in cities and communities in North Carolina, Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina will be able to assist their customers in finding the right design, the most durable materials and the best style that will complement their homes. With their business expanding to cover the entire state, more homeowners and business owners will be able to enjoy the advantage of using quality made and designed staircases from Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina.

 A few words from Robert Mashburn, owner of Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina: “The good news is that hardwood staircases need not conform to any of popular styles of interior design but they can also have a look that is completely unique. There is a lot to think about when it comes to interior design and your wooden staircase is no exception. We have helped homeowners thought Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Clayton, Sanford, Chapel Hill, and Durham with a wide range of staircase designs and we are convinced that there is a hardwood staircase design to perfectly suit any home.” More information about Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina is available at their official site


About Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina: Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina has over 30 years of combined years of experience in the industry. The company is composed of custom staircase installers and designers who can work with clients to create a stylish masterpiece that will complement their home’s décor.Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina has been transforming homes in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Clayton, Sanford, Chapel Hill, and Durham area for over 10 years. More information about Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina is available at their official site http://www.staircaseinstallationnc.comor by calling their business number919 – 201 – 6581. 

 Staircase Installation & Renovation North Carolina Robert Mashburn 
Cell phone number: 919 – 201 – 6581 Website:
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Oral Arguments; Constitutional Rights to Cannabis? The Right to Choose Healthcare And Protection for a woman in Washington state

Freedom and Bodily Autonomy for Medical Marijuana.

July 19, 2016. Oral arguments for the Human Rights Legal case of Wilson v. Lynch at the 9th Circuit Court of the United States of America, Browning Federal Court House in San Francisco, California on Thursday morning, July 21, 2016.

 Moving into its 5th year, the case tests the first, second, fourth and fifth amendments of the US Constitution for a woman who is registered with a medical marijuana card. 60% of Americans approve the legal use of cannabis per Gallup polls. The plaintiff contends that all people have a right to free speech, their choice of health care and basic rights of protection, including from undue process. The case brings to the forefront more than just one Washington woman’s ‘right to choose’ in a contentiously ‘medically legal’ cannabis state. 

 Medical cannabis has been known since ancient times to have positive health effects. 25 US states have regulated its medical use. Even with this approval, patients who may or may not be using medical marijuana/cannabis are still categorized as criminals. The federal law classifies cannabis as a dangerous drug similar to opiates, despite research clearly showing its multiple benefits. ‘Patients are out of Patience.’ Even with the legalization of medical cannabis, discrimination continues. In the case of Wilson v. Lynch, the defendants egregiously violated the fifth amendment, contending the plaintiff is an “unlawful user” of a controlled substance. She was deprived of her rights to secure a firearm for self-defense. 

 A more pressing problem is the rising number of people addicted to opioids and the drug’s effects on the population. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, opioid addiction includes the use of the illicit drug heroin and prescription pain relievers such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, codeine and fentanyl. Over 259 million prescriptions per year are written for opioids. This number is more than enough to provide each American a bottle of prescription opiate pills. 

 MEDIA CONTACT Attorney of Record:
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Author pens new book filled with affirmation poetry

Author pens new book filled with affirmation poetry  There are plenty of books on the market that expound on affirmations and daily reflections, but very few of them approach the subject with something besides prose. Hillis Pugh's upcoming book, Awaken with Gratitude, is the culmination of his own personal journey. 

 Pugh was a student of many of the leading spiritual thought leaders before striking out on his own and starting his blog. Along the way Pugh discovered his own voice and that there was much more to say in poetry than in prose. Through poetry, he adapted various philosophical approaches and emotions that tapped his own personal gratitudes and was able to compile them successfully.

 “So much of what is written for daily affirmation is prose, and some of it is simply too long to read in our hectic, daily lives. I found that poetry and its superficial simplicity but deeper connotation was the ideal way to express my thoughts. This is what lead me to writing my book,” said Pugh. 

 Pugh's book is written around the basic concept that each one of us have – waking up and starting our day. For some, this is a real struggle. Pugh's poetry and approach to gratitude works to change this in the reader with a gradual process.

 Pugh does not want to be the only person who is touting the positives of his book. Judy Hallmark recently read the book as part of editing, and she said, “Awaken With Gratitude resonates with all that I believe to be true and reminds me that I can always find a reason to give thanks. Hillis’s poetry is a bonus, his words invite you to come share in his love. Thank you, Hillis for blessing me with the gift of your book.” 

