Poverty (English Assignment)
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Divisions in Coalition as MPs demand independent inquiry on poverty

Divisions in Coalition as MPs demand independent inquiry on poverty | Poverty (English Assignment) | Scoop.it
Calls for a 'commission of inquiry' into the impact of the government's changes to social security entitlements on poverty have won overwhelming support from Parliament. The motion by Labour's Mich...

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Hossan Epiques Novelle's insight:

Britian has not seen absolute poverty since the Victorian age and now it is back because of inadequate support from the government. The government has sanctioned people, often for the most trival of things, which caused widespread poverty. The Red Cross is setting up centres for the desitute, just like those it sets up in the developing countries. Who knew that there would be people living like the poor in developing countries, but in Britian? In Singapore, there are also people in absolute poverty. More government support is needed in order to eradicate poverty.

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Poverty in the EU: increasing in the Eurozone, decreasing outside of it

Poverty in the EU: increasing in the Eurozone, decreasing outside of it | Poverty (English Assignment) | Scoop.it

"Material poverty in the Eurozone is increasing. In Ireland, Greece and Latvia (in 2011 not yet a Eurozone member but surely a wannabe) one year changes were nothing short of dramatic. Poverty in the EU outside the Eurozone is decreasing ..."


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This article shows that there poverty exists, even in the rich countries. It proves that although the country is well-off, not all of its citizens are. "At the same time, unemployment increased and investments went down in the EU and especially inside the Eurozone, which means that income and production were clearly below capacity." The economy of the Eurozone has deteoriated slightly, affecting many people and their income. As foreign countries become economical competitors, the investments into the Eurozone are sure to drop. 

Lee Hong Teng's curator insight, January 27, 2014 7:41 AM

This article shows that even eurozone suffered from poverty, something that i did not know, so even if the country is rich it does not mean that the people of the country are also rich. People suffering from material deprivation not being able to afford a meal with meat,or they cannot afford to pay their rental etc.. Poverty outside eurozone is decreasing while poverty in eurozone is increasing.

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Literacy in the World | Visual.ly

Literacy in the World | Visual.ly | Poverty (English Assignment) | Scoop.it
Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all and essential for poverty eradication, gender equality, maternal health, child mortality reduction

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Hossan Epiques Novelle's insight:

A very useful and easy to understand infographic. This article tells us many ways illiteracy affects many things that is needed in a healthy society. About 16% of the world's population is illiterate, which is a staggering 775 million people. Being literate is important as it helps one to know himself/herself and "fully exercise their rights". It is a human right to be educated and I think we should help those who aren't literate. Majority of people in poverty lives in places with the lowest litaracy rates in the world. It shows that there is a direct link between poverty and education.

Shernis Ong's curator insight, January 22, 2014 10:25 PM

When we think of poverty, we think of the children in Africa who cannot afford education or food.

The poor are unable to afford education and are therefore illiterate. 

The people in Africa struggle to live everyday, with minimum food available and no money to afford more food. 

Perhaps the reason why they have no money is because they have no education, and therefore are unable to work. 

Without education, they are unable to count, read, or write. There isn't much that they can do without the knowledge of the world, and their government isn't doing them much help either.

What is it that we can do? We can educate the people in Africa for free, therefore enabling them to be able to know simple Mathematics and English, and enabling them to start a life of their own.

With education, they will be able to work and make money, and step out of poverty.

We can help to donate our old books to them, and put up posters about how we can help the less fortunate.

Salvation Army is one way we can help them, by donating the things that we no longer need to people that need it more than we do. 

As concerned citizens of the world, we should do all that we can to help those that are not as fortunate as us. 

What can we do on a daily basis?

We can help to save water and not take the things given to us for granted.