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Trace Amounts Of Chemical In Water a Worry For Companies Like HMS Plumbin

Trace amounts of the chemical MCHM, found in water from a West Virginia plant, could be a concern for specialist companies such as HMS Plumbing.

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12/05/2014:Recent water samples from a West Virginia plant that draws from the River Elk have come back with trace amounts of the chemical known as MCHM, which may pose a concern for local specialist companies such as HMS Plumbing.


Taken late last March, the samples in question have revealed levels of this chemical ranging from 0.42 parts per billion to 0.60 parts per billion, which are not considered by experts to be worrisome. On the contrary, a prepared statement from the plant has declared these volumes too low to be properly analysed, considering them more of an estimate than actual values.


The health screening level for this chemical is set at one part per billion, which would make these affirmations essentially true. Still, the presence of this chemical in West Virginian drinking water could lead to plumbing problems requiring the expert services of companies such as HMS Plumbing.


The testing in question was conducted at the behest of the West Virginia Testing Assessment Project, in the wake of the chemical spill which affected most of the state’s water supply earlier this year. The samples from West Virginia American Water’s Elk River plant, where MCHM was detected, were analysed out of state by a specialist outfit, but the WVTAP recently released the results of their own study, conducted across ten West Virginia homes during the same period. The conclusions reached by analysing those samples were rather similar to those sent back by the Pennsylvania lab: the water contained MCHM, but its levels were far below the one-part-per limit officially considered dangerous.


The presence of the chemical was detected across seven sets of samples taken on the same day from six different points within the plant’s water-filtering facility. In a curious turn of events, the samples of unfiltered, ‘raw’ water put under scrutiny did not present any amount of MCHM – only the filtered ones denoted traces of the chemical. The tiny amounts of the substance present in these samples are considered to have simply come from the filters, where they may potentially have got caught.


Virginia was affected by a state-wide chemical leak earlier this year, which left a lot of homes devoid of drinking water for a period of a few weeks.


About HMS Plumbing:

HMS Plumbing are based in Northern Virginia, USA, and provide plumbing services to a number of surrounding counties. Learn more at


Contact Details:
10319 Piper Lane
Manassas, VA 20110
+1 703-583-8205

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Easter Celebrations Expected To Boost Numbers Rome Hotels

Rome’s world-renowned Easter celebrations, at the Vatican, are expected to make the volume of bookings for WorldHotel Ripa Roma shoot up in April.
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May 12 2014:The world-famous Easter celebrations taking place in Rome each April always represent a boost in bookings for establishments such asWorldHotel Ripa Roma, and this year should prove no different.


Among the scheduled events bringing tourists to Rome and causing hotels such as WorldHotelRipa Romato quickly become fully bookedis the canonisation of not one, but two former Popes. Pope Francis, another one of the main attractions of the 2014 Easter season in Rome, will be presiding over the ceremony, which will see John Paul II and John XXIII made into saints.


Other than this ceremony, which will undoubtedly acquire pride of place in this year’s celebrations, the Pope will also be conducting the two usual masses (the Easter mass and the Palm Sunday mass) from the balcony of the Vatican, to the congregated masses in St Peter’s Square. Acquiring a (mandatory) ticket to these events will also entitle the Christian faithful to an audience with the Pope, which should prove extremely popular as well. Said tickets can be acquired from select locations, including certain hotels around the city.


Other than the Pope’s address and the canonisation ceremony, visitors to Vatican City may be interested in visiting the Vatican Museums, which give an historical and religious overview of the enclave.


Those unwilling or unable to purchase tickets for the main Easter ceremonies, however, will be pleased to learn that certain events around Rome and Vatican City can still be attended for free. That is the case, for instance, for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession, re-enacted near Rome’s Coliseum. Travellers interested in witnessing this ceremony are, however, still advised to arrive early, in order to beat the crowds and find good viewing spots.


Vatican City is the world’s premier Christian destination, and Easter celebrations therein typically attract crowds of thousands to the small Roman enclave.


About WorldHotel Ripa Roma:

WorldHotel Ripa Roma is a WorldHotels partner hotel offering 4-star accommodation in the historic Rome district of Trastevere. To find out more about it, visit


Contact Details:

Worldhotel Ripa Roma
Via degli Orti di Trastevere
3 - 00153 Roma

+39 06 5861


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All Star Driver Education Expands Into Las Vegas

Michigan based driving school, All Star Driver Education, announces its expansion into the Las Vegas, Nevada market.

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Michigan based driving school, All Star Driver Education, announces its expansion into the Las Vegas, Nevada market. With their Las Vegas driving school, All Star Driver Education now has driver training offered in eight different states across the country. According to company president, Brent Wall, he saw a need in the Las Vegas area for a top-quality program since the Clark County School District began eliminating driver's education from its schools.