 Awaken With Gratitude has an official release date of August 9. From August 9 to 11, Awaken With Gratitude will be free for download. Pugh is also negotiating a special promotional price for the book for those who want a physical copy. Pugh is also available as a spiritual consultant. 

 Hillis Pugh
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Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd produces high quality RFID cards and other RFID products

11/07/2016 - Guangdong Province, China - Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd produces high quality RFID cards and other RFID products 

 Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd is happy to announce to their clients that they supply high quality radio frequency identification (RFID) products including RFID Cards, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags NFC Stickers, etc. RFID technology incorporates the use of electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) range to uniquely identify a person, an animal, or an object. RFID technology is also used in many applications such as using a card to access a room or building, a key to start a car, validating a bus and using ski lifts or in underground ticketing. 

 The company produces smart RFID Wristbands that are suited for vocal concerts, events, festivals, entrance tickets, campaigns, parties, etc. They operate in varying frequencies. Low frequency RFID Wristbands have about 5cm reading/writing distance, small memory and find much application in parking systems and animal tracking. High frequency bands have about 10cm reading/writing distance, big memory and are widely applied in various fields. There are also the UHF RFID Wristbands with reading/writing distance of up 10m. They are very sensitive and are easily affected by temperature, dust and humidity. 

 Those who are interested in producing control, vehicle fees, security, inventory tracking, supply chain management, asset management, identification, and access control, and especially on pets can go for their RFID Cards. Just like RFID Wristbands, these cards also operate in varying frequencies. The cards have adequate security and their contents can not easily be forged and altered. This is necessary because they carry electronic information. In printing RFID Cards for the company has invested in the latest techniques to meet and even surpass customers' expectations in terms of speed of service, flexibility and quality. The company offers the full range of print solutions done in-house from design to delivery. 

 The RFID Tags that the company produces include RFID Labels and Logistic RFID Tags. The former are specially designed to control every single process and to track every single package. UHF RFID Tags are best to control vehicles that come and go. There are also RFID Tags for all automobiles including trains subways, buses, etc.

 Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd also produces NFC Stickers which has the advantages of high security and fully utilizes the NFC technology. An NFC sticker has a reading range of 2 – 5 cm depending on the power reader and the size of the antenna. These stickers are used in Social media, Retail, Healthcare, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, Advertising, etc. 

 About Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2008. Run by a team of well trained engineers, the company has been producing Inkjet Cards, Smart Cards, RFID Wristbands, NFC Tags/Labels, RFID Tags/Labels, etc. The engineers have been researching NFC technology since 2011. They use modern machines including Die-cutting Machines, Heidelberg Printers, and Flip Machines. Their Business Partners are all over the world. And their main markets include Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Oceania, Mid East, etc.

 Media Contact: 
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Announcing The Launch Of New E-Juice Flavors From FMVape USA

July 10, 2016. New vaping products recently launched by FMVape USA signals the revolution of e-juice in the vaping market. FMVape USA has launched high quality new e-juice flavors such as Pinky Lemonade, Sweet Pralines, Minty, Strawberry Milkshake and Granny’s Strudel. These new flavors are now available at their official site

 FMVape USA places high quality in the production and sale of their products. through their new online site, the company has delivered the bestvaping products to consumers and to retail customers all over the world. It was in the World Vapor Expo in Miami that FMVape USA first introduced their new flavors and they were very happy with the great feedback and sales. 

 Now that these new e-juice flavors are now available online, FMVape USA would like to invite vaping enthusiasts to try and share their new flavors. These new e-juice flavors aim to cater to people who are looking for something new, something exciting when it comes to vaping. 

 FMVape USA’s products are exclusively manufactured by FMVape LLC and are developed from unique formulas which guarantees quality and safety for customers. These are all made in Europe, are not tested on animals, and are of pharmaceutical quality and certification. Their e-liquids are made to be used for all types and brands of e-cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

 E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the next best thing to smoking. According to the International Vapor Group, e cigarettes are the future of smoking since users will get all the benefits that they get from smoking without tobacco, smoke and tar. Smokers can choose the flavor that they want and get the pleasure that they get from smoking when they use e-cigarettes. 

