Poverty ((destituition around the world))
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Israel and Palestine History || An Animated Introduction - YouTube

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Shiya Watanabe's insight:

This is a video i came across thanks to my friend, and i find it to be really helpful in helping me understand exactly why this israeli-palestine conflict is happening right now. Due to land disputes and racial discrimination, the palestinians are facing terror and living in constant fear as many of the innocent palestinians get killed and shot just because they are identified as "terrorists". It really appalls me as to how racism can displayed on such a large scale where millions of people get killed due to past conflicts. As of now people are getting brutally murdered right this second and this conflict is continually escalating.

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The 49 states of rising child poverty

The 49 states of rising child poverty | Poverty ((destituition around the world)) | Scoop.it
Over five years, poverty among school-aged kids rose in 964 counties. It fell in 17.

Via Jocelyn Stoller, Kay Lehmann
Shiya Watanabe's insight:

Child poverty refers to the phenomenon of children living in poverty. This applies to children that come from poor families or orphans being raised with limited or absent state resources. Children that fail to meet the minimum acceptable standard of life for the nation where that child lives are said to be poor. I am appalled at how there are as many as 49 states with statistics stating that there is a rise in child poverty, the satellite maps attached to this article showing me the increase in child poverty in the united states tells me that absolute poverty remained unchanged, implying that the living standards of children did not improve over this period. After reading this article, I feel that something should be done to combat this global issue because I believe that we take everything for granted and I think its time we did something about it instead of thinking that the government will solve everything. We should take an active part in making a difference to stop this increasing rate of child poverty, we can start by participating in charity organisations so that it will help those who suffer from poverty. When we see something that is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue. We have the responsibility to make things right.

Jocelyn Stoller's curator insight, December 23, 2013 3:45 AM

Rates of child poverty,  maternal mortality, etc., are fundamental indicators of the health and decency of a society.

Kay Lehmann's curator insight, December 24, 2013 10:49 AM

Statistics on child poverty.

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The government must take responsibility on food poverty | Left Foot Forward

The government must take responsibility on food poverty | Left Foot Forward | Poverty ((destituition around the world)) | Scoop.it
The government should provide a non-profit, partially subsidised alternative alongside supermarkets.

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Shiya Watanabe's insight:

Yet again, another article about food poverty, I am both appalled and upset about how food poverty is becoming such a big problem nowadays. I completely agree with what has been said in this article, about how food poverty is becoming increasingly common yet the government refuses to act. Food poverty has become such a major problem in the UK to the extent that a Yorkshire school started collecting food for a food bank after discovering that a pupil hasn’t eaten for an entire weekend. Doesn’t this statement alone already tell you the gravity of this problem? The government should do anything they can to the best of teir ability to help those suffering and struggling in both the UK and developing countires. This articls as allowed me to look at poverty from a wider perspective and look at things from a different view. This is a global challenge that I wish we could overcome together.

Gabriel Chia's curator insight, January 19, 2014 11:07 AM

After reading this article, I strongly agree that the government must take responsibility on food poverty. It is true that family, health and food are the reasons why poverty exist. Though some governments refuse to act to food poverty, there are still ways to go about solving food poverty. Still, the government should open supermarkets that offer cheap products, or maybe providing cheap medication and healthcare to both young and old. What is really frightening is what if the government of some countries refuse to provide  basic needs to their citizens, and their population starts to fall? What can they do if that happens? In conclusion, the healthcare and finace of their people are equally important to managing the country's affairs such as collaborating with other countries to make a change.

Tan Jia Qi's curator insight, January 25, 2014 7:58 AM

Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger.  And it is started by United States in 1967 and spread over the world.  In this article, they said, "Food bank are humiliating and degrading." They say that because the most the people thinks that it is embarrassing to go to food bank to collect the food as the people who are around them will look down on them. And in this article, they said that the government refuse to act, instead resorting to insulting and poor vulnerable for the situation they find themselves in. Actually, I was shocked that the government did not take care of this matter and let this matter goes on, it makes me think that the government treat this matter as a small matter. Why does people who are poor thinks/concern so much about other people the way of looking when they need help, is it rather to starve and wait to die than taking food from the food bank?

Kelvin Sein's comment, January 27, 2014 11:34 PM
After reading this article and the comment itself, I have derived to a conclusion and I feel that what Chun Kiat’s stating is also valid however I feel that it is still important that the companies and organizations gain profit but it is just as important for the poor to get their food and surpluses. Therefore I have conceived a hypothetical plan that might actually resolve the conflicts and issues concerning on poverty and food issue. Hence I suggest that all retail stores and shops should actually save their old surplus that’s nearing to their expiry date and instead of throwing it away, they should pass it on to the poor and let them eat it before it is spoiled. Thus in the case that the plan is implemented, both parties will benefit since food is no longer wasted and companies can still make money and the poor can still have their daily meals. Such companies who adopt this ideology will be Subway. They would have a specific day in which they would give back to the community by free subs for the poor and homeless.
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Global development podcast: are we on the brink of a new global food crisis?

Global development podcast: are we on the brink of a new global food crisis? | Poverty ((destituition around the world)) | Scoop.it

The World Bank says soaring food prices have already pushed millions more people into extreme poverty this year.

Shiya Watanabe's insight:

After reading this article I realize that the destituition around the world is slowly becoming a global issue. This article made me look more closely at the lived experience of those in poverty and suffering from starvation in third world countries. Eating is the simplest, most natural of acts, akin to breathing and walking upright. We sit down at the dinner table, pick up a fork, and take a juicy bite, obliv­ious to the double helping of global ramifications on our plate. To think that people lack something as basic and necessary as food makes me realize how the conditions in other countries differ from Singapore by so much. While food prices soar, more people suffer and is pushed to the brink of extreme poverty, this makes me realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, to have parents to provide for me and most importantly, to have dinner on the table. 

Chua Chong Yih's curator insight, February 3, 2013 4:46 AM

I see that the one of the reasons that more and more people are being pushed into extreme poverty is due to the rise in food prices. India, is a very good example where more than a quarter of the world's hungry people lives. I think that the soaring in food prices will definitely affect us whether we are poor or rich, and therefore we need to be more aware of what we spend our money on. I wonder what is the cause of the soaring in food prices and what we can do such that it does not affect us that much.

Coven Chong Weng's curator insight, February 3, 2013 8:49 AM

I see that the increase of the food pricing is one of the many reasons why there are people who go in poverty. An good example of a country that is in this state is india. In my opinion, we can help them by being more aware of the money we spend on food as i guess that is one of the reasons why there is a increase in the food pricing

Lynn Keok's curator insight, January 17, 2014 3:31 AM

People from around the world going hungry. Their crops are dying due to climate change. Having no farmland as the government uses it for other purposes also adds to this cause. Babies are also being born dead due to the malnutrition of the mother. I think that the government of that country should do something about it, like give some of the land back to the farmers to plant their crops or maybe even to the extend of importing food from other countries to eliminate poverty. I wonder if the government is doing anything to help these people now, and that is there going to be any change if they read this article?