conflict and prejudice
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Conflict Continues In Gaza Strip, With No Cease-Fire In Sight

Conflict Continues In Gaza Strip, With No Cease-Fire In Sight | conflict and prejudice |
More than 120 people have been killed by Israeli airstrikes since the current Israeli military operation began, and nearly a dozen Israelis have been seriously injured by rocket fire from Gaza.

Via Ramy Jabbar رامي
Wen Shi's insight:

Conflict continues in Gaza strip, with no ceasefire in sight.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel goes on and ceasefire may still be a little bit unreachable as Hamas wants 'victory' from this war even though Israelis want to end all these. The rocket fire has already been normal to the people in Israel, and even in this period of time, people go to work with the bombing of rocket fire in the city, their normal life routine resume as war continues.

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Israel - Gaza conflict

Israel - Gaza conflict | conflict and prejudice |
Israeli airstrikes began November 14, following months of Palestinian rocket fire into Israel.


"Monday, the top leader of Hamas dared Israel to launch a ground invasion of Gaza and dismissed diplomatic efforts to broker a cease-fire in the six-day-old conflict, as the Israeli military conducted a new wave of deadly airstrikes which included a second hit on a 15-story building that houses media outlets."  This photo essay shows 34 powerful images that are emerging from this deadly conflict.  If students need some background to understand who are the major players in this conflict, this glossary should be helpful. 

Via Seth Dixon
Wen Shi's insight:

I was so shocked while reading this ariticle and seeing those pictures. The conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis is something that is deeply rooted in the history of the two nations. And the war, resulted by this conflict, has taken away many people's lives. The 2 countries's people are suffering. Many kids are just at our ages, they could not get education or anything else that we take for granted here, even had to bear the pain of losing relatives and homes. I could never imagine how sad and disastrous wars can be. :(

Hossan Epiques Novelle's curator insight, July 13, 2014 4:58 AM

The two countries should take the chance to resolve the conflict amicably before the situation tips over and war is inevitable. The loss of lives resulting from the war would be pointless.

Zhiyang Liang's curator insight, July 13, 2014 12:02 PM

In my perspective, why does people will have a thought of eliminating prejudice is that prejudice can lead to unfair treatment or the violation of rights of individuals or groups of people just like the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

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Gaza-Israel conflict: Why are civilians on the front lines?

Gaza-Israel conflict: Why are civilians on the front lines? | conflict and prejudice |
BBC News looks at why the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza is so deadly for civilians and how it might be resolved.

Via @NewDayStarts
Wen Shi's insight:

Another article about the war between Gaza and Israel. Both of the two sides claimed that they were doing what they ought to do to protect the people. However, it is the civilians of the 2 nations who are suffering the great loss and fighting for their government. Hopefully someday two sides can come to a ceasefire and stop this whole thing for the war only brings about pain and loss and fright for the people.

JH Tan's curator insight, July 12, 2014 11:24 PM

This article tells me about the history ,causes and the potential solution in solving Gaza-Israel conflict.