 E-cig flavors are overwhelming and range from flavors that mimic usual tobacco taste to fruity and coffee blends. These completely unique flavors from FMVape USA are exclusively available through their official website and through vaping stores found in the Miami area. For a complete list of shops that carry FMVape USA’s products customers may visit their shop directory at 

 A few words from customers that have tried FMVape USA’s new flavors: 
 “Your products are the best of the whole show! There is nothing of the same quality!”
 “This is the best Milkshake I’ve ever tasted!” and “I love, love, love the Pinky Lemonade!”
 A few words from the FMVape team about their new products:
 “The quality, taste and packaging of our products are unmatched.”

 “We introduce dour flavors on the World Vapor Expo in Miami and we were more than happy with the outstanding sales and feedback.” 

 Customers may visit FMVape USA official site for more information about their products and for exclusive discounts or email company CEO Marin Milan at


 About FMVape USA:

Announcing The Launch Of New E-Juice Flavors From FMVape USA FMVape USA was created to provide the best e-liquids to vaping customers. The company’s FMVape Team is made of entrepreneurs and experts that dreams of transforming FMVape USA as the number one e-liquid manufacturer. More information about their high quality e-liquid products can be found at their official site

 Marin Milan 
 2780 NE 183rd Street 
 Aventura, FL 
 33160-2110 USA 
Phone: +1 (832) 807-5767
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Lose Weight Very Fast Releases Before and After Video on the Impact of ‘The Gastric Sleeve Procedure’

Florida, USA, June 1, 2016 – The enviable team of weight loss experts at Lose Weight Very Fast; an online information board that is dedicated towards sharing useful insight about safe ways to losing weight and losing it real fast, is excited to announce that they have released (on their website) a revolutionary ‘before and after weight loss method’ that is guaranteed to simply shock everyone who is desirous of knowing how to lose weight super-fast. 

 Dubbed as ‘the gastric sleeve diet,’ it has been rightly described by a large number of people as ‘the best diet for fast weight loss.’ It was recently carried out on a client (Eric Glass) of Lose Weight Very Fast, and the magical impact of this procedure has been carefully highlighted in an article and a video on their website. 

 The video as well as the article, can be found on the following link - 

 Now becoming more popular, the sleeve gastrectomy process (or gastric sleeve) is an operation which involves the stomach being shrunk in size in a surgical procedure. Once the surgeons are done, one’s stomach is left looking similar to a sleeve due to its size being reduced. 

 Having managed to lose over 105 pounds as a result of this result producing procedure, forty year old Eric Glass said; "Before going for the surgery, I weighed 387 pounds. My reason for undergoing the gastric sleeve process was because I just wanted a longer life and a more active life that is void of pains, aches, and other adverse effect of being overweight."

 "Now weighing 280 pounds, the thing I can tell you about the surgery is that I guess I didn't really grasp all the things that had to change in my life during the surgery. It has definitely been a life changing, life altering kind of thing" Eric emphasized. 

 Suffice it to say that consequent upon the operation, a candidate is expected to be given a diet as recommended by their surgeon. This would require the avoidance of all sugary foods and drinks, and the diet would mainly consist of lean meats and a lower carb intake. 

 Health Beast, the owner of Lose Weight Very Fast said; “The diet really starts to become a difficulty after the surgery, despite the fact that your stomach is smaller, by about 15%, the specificities of what you can and can’t eat are pretty grueling. During the first week, post-operation, you can only consume clear liquids but as the weeks go on, you are able to implement a variety of foods into your diet.”

 Eric continued; “Now I can just eat a few bites of something and I fee full…. My meals are very small.” “You would no longer be able to eat like you were used to as the significant changes in your body mean that you will struggle to eat certain foods. This could be the best diet for weight loss, however, it’s a decision that’s very serious and should be contemplated deeply beforehand” Health Beast concluded. 

Lose Weight Very Fast Releases Before and After Video on the Impact of ‘The Gastric Sleeve Procedure’Lose Weight Very Fast Releases Before and After Video on the Impact of ‘The Gastric Sleeve Procedure’ To know more about LoseWeightVeryFast, visit - ###
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Rodney Raanan - Aesthetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Raanan is world renowned for his techniques, utilizing a unique combination of dental expertise, technology, and artistry to give patients their dream smiles. He’s a specialist in fixing Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Implant Dentistry, Aesthetic Metal-free Bonding, Porcelain Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays, Full-Mouth Reconstruction, Sedation Dentistry, TMJ Disorder correction, Invisalign, and Cleansing as well as prevention of infection.
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Latest product perfectly fit for gifts during this holiday season