Wall stated, "of all the driving schools in Las Vegas, we intend to be the go-to company for Nevada teens seeking the certification to obtain their Nevada driver's license." Wall continued, "although we're new to town, we've actually been teaching driver's education since 1997 so we definitely have a lot of experience behind us."


All Star Driver Education not only teaches private behind-the-wheel lessons, they offer the DMV required 30-hour teen driving course and a new 15/5 program that allows student to bypass the 30-hour classroom or online instruction for a 15-hour class and 5-hours behind-the-wheel. Wall believes this diversity in driver education options will propel the company to become the premier Las Vegas driving school.


To learn more about All Star Driver Education, visit their website at:



Contact Information:

 All Star Driver Education
500 N. Rainbow Blvd #300
Las Vegas, NV 89107
contact phone: (702) 907-9919
contact: B. Wall -

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Aisleworx Announces a New Kickstarter Campaign "FunCarts"

Kids Movies in Supermarket Carts?

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San Francisco, CA 05/12/2014: Just when it was thought that there were too many screens already in the world, a new Kickstarter campaign is looking to put even more in.

And in the last place it is thought possible!

They could now have small screens in high-tech shopping carts called ‘’FunCarts’’ coming to a supermarket near to all. The program has just launched in Dallas and is already proving a hit with kids and parents lining up to use the carts.

About Aisleworx
Aisleworx, the company behind the venture, says that the carts actually involve and teach the kids while parents (and other shoppers) have a more peaceful and relaxed shopping trip.

They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to develop an animated character called ‘’Howie Rolls’’ be a virtual host to the kids as they are pushed around the store in a FunCart. Howie delivers positive messages like healthy eating and safety, as well as fun, educational kids programming so the kids aren’t just shopping, they’re learning too.

Patrick Burke, a spokesman for the company says “Far from kids being glued to a screen, the FunCart program actually involves the kids more in the shopping trip. With the smart use of technology and characters we can maximize the time in the supermarket to educate and entertain the kids while their parents can shop in peace.”

For more information, including high resolution images, please contact

Media Contact:
Patrick Burke,

Vice President

Retail Programs
Phone: USA (415) 562-4753


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Finally, You Can Purchase All ZipTape Products From a Single Website!

Finally, You Can Purchase All ZipTape Products From a Single Website! | pr4publish |

Ordering from ZipTape has never been easier, now that they have combined all of their popular websites into one state-of-the-art mega-site.

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Tempe, AZ - April 16th , 2014 – If you've purchased any of ZipTape's products over the last several years, you no doubt spent some time on one of their 7 specialized websites.  Each website was built specifically for the diversified product line it showcased, which was the original goal the company had in mind.  Now, in an effort to make the shopping experience more user-friendly and allow their customers a more diversified product offering, ZipTape has launched a single, all encompassing website at


“ was our way of creating a one-stop-shop for our customers to get all of their favorite ZipTape products on one great looking website.  We've really gone above and beyond to create something special, and we know our customers are going to love how user-friendly the new website is.” said Justin Laporte of the ZipTape team. 


Prior to the website's launch this last month, you could find ZipTape's vast selection of products on multiple websites.  For instance, if you were in the market for jewelry labels, you would have shopped on  Or, if you needed some laser printable labels, you would have purchased them from  While all 7 of the websites were great for ordering what you needed, updating each of them on a regular basis was a difficult task.  So, with that in mind, we decided to combine all of the websites into a single site that could be updated more regularly.


By far the largest benefit of having a single website was that we could allow the programmers to concentrate their efforts on one site instead of 7.  Doing this allowed them to create some really exciting features that our customers are sure to love.  Perhaps the most popular component added to the new website gives users the ability to design their own labels on a web-based interface similar to what you might see in a robust graphic design program.  This was a huge feature for their customers, because prior to that, they had to download a template, design a logo using their own software, and then re-upload it, hoping that it would print properly.  None of that is necessary with the new logo design interface.

Another popular aspect of the new website is that it intelligently keeps track of the products you order most often and makes it extremely easy to reorder your most consistently ordered items.  “With how many thousands of items are currently available on, this feature was something we knew the website needed.” said Justin Laporte.  By adding all these advanced features, is sure to be a hit.


To check out ZipTape's new state-of-the-art website, visit


About ZipTape


For over 50 years, ZipTape® Label ID Systems has been producing high quality tapes, labels, and tags at a great price.  With their low prices, quality products, and excellent customer service, ZipTape has earned it's place as a leader in the labeling industry.


Media Contact

ZipTape® Label ID Systems

2122 W. 5th Place

Tempe, AZ 85281

Sherrl Bocchino

Web Manager

Tempe, AZ – United States


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