With the festive season fast approaching early shoppers are in high gear to buy gifts for their families and loved ones. To make it easier for early shoppers to get what they want one online shop is announcing a new collection of the latest product perfectly fit for gifts during this holiday season. While announcing the availability of the new collection, the shop managers invited shoppers to take advantage of this development to get the gifts they need. “We are providing a variety of products, all the latest with the aim of meeting festive needs, we have in stock different types of electronics, cosmetics, health and beauty commodities. All these products are sourced from manufacturers who maintain high quality,” said the shop manager while also adding that customers will be happy to note that the products they purchase from the site are of high quality, yet being sold at affordable prices. is known for its competitive prices, a customer who has been a regular buyer at the site had this to say. “I have been buying all my electronic and cosmetic goods in this online shop, they have never disappointed when it comes to prices and quality, I have always bought quality goods at very affordable prices, I have referred my relatives and friends to this shop and they have all been happy,” said the customer while adding that he cannot think of any other online shop as all his electronics, health and beauty products for his wife are all available in this shop. 

 Among the featured products include: High Quality Leather Horizontal Large Size Pouch Protective Carrying Cell Phone Case with Belt Clip and Belt Loops for AT&T Apple, Case Art Plus Credit Card Secure Holder Stick on Wallet with [Lid] Discreet ID Holder Lycra Spandex Card Sleeves for Smartphones, Cell Phone Wallet Case with 3M Adhesives and a Cosmetic Bag Double Layer Dot Pattern Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer With Mirror.

 The shop managers also added that the online shop has put mechanisms in place to ensure that those who opt to send their gifts right from the shop can do so without any difficulties. The shop has package delivery that ensures the products bought on the site get to their destination on time and in one piece. The shop manager concluded by encouraging those who have not made early holiday buying arrangements to do so and get good deals for the gifts. is an e-commerce site that focuses on all the customer needs
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Largest music job portal in the world helping struggling artist to be discovered

To any artist, especially the up and coming, finding a gig can be one of the most challenging things. When the world has not learnt or heard about a musician or a filmmaker, making it in the industry is a nightmare. One site wants to change all this, through making it easy for musicians and filmmakers to be found. The site, dubbed the largest music job portal in the world, is a unique platform where musicians can build and showcase their talent to the world. is built around the concept of the “let the internet work for you.” A musician builds his or her profile, posts all the relevant information about him or herself and the world will get to learn about it. The platform also makes it easy for people who are looking for artists to perform in their events to easily select a musician of their choice. “The platform allows the musician to meet persons or companies who may be looking for his or her services to meet,” said the Music Freelancer representative while acknowledging that there are so many artists out there who are struggling to get jobs. “We are making it easy for both the musician and the employer to find each other,” added the representative while explaining that an employer is a person or a company which is looking to hire the services of a musician or an artist to perform in an event such as a birthday party, or wedding among other occasions. 

 Music Freelancer is designed as a one stop shop, where those who are looking to buy or sell musician services can get all that they need without moving from one site to another. Musicians will get all the services that they need as well as be able to connect with those who may be looking for their services.” The musician doesn't need to leave the site for another service. They can get the job done from scratch to end of the project then able to submit their project to record label companies from the site,” said the Music Freelancer spokesperson.

 The music job portal also offers services such as music classified ads, a platform where one can buy or sell a song. It also allows the musician to list their events and locations. 

 Currently the website is in beta 2.0 and beta 3.0 will be released the end of November with a better looking homepage and being more user-friendly. It's also will offer a brand new service, which is music distribution as well as a Music contest feature and other services.

 “We are the only website that musician can bid on the music project and get hire on the spot. This website will help creative artists find jobs and work in the comfort of their own home,” concluded the company representative while calling on upcoming and established musicians to utilize the platform to promote their work and end the struggles of searching for people to buy their music as well as gigs.

 Contact Information
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Developer gifts Malaysia national shuttler worth RM1.5mil reward

A property developer in Malaysia, Orando Holdings, rewarded the Olympics silver medal finalist and national badminton champion Datuk Lee Chong Wei with a RM 1.5M unit for his exemplary performance and contribution to the Malaysian sports. 

 Before departing for Rio games, national shuttler Datuk Lee had visited the property showroom and shown interest in purchasing a condominium unit in Cheras.

 Noting his contribution to the Malaysian sports and the influence he has had to the young people, Orando Holdings SdnBhd managing director, Datuk Eng Wei Chun said that he out rightly made the decision for volunteer to gift Lee a unit but waited until the end of the games to announce this. Datuk Eng Wei Chun said that he wanted to surprise the silver medal winner. 

 In a ceremony, witnessed by Datuk Seri Dr Wee KaSiong, a minister in the Prime Minister’s department, Datuk Lee received the mock key to the Orando Holdings unit from Orando Holdings managing director Datuk Eng. 

 The planned Lavile exclusive condominium unit which is situated in Taman Maluri will be fully furnished, 1100sqft,comprising ofthree-bedroom, and facing the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It is expected to be completed in 2020. 

 While asked why Datuk Lee Chong Wei was the only recipient of the reward,managing director of Orando Holdings Datuk Eng said that Lee represents the face of Malaysia, internationally and he had already shown interest in buying a property. Through this reward, Datuk Eng hoped to encourage more Malaysian would excel in sports.

 “There will be other chances for future Olympians. I see this as a corporate social responsibility."

 “We want the country to have a bright future and be harmonious. Sport is doing that. This is my way of enhancing our sports for a brighter future for Malaysia,” said Datuk Eng. 

 Datuk Eng also said that he will ask the architect to include at least one badminton court at the condominium and name it after Datuk Lee Chong Wei. 

 While receiving the gift, Lee thanked Orando Holdings for the wonderful gift and said that he would keep the unit for his own use as it was a lucky gift for his hard work on the badminton courts. He said Taman Maluri had a special place in his heart as the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) Academy used to be located there.

 Developer Orando Holdings also promised a RM20000 reward each to Lee’s both badminton coaches. 

 The three-time Olympic silver medalist is also getting other rewards for his performance in the Rio final, a handsome reward of RM 637,888 from the National Sports Council and the Badminton Association, on top of a Proton Suprima S 1.6L and an OsimuDiva Classic Massage Sofa. He is also getting a RM 3,000 monthly pension for the rest of his life. 

 Contact :
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The World of Organizations and Business is reaching new heights. Introducing Cultural Brilliance™ The DNA of Organizational Excellence.

Boston, MA – September 9, 2016 – Claudette Rowley, is a culture design consultant with a knack for helping executive leaders and management teams create pro-active and innovative workplace cultures that deliver outstanding results. 

 The launch of Cultural Brilliance is accompanied by the launch of Cultural Brilliance Radio on the Transformation Talk Radio network broadcasting Worldwide acrossAM/FM and Digital stations. 

 Dr. Pat Baccili, Owner/Strategist for Transformation Talk Radio and could not say enough about Claudette and the launch of Cultural Brilliance. “Being able to witness how Claudette is brining Cultural Brilliance to life is both exciting and enlightening. Whether you watch a presentation or listen to the hit show, Cultural Brilliance Radio with Claudette, you discover that she is essentially creating a new narrative for organizational culture that reveals how to transform the illusive nature of culture in organizations by engaging, empowering, and enacting people towards new bounds of excellence." 

Cultural Brilliance Radio can be heard live twice each month on,, and all of the podcasts are available for download on iTunes, Soundcloud and 

 Claudette Rowley puts it this way, "Culture drives so much of what we do in organizations. What better way to effect positive change than to help companies create brilliant cultures that engage and respect employees and create exceptional business results." 

 About Claudette Rowley:

 Claudette is the creator of the Cultural Brilliance™ Methodology, author of Embrace Your Brilliance and co-host of the globally syndicated radio show, Cultural Brilliance™. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, is a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Federation and has trained in leading methodologies in organizational development, conflict resolution, mediation, the Predictable Success business life cycle model, and relationship systems. 

 About The Transformation Network, Transformation Talk Radio, and Transformation Our Mission is to broadcast a distinctive blend of Live Talk Radio genres that include interviews with a mix of uplifting and intelligent news plus educational and practical information. Topics range from personal development to critical issues relevant to a rapidly-changing world. As Dr. Pat says, "We talk about everything from sex to spirituality with a vibration that honors the dignity of the human spirit." 

 Claudette Rowley 
 Phone: 781.538.6616 ###
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Kenny Rogers Gambling offering players opportunity to win big

Kenny Rogers Gambling is offering players a chance to win big. The gambling site is giving opportunity to win guaranteed $1-$2million dollars. This is out of playing the various games that are offered at the gambling site. The site which offers free slots, free bingo, sports capping, sports book, red track, among other casino games, gives the players a chance to win a variety of prices including the jackpots which are offered on a regular basis. 

 Two of the popular games offered at the Kenny Rogers Gambling are free bingo and Free Slot, nonstop tournament which has been in place since 2000. Here the player is not required to buy or download but can be played right from the browser which has java. Players who have the highest score in the tournament goes ahead to win the cash prizes.

 One of the players who has been playing at Kenny Rogers Gambling quoted unique design, generous bonuses and outstanding customer support as some of the factors that make him come back. The player said he has mastered the game “You have to know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk away and when to run with your winnings," said the player while quoting a popular line in the Kenny Rogers hot, Gambler. 

 Kenny Rogers Gambling is a site owned by Kenny G Rogers offering opportunities for players to win guaranteed prizes. The site offers free slots, free bingo, sports capping, sports book, race track, and a number of fabulous casino games.

Contact :
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Organic Soup Kitchen Providing nutritional soup to those with cancer and degenerative diseases.

Operating as a Non profit (501c3) providing nutritional soups to people who are recovering from cancer and degenerative diseases, the founders of the Organic Soup Kitchen believe that many ills that affect people, especially cancer and other degenerative diseases can be alleviated through solutions founded in nutrition and compassion. It is on this premise that the company has embarked on providing organic nutrients dense soups which form a solid foundation in the management recovery. 

 Superfood Soups for cancer patients 

“We are here for families and individuals when first diagnosed with such conditions, our company is making soup, specially formulated to provide cancer patients with the nutrients required to manage their conditions and make life more bearable. While announcing the launch of the nutrient dense soup,” said Anthony Carroccio, founder and director of Organic Soup Kitchen. “The soup is not meant to heal cancer, but as a component to manage the condition more effectively,” added Anthony Carroccio 

 Organic soups 

“All the soups that are made by Organic Soup Kitchen contain a minimum of 90% organic ingredients,” said Carroccio, They are also gluten and GMO free, they are also low in sodium making them suitable to individual who require these components in low quantities. “The soups are also suitable for vegetarians, vegan will find them a perfect option as they have no animal nutrient,” added Carroccio.

 Organic Soup Kitchen uses organic ingredients, those rich in proteins, minerals and natural fats, components that are highly recommended to anyone suffering from cancer or degenerative disease. Ingredients mostly consist of organic herbs and spices which are anti inflammatory, organic coconut oil, organic coconut milk which add healthy fats, organic vegan nutritional flakes to infuse additional vitamins and nutrients, and organic vegetables. All soups are delivered fresh in hermetically sealed in 24oz BPA free containers and can be frozen if desired. 

 Nutritional Healing 

 Traditional communities and individuals have used soup as one of the rich nutritional source for invalids as well as those who may be in a vulnerable state of health. Organic Soup Kitchen has embraced the same model where they make soups which are easily digestible and full of nutrients which are meant to nourish those who are sick or recovering from ailing conditions. The soups come as one complete meal, meaning that even if an individual is unable to eat as required, they will have acquired all that the body requires functioning normally. Organic Soup Kitchen contains all the vital nutrients which are required to enhance and protect the physical health of individuals which may have a compromised health. They also make pureed soups, which come as non acidic, suitable for individuals who may be suffering from cancer and going through chemo therapy. According to Anthony Carroccio, the soup is made with the great taste and nutrients in mind, they clearly understand that the state of health may make it difficult for an individual to swallow, they have made the soup palatable especially ensuring that it has no acid, a component that is not recommended to those who are suffering from cancer or anyone who have issues swallowing or digesting most of the foods. 

 Referring health facilities 

 Health facilities such as Cottage Hospital, Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, Hospice of Santa Barbara and private facilities recommend Organic Soup Kitchen services to outpatients on a weekly basis. 

 For those who may be looking for the soup, the founder said that distribution throughout the Santa Barbara area can be requested by filling out an application at
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Are Malaysians Ready to Use Recycling Bins?

The launch of new industrial recycling bins signal new era of recycling for businesses and industries. 

 July 18, 2016. Announcing the launch of new industrial recycling bins which will start a new era in waste recycling and disposal in Malaysia. iMEC, a Malaysia – based company has developed completely new hygiene and recycling products that will improve waste disposal in many industries and businesses in the country. 

 The iMECRecycle Bin is a trash bin that is made from strong and environmentally-friendly materials. The bin is available in a variety of sizes starting from 27 liters to 57 liters and comes in grey, blue, orange and brown which allows color coding of trash receptacles in any office or factory. These are sold through iMEC’s official website: 

The iMEC Recycle Bin will be able to reduce waste, reuse items that can still be used and recycle by segregating waste into different categories. Using smart trash bins will also reduce pollution and dangerous CO2 emissions and will also reduce cost and energy in the long run. These waste bins may also be used at home. 

 A few words from Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique, Deputy Minister of Malaysia’s Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government about the country’s recent stance on recycling and waste disposal: “On July 1, we will begin distributing pamphlets on the matter and by September 1, reminders will be issued on households which still do not comply with the regulation.” More information about iMEC can be found in their official site or by sending an email to 


About iMEC:iMEC is a Malaysia based company offering commercial hygiene solutions and industrial cleaning products such as detergents, chemicals, cleaning machines, mopping solutions, waste bin, floor mat, scrubbing machine, vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloth, toilet cubicle, recycle bin (tong kitar semula), dumpster and other cleaning equipment. Their official site is

Phone: +603 - 87349255 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
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iMyfoneUmate Pro iPhone Data Eraser now available

iMyfone has released an iPhone Data Eraser in the market, the product which is known as iMyfoneUmate Pro iPhone Data Eraser is meant to enhance iPhone, iPad and iPod data security. The company which is now more than one year old announced that the product is already available in the market. 

 The company which has been providing trusted mobile solution aims at giving its customers an innovative and user friendly product to enhance their data security as well as improve their connectivity. 

 The product will give the users an all in one solution for iOS space saving and privacy protection. The product has the capacity to permanently delete all the unwanted files with zero opportunity to restore. 

 IMyfone in its launch offer is giving its customer a great chance to acquire the product at discounted prices. For a period of one week, from 8th July, 2016 to 15th July, 2016 customers will buy the product at a special offer. The price has been cut by fifty percent. While announcing this offer, the company representative urged the customers to take advantage of the reduced price to acquire a product which will not only enhance their privacy protection but also provide extra space in their gadget. The representative added that this offer is a one in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a product that will go a long way in enhancing their device usability. 

 About iMyfone iMyfone is a company established in 2015 with a focus on developing iPhone, iPad, iPod cleaner and data recovery utility software. The company has upto date served more than 2 million happy customers from more than 100 countries across the globe. 
 Media Contact :
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New Online Free Billing Program Launched – Uses Safe And Efficient Program For Hungarian Customers uses Szamlazo program, a billing software that eases bills payment and bills services online for customers. 

 July 10, 2016. Announcing the launch of a new online billing site for Hungarian customers: This is a free billing program that will use the Szamlazo program that works with all kinds of industries and businesses. developers would like to streamline their services to customers that need an efficient billing program. Billingo is available exclusively through its official site

 New business owners and entrepreneurs look for cost-efficient and effective business strategies, tools and programs while ensuring the safety and security of their customers and clients. Using a reliable and free online billing program will help reduce cost while maintaining quality of service to customers. 

 With Billingo, business owners can focus on more important aspects of their business such as product development, customer service and marketing. It will keep billing easy and efficient since it works together with other business systems. also helps businesses commit to a greener and cleaner environment by reducing the use of paper billing systems.

 More information about and the Szamlazo billing program are available at Billingo’s official site. Customers may also email their questions at ### About Billingo is a new billing program offered for free online. It is a program that uses efficient and safe Szamlazo program that fits most businesses and industries. Creators of Billingo aims to introduce a billing software that will be integrated in a business management system to streamline business functions in a more effective and cost-efficient manner. More information about is available at Billingo’s official site and by emailing their questions at

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Announcing The Launch Of “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service” Kickstarter Campaign

New book by Jacobs Edo, aims to bring his insights for a better and more efficient Nigerian Public Service to young and old professionals in the country and all over the world. 

July 18, 2016. Announcing the launch of the Kickstarter campaign of Jacob Edo’s book “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service. This book was created to share Edo’s insights about the current economic, educational and medical situation in Nigeria, his homeland. Digital Transformation will open the eyes of the public especially professionals young and old to the rampant problems in the country and will encourage readers to join in moving into the future of a better and stronger Nigerian economy that will curb illiteracy, ignorance and disease. The Kickstarter program aims to raise $4,200 for startup capital to cover the costs of printing and marketing of “Digital Transformation.” The money will also fund the distribution of 100 free copies of the book to leaders in Nigerian Public Service. It is available through .

 A few words from Jacobs Edo, PMP for his book “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service”: “Governments in developing countries today are grappling with a myriad challenge of governing in very demanding times. Fewer budgetary resources, legacy overhead from longstanding institutional inefficiencies, limited access to training resources, a more demanding public now enamoured to the always on, online real-time access to services and information. All these factors have worked to exacerbate this situation. As a result, the challenges of governance in a developing environment in transition, has never been so great. 

In all this turmoil, government officials are generally aware that there exist several systems and automated alternatives that specifically address a these challenges, in a cost effective and performance manner, but don't have accurate but accessible information about what specific solutions are available, how the various technology solutions address these type of burgeoning needs or what the best practice approaches are towards implementing these digital transformations.”

 “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service” was written to bridge this existing knowledge gap and provide clear answers to the reader looking for answers. It is written in a clear but detailed manner, so as to provide a guide towards understanding the technology solution concepts, the specific scenarios where they can be applied especially in the context of developing environments, and the best approaches to be taken towards implementing such solutions while being aware of critical issues impacting execution. It would serve as a long term solution reference that is relevant at all stages of moving government forward through a digital transformation effort.The final goal is to empower governments of developing countries like Nigeria with the knowledge and tools required to provide sustainable long term solutions for and to the benefit of their people.

 For more information on how to donate to the book’s Kickstarter campaign visit or call 0043151564 – 142. ###

 About Jacobs Edo: 
Jacobs is an enterprise architect, digital transformation manager, trusted advisor to C-Suite, public speaker and author. He is known for his dedication and tireless efforts in ethics, change management and digital transformation He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering (Second Class Upper Division) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, a diploma in Information Technology from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and SPDC and a Global Business Transformation Management (GBTM) Master’s certification by SAP AG and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland’s Business Transformation Academy.As a volunteer Consultant for the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Stanford SEED), he support its vision of bringing the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership to established businesses and their leaders on the ground and in their communities. 

Phone: 0043151564 – 142 
Vienna, Austria
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Bushman’s Deal Announced; BBQ Bear Claws Independence Day saleat Amazon

Bushman has announced a crazy sale offer for their BBQ Bear Claws, this Independence Day on 4th July. The limited offer is only available at Amazon. The product which retails at a regular price of $ 12.99 is now selling at $ 9.19 (30%) to allow the shoppers to get a quality and effective tool for shredding or picking up roasts, chicken, turkeys and other cuts of meat. Those who beat the deadline will acquire the product at a price which is thirty percent less what it has been offering in the market. “Customers will make a great saving this Independence Day, apart from that they will enjoy using a bear claw with a difference, making their independence day and any other festivity where cuts of meat are available,” said the company representative while announcing the great saving sale offer. 

 The product has maintained a steady rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Customers who have bought it describe how effective it has been while others have commented on its quality. The company salesperson added that the tool is mostly used by both professional chefs as well as amateur chefs, where it offers a reliable and sensible result when picking up chunks of hot. “All our customers agree that they can easily and quickly shred meats to perfection,” observed the sales person. 

 Other features of Bushman’s BBQ Bear claws. 

 All bushman's Meat Claws are made of tough and BBQ is no exception, they are also BPA-free plastic approved by ensuring safety and reliability. It also comes as lightweight, but strong enough to give a super performance. It makers also describe it dishwasher safe, and designed for comfortable use. 


 The product comes with a guarantee, something that its makers describe as the confidence they have with the meat shredder. Customers are free to return a product which does not give the expected results. A return will either get a replacement or a full refund of the product, while doing this customers are advised to ensure that the returned product is in the same shape as when they purchased. However the sales representative reveals that they have never had a case of return as the customers normally get results which are even beyond their expectations. 

 Customers are advised to hurry up while the stocks lasts, the offer is only limited for a few days and then the price will revert to normal. The sales representative observes that customers have been given a wonderful chance to own a meat shredder that not only gives superb performance but also lasts for long. 

 About Bushman 

Bushman's mission is to find tools that are designed to provide the basic function with a twist that will match what the ordinary home cook or professional already knows to a new level of experience. 

 This new meat claws design is a high quality, durable cooking tool for outdoor or indoor use. It is simple to use, easy to store and earth friendly materials. 

 For more information, customers are advised to visit: HTTP://WWW.BUSHMAN-S.COM 


Portland Oregon - 97230 
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